How very white-elite of him *UPDATED*

Obama sures loves his golf:  the white man’s country club game.  And golf is sooo much more fun than actually working on icky stuff like troop levels in Afghanistan or the economy.

I think if there’s one thing the election has proven, Obama is a party animal and, right now, he’s partying on our dime.

UPDATE:  And you have to love the fact that, while NOW is okay with Obama’s love for burqas, it’s bothered by him golfing with the boys.  No wonder John Griffing was able to write compellingly and at length about the Left’s scary support for Islam, when it’s hostile to the Judeo-Christian tradition.

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    FOUReign policy – Heads up!

    We can’t be surprised – he’s been looking for the perfect opportunity swing at our
    balls, since day one.