Another attempted honor killing on American shores

In Arizona, an Iraqi immigrant ran over his daughter and tried to kill her because she was becoming “too Westernized.”  My first thought was, why do they come to America if they hate our culture so much?  And in the question lies the answer:  they come here, not to achieve the American dream, but to change our culture to more closely match theirs.

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  • expat

    I’m not saying that this is the case here, but immigrants like this father are probably very susceptible to manipulation by radicals who play the honor card.  A few people could ostracize him from the immigrant community, making comments about the westernized daughters.  I believe these methods are used by radicals elsewhere. On the other hand, his own macho need for control may have been enough to commit murder.

  • Danny Lemieux

    They come not as immigrants but as colonizers.

  • Charles Martel

    When it comes to gnawing at the country’s foundations, pick your poison: semi-savage tribesmen from honor societies who come to America and want to change it into a clone of the sh**holes they’ve left behind; or New Yorkers and Californians who flee their decaying states and want to change the places they’re fleeing to into clones of the sh**holes they’ve left behind.

    Isn’t diversity wonderful?

  • Mike Devx

    Well, shoot.  They come here because they can have a better life here than the one they left behind.
    And they’re quite comfortable doing so even though they hate and detest everything about us!  Because the word is out:  Many Americans themselves hate and detest this country and everything it stands for too!  (Almost entirely on the left.)  And these Americans welcome immigrants – but not those immigrants who love America and everything she stands for, who wake up every morning with a glowing thanks for the freedom they have found – no, they welcome those immigrants who would spit on us walking down the street, if they dared.
    Add to that the fact that the immigrants are *encouraged* to remain in ghettoized neighborhoods that resemble in every way the country they left behind, and never even attempt to become Americanized… and you have the complete picture of “multicultural America”.
    We’ve always had ethnic neighborhoods.  We’ve always had first- and even second-generation immigrants who clung to the neighborhood and never learned a word of English.  But there was always a push to become Americanized, and definitely by the third generation these people were acting and functioning as Americans, albeit quite proud of their heritage and rightly so.  But the people in the communities were fine and even encouraging as their sons and daughters and grandkids moved on out into the great American expanse around them.
    This is not the case anymore.  And so you have this Iraqi man, living in his little slice of Iraq within America, and hating everything else around him, despising almost everyone and everything he sees, and trying to murder his daughter because she wants to become Americanized.
    If I wanted to leave America and move elsewhere, I would choose a people whose culture I admired, who intrigued me, who excited me, who made me want to go there and immerse myself in their way of life.  I certainly would never ghettoize my own children, forcing them to remain trapped in the ways and manners of the life we had left behind.  I’d be proud that they’re acculturizing and fitting in.
    There used to be many places in the world that intrigued me in that way (though I never would really want to leave America.)  These days, however, things have changed so much around the world, that only New Zealand and Australia offer anything remotely interesting to me.  The rest of the world is looking more and more like one vast hellhole to me.  Have I changed… or has it, and not for the better?

  • suek

    More options for you, Mike…!
    (I think some of the choices are a bit odd – they wouldn’t be mine!)