I don’t think Obama is a Muslim — but I think there’s an American problem with his relationship to Islam

The following video purports to prove that Obama is a Muslim.

I actually think the video does not make its case.  Here’s why:

I believe Obama fears Islam’s wrath, not at a God level, but at a practical level.  Muslims can hurt people.  He thinks if he makes nice with them (praising them beyond reason, bowing to their leaders and their demands), they won’t hurt him, or his presidency.

I also believe that Obama does indeed admire much about Islam, in part because of his youth in Indonesia, and in part because of his anti-American multiculturalism.  If America is evil, as I believe he thinks it is, then the ultimate un-America must be good.  (And Islam is the ultimate un-America not just because it proudly proclaims itself to be America’s enemy, but also because it stands as strongly for theocratic tyranny as America does for liberty.) This same orientation provides the basis for his antipathy to Israel, which is both pro-American (i.e., anti-Islam) and Jewish (i.e., Islam’s greatest enemy).

But as for being one of the faithful, no, I don’t believe it.  I think Obama’s god is — Obama.  He is always first and foremost in his own mind.  His navel is the font of morality and his brain provides the doctrine.  Nothing more is needed.

Hat tip:  American Thinker

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