Anita Dunn at the Comedy Club *UPDATED*

Obama’s media attack dog, Anita Dunn, was caught saying that Chairman Mao is one of her two favorite political philosophers, with Mother Teresa occupying the other spot:

Dunn is now claiming, in effect, that, “Hey, I was only joking to make a rhetorical point.”

A joke, huh?  Well, if that’s Dunn’s idea of a joke, I’ve written her an act that will knock ’em dead at the comedy clubs:

Hey, everybody.  It’s great to be here in the Mao Tse Tung Capitalist Recidivist Re-Education Camp.  [Tongue flicker.]  I love performing here, ’cause there are always some new faces in the crowd.  And by the way, you guys, the ones who have been here for a while — you know who you are! — your diets are working great!  [Tongue flicker.]  Okay, is everybody ready go have a good time?!  If you are, stand up with me and cheer.  Oh, wait.  You’re chained to your seats?  Never mind.  Just rattle your chains.  We all know you’re excited.  [Tongue flicker.]

So, I was walking down the street in Beijing the other day, and this capitalist reactionary mongrel came crawling up to me with two Revolutionary Guards behind him, and he said, “Help, they’re going to kill me.”  [Manic giggle.]  Wait, wait, the joke’s coming.  I just gotta stop laughing myself here.  Okay, okay.  [Tongue flicker] So I looked at this bourgeois excuse for a human being and then, right next to me, I saw on the wall this saying from Chairman Mao:  “We must thoroughly clear away all ideas among our cadres of winning easy victories through good luck, without hard and bitter struggle, without sweat and blood.”  [Tongue flicker.]  And just as I was about to read it to him, one of the Guards shot him!  Yeah.  That’s really what happened.  Is that great or what?  Can I have a rim shot here?  [Tongue flicker.]

[Silence in the room]

Wow.  You are a tough crowd here tonight in the re-education camp.  [Tongue flicker.]  Maybe I can have some of the guards tickle you a little bit with their bayonets.  Huh?  Huh?  That should make you laugh.  [Tongue flicker.]

[Strained laughter filters through room.]

You guys are so easy.  At the last re-education camp I performed, it took three guard tickles and ten dead bodies to get the laughter going.  [Tongue flicker.]  You so prove the truth of Mao’s saying that “We are confronted by two types of social contradictions – those between ourselves and the enemy and those among the people themselves. The two are totally different in their nature.”  [Tongue flicker.]

Oh, wait!  [Tongue flicker.]  I see that my time here is up.  I’m hoping a transport plane to Pyongyang, to do a gig at the Kim Jong Il Capitalist Recidivist Re-Education Camp.  [Tongue flicker.]  I hope that they’re as good a crowd as you guys have been.  [Manic giggle.]  So until I’m back, you just keep reading your Little Red Books.

UPDATE: At Newsreal, David Horowitz weighs in, explaining why it matters thata White House Communications Director looks to Mao Tse Tung for her political philosophy:

Mao is the greatest mass murderer in human history. Jon Halliday and his wife who have written the definitive biography of Mao estimated that he killed 70 million people.

In the Sixties only the Progressive Labor Party, a minority sect derided by everybody else was Maoist. Dunn’s comment is a reflection of the continuing intellectual degradation of the left. There are plenty of Maoists teaching in universities however. The radical caucus of the Modern Language Association (professors of literature) is run by Maoist Barbara Foley.

My point exactly, and I’m going to wrap up here by quoting from language I used in a post explaining why it’s no excuse for Kevin Jennings (the “Safe Schools Czar”) that NAMBLA involvement is only a part of the Harry Hays gay rights mythology.  That post, incidentally, pre-dated the report about Dunn’s admiration for “Mao, the Philosopher.”

There comes a point when someone’s reprehensible side is so extreme that simple decency means that you can no longer hold that person up as an example because of his less reprehensible side.  To take extreme examples to make the point, we don’t use Hitler as a poster child for vegetarianism, Mao as a model for physical fitness through swimming, or Ted Bundy to make the point that clean-cut guys can get the girls.  Because reputation matters, when a person’s evil outweighs his good, we toss him from the role model pedestal.