• Gringo

    Back when Zelaya got removed from office last summer, a topic which was discussed on Venezuelan blogs,  given the connection between Chavez and  Zelaya, a poster popped on on several blogs claiming that  the Hondurean military had disappeared or likely tortured two of his friends. His postings got very involved. He posted under  a name which actually had some connection w Venezuela. An Australian travel writer of that name had posted on Venezuela the previous year. However, the tone of the Australian travel writer was decidedly different about Venezuela, if not about Cuba, from what one expect of a PSF. It turned out that this poster was NOT the Australian travel writer, but a PSF (pendejo sin Fronteras) troll who had been banned from several Venezuelan blogs : determined by e-mail and ISP.
    BTW,  the vote against reinstating Mel was  111-14. Shows you why Mel recently said he wouldn’t accept reinstatement. May as well decline what you know will not be offered you. What was it that Groucho said about not wanting to belong to a club that would have such low standards as to admit him as a member?
    Speaking of opposition posters, whatever happened to Ozzie and Greg? My guess is that Ozzie saw that no one was buying the incipient theocracy  spiel, and decided to stop: too many posters here have lived too many years in comfort  as  atheists or agnostics to get up in arms about an alleged fundamentalist takeover. Especially those of us with fundamentalist relatives.


    Interesting post, Gringo.
    I rather liked the screen on Book’s link..’Liar Liar Pants on Fire’.  As my paraphrased saying goes…live by a lie, you die by it or hopefully close to it if Joshua Pundit’s fine detective work finds a couple of  MP’s at the troll’s door. The thought of it has me in a fit of giggles – impersonating an officer while simultaneously impersonating someone with brains.
    BTW…I think Groucho’s comment was: I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member.

  • suek

    I had to leave a comment over there…  Read the post.
    Lt. Major??????
    Dead giveaway!!

  • CollegeCon

    Fail troll is fail.

  • Deana

    That is just so awesome!  THat made my day.  That guy is so busted.

  • Gringo

    suek, maybe the troll was not being ignorant, but trying to cover himself  with plausible deniability if he gets prosecuted. “I didn’t mean the Lt. General, I meant the Lt. Major.” Or was it Major General?