A very cool blog about the Tenth Amendment

I was trolling NewsFifty for headlines from across the United States, when I came across a link for something called the Tenth Amendment Center.  This is a website dedicated to explaining and protecting the States’ rights established under the 10th Amendment.  Since I think the 10th Amendment is going to be a very big deal in the coming years, as the Democrats attempt to arrogate more and more power to the federal government, this is a web site worth watching.  Indeed, as time goes by, the Tenth Amendment may be our only salvation as the Democrats attempt to turn us into a statist nation.

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    While we are ‘in therapy’ today (DSM and Obama) the next logical step would be to examine not just the 10th Amendment, but the States’ submission to bad behavior in the ‘hope’ that things will change. While in a healthy relationship, codependency may not be harmful and in fact, helpful;  but to abdicate power and behave like a child well into your adult life …..
    People often get addicted to hope: The hope that the person will change, adds Jeanne McKeon, EdD, a psychologist at the Center for Addictive Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. “Before anything can change, you first have to deal with that addiction to hope. You have to start setting limits. You have to figure out a plan to change things; one that makes sense. Then move through those steps — not allowing any backpedaling.”

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    We can take control of the House of Representatives to restore the 10th Amendment in the next election cycle. To see how, visit: