• Ariel

    I so often seem to add a discordant voice here that I am reluctant to voice my true feelings on all this. I’ve been an atheist for so very, very long that a fear of death simply leaves me bewildered.
    I do hope that all near that moment find solace and peace however they might. As well those they leave behind.

  • http://expreacherman.wordpress.com ExPreacherMan

    The polemics of the Reluctant Scribe present all the right reasons for one’s eternity, yet he offers no solutions — leaving that for the individual. His theorem would indicate that, given all the order in the universe, the ultimate eternal future of man remains in the fragile and fickle imagination of man.

    If there is a God (and there is) who arranged and put together all these things resulting in you and me, would it not seem logical that He would have made arrangements to communicate with a reasonably intelligent and cognizant you and me, His creation?

    God Is and He did — first through the Prophets of Israel, communicate with man in His Word, The Bible. A fulfilling eternity is not through the Abou Ben Adhem formula of one who “loves his fellow men.” While a noble thing to do, it does not satisfy the Holy Justice of a Righteous God. The only solution is through believing that God who created and sustains you has provided a way to eternity through the Savior of Israel and the world, Jesus Christ.

    Book, you ARE undeniably blessed with faith. You believe (faith) that the light will come on when you flip the switch, that your car will start when you turn the key, etc. These are temporal but the eternal is available through your understanding and faith that your creator, God, loves YOU and has indeed provided you personally with an eternity with Him through faith in the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ.

    Simple, Yes! True, Yes!

    In Jesus Christ eternally,


  • suek

    >>I’ve been an atheist for so very, very long that a fear of death simply leaves me bewildered.>>
    Maybe you don’t fear death _because_ you are an atheist.  I understand a desire _not_ to die, but I’m not sure I understand a _fear_.  Maybe a fine line.  I also understand a fear of judgement – but if you’re an atheist, you don’t have that fear.
    Me…I’m just afraid that there’s a lot I won’t have gotten done.  I really need to get to work on the attic…!  that’s the _real_ reason people need to move to some sort of retirement home when they get really up there in years – to get rid of the accumulations of a lifetime.  Parcel them out to those who might enjoy them or get them gone to someone who can use them!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    There are many paths to the same destination. Some are longer than others. Some are less difficult or more difficult. But all things die in the end: stars, galaxies, and even the universe itself.
    One is forever changing on this cosmic landscape of ours. Life is not a static picture of what is, but of what was and what can still be. So if you do die, what you become afterwards does not really matter. For your purpose at that particular phase of existence has been fulfilled. Once a star lives out its main sequence, it goes into a different phase, to fuel other stars. It doesn’t matter how long you are alive. What matters is how you affect the existence of others in this universe by your actions.
    Sentient life is important in the sense that unlike the chaos of the universe, the will of self-awareness, armed with technological power, can shape the design of the universe. The fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is what separates sentient life from non-sentient life. This would be true regardless of whether Original Sin is believed to be true or not.
    Human beings have often resorted to ancestor worship as a means to invest in stability and security for what they love in their life. It is of comfort to believe that your ancestors, who struggled and fought for the same things that you did, is looking out for you from the beyond. It allows people to focus on living their lives as best as they can now, but it doesn’t introduce much unity amongst the species. Tribal loyalties actually divide humanity, rather than unites us.
    If you believe you aren’t going to have any impact on the lives of your family after your death, this can either be a blessing in the form of trust in one’s descendants to get things right or it can be distrust and fear of the unknown. Even if you are aware of events on planet earth, you won’t be able to influence it. Helplessness is not a state of being human beings prefer if they ever have a choice.
    If God is a just and loving god, then that Power should favor the advance of human liberty for if predestination was wished, there are many natural events that would have fulfilled that requirement of determination. Self-determination, however, has different characteristics. A different future is available with self-determination. Based upon that, something better should be able to be worked out instead of the numerous useless and pointless wars and totalitarian regimes still existent on Earth. Thus if the Left and their allies are enemies of humanity, they must also be enemies of God. But human beings have divided loyalties oftentimes. Sometimes they fight for God because they believe God is more important. Othertimes they fight for their personal allegiances of family, tribe, or nation  if they believe that is more important.
    Given human rationality, regardless of which they choose, they can always say afterwards that God was on their side, that they were still doing his work. This is where the lack of clarity comes into force. There should be an objective standard for right and wrong, good and evil, to moderate human behavior and give those that need it the security of both divine and civil law. But to get that objective standard, first people must agree on an objective reality, on the same facts. Currently, that isn’t the case. And it wasn’t the case in humanity’s past either: hence the purpose and existence of wars.

  • Ariel

    You’ve got a pretty good handle on my bewilderment, but it goes a bit deeper which I won’t share.
    I no longer have a problem when confronted with a threat that may lead to death. I go cold. Happened after the birth of my first child, and solidified at a Burger King with a maniac getting a gun. No shots fired, but I was absolutely 100% ready to die to save others. Very odd emotionless feeling of resolve. Had it at times when I was in the USCG, but not like now.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    It’s always interesting that if you are ever caught off guard by Leftist propaganda, like say their demoralizing claims concerning Hasan, all you need do to dispel their illusions is to look at real people in real life.
    Of course, the Left does not share an objective reality so you cannot convince them of such, but you can convince yourself.