A prescient “news” show about the desperate search for answers after a bombing

I don’t think the media has ever before been so blatant in its desire to divorce an evil act from its ideological origins, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen that game played out.  More than two years ago, a short lived comedy show on Fox used the occasion of an abortive bombing in London to examine the media’s perpetual confusion about motive:

I’d just like to add a couple more thoughts about whether the shooter was insane, since insanity is a free pass on the Left.  After all, in a therapeutic world, nothing is normal.  Everybody is a bundle of pathologies, some of which are worse — and therefore more excusable — than others.  In that view, of course Hasan was insane, because only insane people kill.  This is a comfortable tautology that removes all responsibility from the actor.  It also brings to mind a joke Jay Nordlinger retells in today’s Impromptus:

Two liberals are walking down the road and they come to a person in the ditch. He has been beaten, and lies moaning, broken, bleeding. One liberal says to the other, “Quick, we have to find the people who did this: They need help.”

I also keep thinking of the 19th Century definition of insanity — the M’Naughton defense — which focused on the actor’s ability to distinguish right from wrong, and reality from absolute fantasy.  It wasn’t a perfect measure by any means, but it tended to hew more closely to a normal person’s sense of what insanity is.  You’re insane if you think the person next to you is a giant beetle and try to squash him; you’re not insane if you’re an adult in thrall to a homicidal ideology subscribed to by a substantial portion of the world’s population, and you decide to slaughter as many of your fellow soldiers as possible in order to advance that ideology.

Hat tip:  Sadie

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  1. Danny Lemieux says

    So, maybe Michael Savage is right…Liberalism IS a mental disorder.
    Insanity is repeatedly denying the obvious that stands before your very eyes. Insanity is the inability to confront reality.

  2. SADIE says

    Leave it Time to put an extra stupid tweak to the story –
    Now, there is secondary  PTSD. Something you can ‘catch’ like the flu.
    With skewed reasoning like this, then every therapist should be on heightened alert – they may want to run out of their office to kill their mothers.  So beware ‘chair sitters’ or those on the ‘couch’ you could be infecting your therapist. This type of delusional reasoning, makes no one responsible for anything they do. If this were the case, then every survivor of every war, act of terrorism and any other odious event would have a field day with revenge.

  3. says

    <B> In that view, of course Hasan was insane, because only insane people kill.</b>
    That is an unrealistic view. Killing is perfectly normal when it is a reaction to perfectly mundane human stimuli. Asocial behavior, however, is not.
    This is connected to the view that the right is ‘nuts’ because we like firearms training, instead of the Left who likes to be able to use the jackboot of the government without getting their own hands dirty actually learning how to use firearms safely (resulting in Leftists and fake liberals picking fights, attacking police officers, and blowing away their ex wives because they were playing around with a shotgun).
    It is the Democrat denial of the reality and need for killing, that is abnormal and needs help.

  4. Ariel says

    I doubt that the phrase “he’s  gone psychiatric” will catch on like going postal did. Look, they’re grasping at straws trying at all cost to avoid the obvious. The PTSD flu is simply one of the more laughable. He was a jihadi, all his past history points to being under the influence.
    His former Imam has put out a statement as to how glorious this act was. Of course, Hasan may have missed what his former Imam was preaching. You know how some people do that…
    Danny L. wrote in another post about the Jew from the Nazi  extermination camp who said “when someone says they want to kill you, believe them” . We need to recognize that poor Jew’s experiential wisdom. Nah, won’t happen.

  5. suek says

    >>Killing is perfectly normal when it is a reaction to perfectly mundane human stimuli.>>
    There are only 10 commandments.  Three of them have to do with man’s relationship with God.  That leaves seven, and one of them is “thou shalt not kill”.  There’s gotta be a reason.
    >>Asocial behavior, however, is not.>>
    Not normal?  Killing is normal, but asocial behavior is not?  did I understand that correctly?

  6. says

    It’s not like the Old Testament God did a lot of non-killing with Egypt’s first born, either. Nor did Moses’ clan not kill anybody when they took cities like Jericho. There wouldn’t be walls if it wasn’t to protect against outside invaders and killers, after all. If God really wanted to make killing abnormal with human beings, there would be evidence of such.
    When you can remove free will from humanity, then you can make killing unnatural. When you can remove the self-preservation instinct, then you can make killing abnormal, for many attacks are carried out for fear of one’s life. Without such fear, killing would become abnormal within the context of the human species.
    <B>Killing is normal, but asocial behavior is not?  did I understand that correctly?</b>
    That depends on what you believe asocial behavior is.

  7. suek says

    Well…I don’t know about you, but generally speaking I definitely consider killing to be asocial.  Ok…not in certain circumstances, but in normal society…definitely.

