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    This is easily correlated with what is known as disinformation. Say that you are running a campaign and your enemy sees too much of what you are doing, to the extent that the enemy is always one step ahead. You do a news conference, the opposition already has out their bullet counter-points in the hands of journalists before you speak a single word. They have all their responses gamed out to the 4th degree, depending on variables.

    You don’t want this to happen, so what do you do? You send out false information, disinformation. How can the enemy pre-plan their response, when 80% of what they see from you is false? How can they guess at what is true or not true? They can’t. Or rather, they can try and then waste a whole heck load of their time, and still be very very unsure.

    That’s what disinformation provides you. It’s not a way to get to the truth. It’s a way to obscure the truth from the eyes of the enemy.

    And if you didn’t know this already, the Left has declared us their enemies. However, the bright thing is that Leftsts, because of their conformist and bee hive take charge attitude, are notoriously susceptible to disinformation. You can play on their biases all year long and they still won’t figure it out: Dan Rather, Watergate reporters, etc.

    Rush, at worst, figured it out in an hour or half. How long did it take Dan Rather to figure it out? Never?

    That’s the difference. But if conservatives have to deal with disinformation, while the Left gets completely accurate information, guess who’ll have the info war advantage.

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    The email said something to the effect that 90% are non-satirical.

    Over 90% of our articles are non-satirical. And when they are satire, they are duly noted.

    Well, people, if I was running a disinformation operation, I would make sure that when I told my enemy a lie, they would believe it because 90% of the time I had been telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It makes giving the enemy a dagger in the back, much easier. After all, Hitler believed the story from his spy about the Allied landings at Normandy. Why? Because the spy gave valuable and accurate information before. Except this time, he didn’t.

  • Mike Devx

    The truth can be easy to find. Go to any public gathering, and find a collection of people you consider to be normal, middle of the road, good Americans. If you get a sense that they fear the retribution of God for wrong-doings, that would be a plus.

    If these people you are hanging around with on this day indicate that individual shame is an important concept, and is to be avoided by behaving well, very good!

    Also make sure they believe that parents – both of them – are crucial to the raising and development of their own children, and you will find that you are at home. You are in the presence of people who believe in truth. And suddenly, truth becomes quite easy to discern.

    When someone says “Truth is impossible to know. In fact, it’s highly likely that there is no such thing as truth,” it is perfectly acceptable to frown impressively. In the past, someone would speak up, and say, “I don’t mean to be rude, but if there is no truth, then you will believe in anything, and you will have no standards at all. That is hardly an acceptable way to live.” And everyone around you would have nodded in agreement. You will know you are in the presence of people who believe in truth – who have rediscovered truth – when someone DOES speak up, and when everyone DOES nod.

  • Mike Devx

    If you finished reading what I wrote, and you thought, “Groupthink!”, you have fallen into the trap. You are well on the road of being reprogrammed to believe there is no truth.

    In no manner did I state that what belongs in the realm of opinion is to be thought of as “truth”.

    In that way, the promoters of “There is no such thing as truth” catch you and trap you. Don’t be fooled.