My day in liberal land

I went to Kaiser to get flu shots for me and my children, something I’d calendared a couple of weeks ago.  I arrived to a mad house.  Turned out the Big O declared swine flu a national emergency.  I’m sure that I saw a CBS special report just the other day that said H1N1 is being grossly over-diagnosed.  Either the O knows something we don’t know, or he’s an idiot.  Anyway, we got vaccinated, but it was an insane experience.

I was then driving in San Rafael and there were all sorts of climate change protesters shrieking on the side of the road.  Because I am a bad person, when I was stopped near them, I put my car in neutral and revved my engine, a lot.  It was worth spending a few extra pennies on gas just to see their manifest distress.  There are, thank goodness, still ways to deal with moonbats.

Family calls.  I’ll be back tomorrow, assuming family stops calling.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    My preferred way of dealing with global warming moonbats is to eat a huge repast of refried beans, then, as I loudly proclaim my solidarity “with the bronzed brown brothers and sisters of Moctezuma and Quetzalcoatl,” blast a few toots of methane-laden byproduct in their direction and dare them to call me politically incorrect.

  2. JKB says

    I thought is was kind of idiotic to declare a national emergency just when the much touted government healthcare system couldn’t provide enough vaccine. Of course, this is par for the course. Every few years the public health system cries pandemic or some such. Of course, when it comes time for them to produce, such as produce vaccine, they fail miserably. Sure the H1N1 vaccine will be available but by the time they have enough for my low risk demographic it’ll be Spring and decidedly not flu season. Same old, same old.

    I do like that right in the middle of the government healthcare take over, we have a fine example of government efficiency and action. First, long lines and madhouse with a limited supply of secret formula elixir. Then we have threats and coercion for those who fail to go along with the government committee mandated plan.

  3. SADIE says

    I prefer the ceremonial tire burning on Earth Day.

    Reminds me of the old days, when the loons burned their bras.
    Guess they got to an age when they can no longer ‘support’ their cause using this tactic. LOL

  4. says

    Earl #2: I always get vaccinated against the seasonal flu and, so far, haven’t gotten a seasonal flu. Might be coincidence, might not. The kids and my husband both got the H1N1 vac because he’s in the health care field, which increases all their risks. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have bothered.

  5. BrianE says

    Oct. 21, 2004

    WASHINGTON — As public-health authorities scramble to find more flu vaccine and experts debate how to increase the U.S. supply, Sen. John Kerry hopes voters will come to one conclusion: The severe shortage the United States now faces is President Bush’s fault.

    Remember the good old days, when everything was the President’s fault?

  6. Zhombre says

    “Primitive, flesh-eating hominids emerge from the sewers of major NE cities to wreak havoc. Death toll rises. Catastrophe is attributed to neglect by Bush administration.”

  7. BrianE says

    Large Hadron Collider built while Bush president, may end world!

    What’s at issue right now, in that respect, are concerns being raised that the Large Hadron Collider could create a black hole, ending life as we know it. As the New York Times reports on this unlikely doomsday scenario:

    That question has been raised by the impending startup of the Large Hadron Collider. It starts smashing protons together this summer at the European Center for Nuclear Research, or Cern, outside Geneva, in hopes of grabbing a piece of the primordial fire, forces and particles that may have existed a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang.

    Critics have contended that the machine could produce a black hole that could eat the Earth or something equally catastrophic.

  8. SADIE says

    Islamophobia – isn’t that a double wrapped bean burrito with extra guacalmole, sour creams and chili sauce. Once eaten you are a walking hand grenade with an exploding carbon footprint.

  9. says

    BW: I haven’t EVER had a flu shot – I think the Gerald Ford fiasco cured me of bothering. I know that in the last 20 years or so, I’ve “had the flu” one time, with the incredible aching in every bone, plus fever, cough, etc. Of course, I wasn’t ever tested for the virus, so it may not have been the flu at all.

    If you read both those articles, you’ll see that even with seasonal flu, the actual scientific evidence, meaning that which is credible to someone who cares about the scientific method, is just plain weak…to the point that we can’t be sure that flu shots do anything at all.

    I’m thrilled that you haven’t had the flu after getting your shots – I haven’t had the flu after not getting mine…and both of these observations are simply anecdotes, meaning nothing scientifically. Read the Atlantic article ( carefully and you’ll see what I mean.

  10. Jose says

    Thanks for both articles – good stuff.

    The points about compromised immune systems was interesting. During the 1918 epidemic a great, great uncle died. The story is that he was an alcoholic. He passed out drunk outside over night, and died of pneumonia. He was the only death in the family during that period.

  11. says


    I remember back in the ’50s, my grandfather used to talk to us about his medical practice, and how the “winos” would die at high rates every flu season….he always said it wasn’t the alcohol so much as the malnutrition, since those guys never did eat right. They preferred to spend any ready cash on booze.

    An early recognition of Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome!

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