• BrianE

    What a kick!

    How about a little celtic dance. As energtic, though not acrobatic.

  • BrianE

    Here’s another video of the entire performance if you like Irish tap dancing.

  • Bill Smith

    Yup. The Scotch Irish Celtic people from the north of the British Isles mostly settled in our south. Back there most people only had dirt floors (hence “dirt poor”) so when the mood struck them to dance they would take the front door off their cottage, lay it on the ground, and use it to dance on. I believe this accounts for the core style where most movements are up and down concentrating on footwork as opposed to moving around across the ground. It probably also has something to do with another core element which is holding the arms straight down at all times, but I’m not sure what. Maybe something to do with balancing in such a small space as a door? It seems likely to me that the slaves in our south would have picked up on this type of dancing, and made it into the wonderful art form that is tap dancing.

  • 11B40


    At the risk of picking your nit, I believe that the guy’s name was Bill Haley as in the comet, which was the name of his backing musicians.

    If this didn’t ameliorate your ennui, there’s always Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”.

  • BrianE

    More dancing.
    Gypsy Kings.

  • Gringo

    Before rock and roll with the Coments, Bill Haley was with The Four Aces of Western Swing. Here he sings Yodel Your Blues Away.

    The accordion entered TX from

    A cousin of mine and her husband are in the NY artist community, and while we haven’t always agreed on politics, we don’t let that get in the way of things. My cousin has always had a good eclectic taste in music. In the last several years I pointed out to her that Bill Haley had started out in Western Swing. Oh yeah, I knew that , came back the reply. Which shouldn’t have surprised me.

    With the passage of years she and her husband have become more common sense in politics, so we do not disagree as much as before. In any event, disagreements are cordially done.

  • BrianE

    Wow, the things you learn in the Bookworm Room.
    Who’d have thunk Haley was a legitimate musician before devolving into a rocker!

    My contribution to culture, which has nothing to do with this thread, but is both entertaining and instructive (since I rarely went to my Appreciation of Music class).

    Since top ten lists are so popular, here’s The Top Ten Composers of All Time, as selected by OldGrumpyGuy.
    Here’s #10 on his list:


    Ole! The best 2 minutes of Flamenco Choreography from the film Carmen – Carlos Saura – Antonio Gades.


    Whenever I am in dumps, I slip in my DVD grab my castanets and play.

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