Christmas week results at the Watcher’s Council

It was a nice Christmas gift for me when my fellow Council members gave their votes to my post about the Communist secret behind the Climate Change mantra.  Considering the quality of the minds behind the Watcher’s Council, I always feel so honored when I win.  But enough about me.  Here’s the whole list.  As always, whether a post won, placed, showed or just fell back in the pack, each is worth reading:

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

Also, a reminder that, if you’re a blogger, and you have something to say that you’d like to see at the Watcher’s Council website, there is a way:

If you want to see your blog piece listed on the Watcher’s Council page as an honorable mention, our generous offer of link whorage remains open. Here’s how you take advantage of it:

  • Simply make a post linking to this week’s Council winners
  • Send me an e-mail with the subject line ‘link whorage’ at before 5PM next Tuesday, December 22nd. Include a link to that post and a link to the piece you want to appear in next week’s Honorable Mentions
  • The resulting fame, glory and increased traffic are yours for the taking.
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