1. gpc31 says

    There are some guilty secrets that I will take to my grave.

    A few years ago, my wife and I travelled to Grand Rapids, MI to attend the funeral of her uncle.  He was a good man and died a peaceful death.  His wife was in the front pew, eyes shut and oblivious to the world, for in a way she had predeceased her husband by many years due to Alzheimers.  Then, as the organ surged, she began to smile and sway and sing along to the old Lutheran hymns.  Who knew how old she was at the moment? — the emotional resonance was very touching.

    As for me, I am convinced and terrified that by the time I am doddering in my depends, the only thing that will rouse me from the depths of senility will be “Billy, Don’t Be a Hero” *or some other top-40 schlock permanently imprinted on my suburban teenage brain, straight  from the ’70s.

    *And that’s not the worst of it.  Gilbert O’Sullivan sounds Joycean compared to some of my sing-alongs.  I’m not naming any more names.

  2. SADIE says


    Quite a touching recount of the funeral.  Amazing the way music imprints our minds and takes us to places we thought we had long forgotten or wanted to forget or wanted to remember.

    Fear not about belting out some song from the 70’s – it’s the generation that listens to ‘Rap ‘ that will have the real problem. There will be no dottering in Depends while wearing baggy pants.

  3. BrianE says

    Moody Blues- Watching and Waiting Watching and waiting for someone to understand me, I hope it won’t be very long Moody Blues- You can never go home Weep for all the treasures you’ve been searching for in vain, Cause the truth is gently falling with the rain…. Oh, time will tell of stars that fell A million years ago Memories can never take you back Home, sweet, home; You can never go home anymore

  4. suek says

    >>Amazing the way music imprints our minds>>

    Exactly.  And the reason we should be still teaching children patriotic and religious songs, and the reason the left is ensuring that we do not…

    and….there’s a blue dotted underline following every letter I type.  I copied and pasted the first line…I’ve tried the toolbar in the reply box as a means to change it, but haven’t succeeded.  We’ll see what shows up!

  5. SADIE says

    Congratulations suek…you have followed the secret blue dot special trail from the secret pages of  Mrs. Sun Tsu and the Art of Making everything look like a flash bulb from a 1955 Brownie camera has gone off  3″ in front of our eyes.

  6. suek says

    Heh…you laugh.  At our lighting store, we still have some of those flash bulbs….know anyone looking for one?  They’re significantly rare…should bring a terrific price – if we can find someone who wants one!
    I never realized before we bought the store – about 10 years ago – that lightbulbs have “styles”, and change so much that what was necessary yesterday (so to speak) is unavailable today.  We have people who come in with their lamps that they inherited from grandma, and need parts or bulb types that are no longer generally available.  And we have what they need – or can get it for them.  I don’t know – with the California legislation, though, more and more bulbs are being delisted – no longer manufactured.  They say some guy in GB has stockpiled some 30,000 lightbulbs (incandescent).  He’s going to have a lock on the market – they’re prohibited in Europe these days – if someone doesn’t explode something in his near vicinity!  The only comfort I derive is that the bloody legislators won’t be able to “go around” these restrictions – the bulbs won’t be manufactured, and _nobody_ is going to be able to get them.  May their wives nag them to death because they “can’t stand how artificial fluorescents look”!!

  7. SADIE says

    My dad once upon a time worked for a rather large electrical supply company. The original store (family owned) was in, what was once a nice neighborhood. Still people from far and wide came in those days to find the odd parts, replacements, bulbs for their prized possessions. By the time my dad went to work there (he switched careers late in life) they were selling generators to Amtrak and large institutions, but home base was still at the original location, along with fixtures and lamps from every decade.
    I guess there were slow times and the curious man he was starting to roam around the nooks and crannies of the building and came home with my prize possession – black light bulbs that were suppose to be used during WWII.  If you find any, send them to those naggers – LOL.

  8. suek says

    Are you kidding???  black light bulbs this time of year are at a premium!  We have had to specify on our black lights that there’s no return on them if bought at this time of year – people were just buying them using them for one night and then returning them for a refund.  We should have charged rental instead of sale fees!
    In fluorescents there are two kinds of black lights, black light and black light blue.  The black lights are expensive (mostly used in bug killers and some of the dance bars), but the blacklightblues are outrageous!  People buy them for halloween parties.  There’s a black screen of some sort on them so that virtually no light is given off – but of course, they pick up and light anything that flouresces.  The blacklights look white when they’re not lit, and give off some lights.
    You’re probably talking about incandescent black lights.  We have them too…not so terribly expensive, and practically pointless, imo.
    The military uses red incandescents for night activities…I’m not sure why.  Or at least they _did_ before they didn’t have to simulate actions!  I think it’s supposed to not show up from altitudes.

  9. SADIE says

    Wow, I had no idea about all the variables. Thanks for shedding some ‘light’ on the subject.
    I have several bulbs that were made in the 1940’s and stashed away somewhere.
    If I remember correctly, they are rather small and didn’t throw off enough light to attract a bug.

  10. pbrown says

    Off-topic for the syrupy 70’s easy listening stuff…it’s just the talk about funerals and imprinting got me thinking of mine.  This one gave me hope when I was at the lowest point in my life.  It’s now, and probably will forever be, my most personal and favorite song.  It’s overtly Christian so if that offends you, don’t go there.  If you want to find a rare song that somehow is able to express real, heartfelt thanks and worship, then listen:

      My Redeemer by Matthew Ward

          And I know upon this earth I’ll never find
          The words that can express my heart or mind
          When with His words of life, He spoke and pulled my dark soul from the night
          How can I repay my redeemer

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