  8. says

    I would say there are no normal societies, only good societies and those that are worse than good societies. A society exists because of certain fundamental things it does for the people in it, not because it serves good or evil.
    Asocial is when a person acts without consideration of being bound by societal rules and honor codes, but as a purely ruthless mentality orientated on pragmatic results. The way this works is through dehumanization. You can kill people once you no longer believe they are human, entitled to basic human rights or dues, as you may expect for your mother, father, brother, sister, etc.
    But killing in human affairs is often part of social ritual. Meaning, a person acts within a social setting that promotes or legalizes killing, making it a social function and warranted besides. This can be true for killing inside a society, such as the Code Duello, or it can be true for killing members not of a society, such as honorable war and conduct of POWs/surrendered military personnel.
    It is exceptionally rare for there to be complete asocial conduct on the part of a person engaged in killing. Even if the Nazis believed that Jews were sub-human and thus killing them was not particularly wrong, they still believed members of their own culture were human and would not consider killing them in the same light.
    Asocial is abnormal on the basic premise that human beings are social animals and the people who don’t want to be part of any social group are notably rare. But killing, whether you use the standard of human social justifications or just human history, is very normal and oftentimes healthy.

  9. says

    The less killing you see allowed, the more decadence and decay of Western civilization manifests.
    That is not a coincidence. There are particular reasons for this. One reason is that the Left has indoctrinated amongst those that have been brought up in peace to believe that killing is abnormal, that it is unhealthy for society or its members to either engage in or approve of. Killing, if there needs to be killing, is in their ideology relegated to the power and authority of the state: police, military, etc. Individual citizens don’t have the power to decide life and death, only the state does. That ideology was instituted for a particular reason, and it wasn’t to protect the COnstitution of the US.

  10. Ariel says

    Suek #8,
    I think that Commandment actually translates better as “Thou shalt not murder” than kill. At least that is what a Rabbi told me when I was a teenager. Killing in self-defense is not wrong, nor is it in war. But murder anytime not so much..

  11. suek says

    Agreed.  No problem with that – other than having the original “Thou shalt not kill” so present in my mind that shifting the automatic response to “thou shalt not murder” is nearly impossible.
    You’re right though, and it’s one of the word shifts that liberals use to convince people that the death sentence is morally wrong.  That’s not what I was taught before the dawn of history when I was a child…!

  12. Ariel says

    Suek #14,
    I have the same problem with it and have to do the mental shift every time also. And you’re right that brain-dead liberals (only in that they should know better) and some civil libertarians  (conservatives can be civil libertarians, and should be) have used that argument.

  13. SADIE says

    Fort Hood shooter frequented strip club

    Just like Atta and Co. And the obvious conclusion is in this article: “Hasan’s presence at the club paints a starkly different portrait of the alleged killer from that offered by his imam and family members, who have described him as a devout Muslim, and one who had difficulty finding a wife who would wear a head scarf and would pray five times a day.”

  14. Ariel says

    Sadie #18,
    For me it just shows that for some, “devout” and “hypocrisy” go hand-in-hand. He was not, however, oogling chaste Muslim women but Infidel whores. Denmark and Sweden hear that phrase often from devout male Muslims, who go on to oogling those whores, you know how they dress… </sarc >

  15. SADIE says

    Did you ever note that they are always described as  ‘devout’ Muslims.  No matter what they have done or do, once they  make ‘corrections’ like jihad, they’re right back to ‘devout’ again dead or alive.

  16. SADIE says

    “One of the interesting things about Jewish law is that perception is a part of the criteria,” Rabbi Hartman said. “Jewish theologians aren’t pure academics nor are they spokesmen, so they are not writing in a vacuum. The most serious Jewish theological figures are very careful about the implications or consequences of their writings.”
    Above a voice of reason to balance the unreasonable.

  17. says

    Sadie, it’s cause jihad is a get out of jail card. As Jesus Christ died on the cross to absolve humanity of Original and future sin, so does jihad absolve you of any guilt in Islam. Islam, after all, does not rely upon the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for salvation.

  18. SADIE says

    suek.. I couldn’t remember where you posted the link about the IndyMedia subonea. Good fine, because it was a talking point on Glenn Beck (Judge Napolitano is subbing). Stay tuned, this will be something to follow closely.
    I posted this on Book’s first link of the day, but will repeat it here:
    Anita is DUNN – out by the end of the year. She will become an outside advisor, whatever that’s suppose to mean (not visible). Article at  Newsmax.

  19. suek says

    It was on the last open thread we had…
    Anita Dunn was done to start with – she was only slated until the end of the year.  That was one of those “so what”  things from the administration.  She could pretty much say anything – it was a freebie, ’cause she was leaving anyway…
    >>For me it just shows that for some, “devout” and “hypocrisy” go hand-in-hand.>>
    You need to check out Dr.Sanity(  Dr. Sanity ) and do a search for her articles on “guilt” and “shame” cultures.  Judaism and Christianity are “guilt” cultures, islam is a “shame” culture.  To really cut it to bare minimum, the difference seems to be that with a guilt culture, the feeling of wrongdoing is based on an internalization of right and wrong.  In a shame culture, if nobody else (who counts) knows about it, no problem.  So, a muslim can enjoy pork, alcohol and sex in the western world, but in his own society, he’d be stoned for the same thing.  Interesting difference.  I suspect there’s more to it than just “hypocrisy”…it’s something else.

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