Right wing wackos misunderstand peaceful Muslims (I’m being sarcastic)

I got a letter from a good friend who not only linked me to this worth-reading Uncle Jimbo post, but who also added “Has anyone noticed that all of the airplane incidents since 9/11 have been perpetrated by muslims?”  Since I live with a liberal, and I know the score, my response to him was swift and assured.

Dear friend, you’ve been reading too many right wing wacko blogs.  These attacks haven’t been perpetrated by Muslims, who belong to a religion of peace (or do I mean pieces?).*  They’ve been committed by individual delusional men who just coincidentally happen to have misunderstood the profoundly peaceful (or do I mean pieceful?) doctrine that the Warlord . . . um, peace-bringer Muhammed created 1,400 years ago.  After all, in 1,400 years of Muslim history, organized Islam has consistently committed itself to peace.  Indeed, Islam’s peaceful tendencies strongly remind me of the lyrics in Tom Lehrer’s MLF (multi-lateral forces) Lullaby:

A considerable amount of commotion was stirred up during the past year over the prospect of a multi-lateral force, known to the headline writers as mlf. much of this discussion took place during Baseball season so the chronicle may not have covered it but it did get a certain amount of publicity, and the basic idea was that a bunch of us nations, the good guys, would get together on a Nuclear deterrent force including our current friends, like France, and our traditional friends, like Germany.   Here’s a song about that called the MLF Lullaby.

Sleep, baby, sleep, in peace may you slumber,
No danger lurks, your sleep to encumber,
We’ve got the missiles, peace to determine,
And one of the fingers on the button will be German.

Why shouldn’t they have nuclear warheads?
England says no, but they are all soreheads.
I say a bygone should be a bygone,
Let’s make peace the way we did in Stanleyville and Saigon.

Once all the Germans were warlike and mean,
But that couldn’t happen again.
We taught them a lesson in nineteen eighteen,
And they’ve hardly bothered us since then.

So sleep well, my darling, the sandman can linger,
We know our buddies won’t give us the finger.
Heil–hail–the Wehrmacht, I mean the Bundeswehr,
Hail to our loyal ally!
Will scare Brezhnev,
I hope he is half as scared as I.


* Just as a “by the way,” the proprietor of The Religion of Peace, a website that documents Muslim-inspired acts of terrorism committed just since 9/11, recently received a very graphic death threat from some practitioners of that same peaceful religion.  I guess that little experience falls into the same category as “the most dangerous place to be is a peacenik, anti-war rally.”  Those people are scary.

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    RoP is one of my daily reads. You can’t argue with statistics.

  • persia

    Excellent! I pleasured with it.

  • Gringo

    It never fails to amaze me how often  Tom Lehrer’s satirical songs are germane to current political topics.   His songs  have stood the test of time, which is even more amazing  considering that so many of his songs were topical, such as the MLF  Lullaby. What  little he wrote was of high quality.

  • Mike Devx

    We have already suffered worse jihadist attacks in eleven months under Obama than under the last seven years under Bush.  It’s been accelerating over the last few months, too.   Obama sent the signals early that he is a weak horse – and as Bin Laden said, our enemies will always ride the stronger horse.  It’s taken them a few months to ramp up, is all.  Expect the attacks to continue.
    So, Janet “I am as stupid as I sound” Napolitano… the system worked, solely because the jihadist failed to explode his device?  It burst into a flaming mound instead of exploding, and dropped, in flames, between his legs?  Instead of exploding?   That means your “system” worked?
    Did your “system” also work for the Ft. Hood massacre?  How many died?  Oh yeah: 13.  And how many were wounded?  Oh yeah: 30.   The system worked?
    Meanwhile Obama tries to talk his way out of obliviousness and instead shows just how much he doesn’t give a damn.  Mr. Remote Socialist Intellectual does it again.
    One fellow said, “This clearly shows that the Adminstration is not interested in protecting us, cannot protect us.  We are on our own.”  To which a wit replied, “We’re not on our own. Interpol will save us!”
    Dark days.  As the jihadists accelerate their assaults against America, due to our shamefully weak, weak president.


    POTUS is the current head of the snake. I don’t know how many body bags  it will take to change the ineptness. 13 wasn’t enough for them and too many for most of us. It may take the instincts of the Dutch passenger – the Peace Prize should be handed over to the man for surely he saved the day and gave a lot of families peace of mind.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    They’re hoping the terrorists make something go boom and kill enough people for Obama to declare Emergency Rule.
    Tell that to strange Dems you know. It is just my opinion, of course, but it is based upon what is true about Obama. Their claims about Bush was only ever based upon their own mental fantasies.

  • BrianE

    Slightly off-topic, but germain to the discussion of Islam.

    I ran into a former co-worker the other day, who is a Muslim and emigrated to US in early 1980’s. The five years I’ve known him he has been staunchly anti-Zionist– his family lives in Jordan.

    In the course of a short discussion, somewhere out of left field he said he wished Israel controlled all the middle east– he wished they’d take it all over.

    I asked him why, and he’s become disgusted with the level of corruption in the governments and while he can’t link this to Islam, he sees they’ve done nothing for their people.

    All the countries of the middle east don’t have 1/4 the GNP of Spain, he said.

    I was taken aback, and decided to check his figures.

    Lebanon, Syria and Jordan together have a population of 30 million people and a combined GNP of $176 billion.
    Add Egypt to the other three muslim countries (I know, I know, Lebanon has a significant minority Christian population) and you have a population of 113 million people and a gnp of $620 billion.

    Now compare that to Spain, not exactly on top of the industrialized world, which has a population of 40 million and a gnp of $1.4 trillion.

    Pretty startling figures.

     By comparison, Israel has a population of 7 million and a GNP of $203 billion.

  • Charles Martel

    It’s pretty obvious to me who and what are standing in the way of Islam taking its rightful place as the sovereign of all the earth:

    1. The Joos. Self-explanatory. The Joos, although they number only 15 million worldwide, are able to exert mental control over the planet’s  remaining 6 billion+ people.  A Joo can control the minds–and bank accounts–of up to 400 non-Joos at one time. Really proficient Joos, like Moe or Larry, have uncanny control over boys and men.

    2. The miniskirt. Thanks to harlot western women who insist on exposing curvaceous upper-gam goodness, Muslim men are distracted from earning a living, learning stuff or inventing things.

    3. Logic. European man’s linear way of thinking subjugates Muslims, ghetto blacks, feminists, college perfessers, dogs and inanimate objects to ridicule for not using their brains as their principal organ of thought. Come Dar al Islam, Muslims will burn logic’s holy books (“libraries”) and liberate mankind from the bitch goddess.

    4. Female relatives. They are all whores at heart, ready at a second’s notice to spread their luscious smooth-skinned legs and offer their glistening haunches to any man who is within 100 kilometers of them–even ayatollahs. Monitoring and controlling the family wantons is a full-time job. There is no time left over to get a job that supplies money. That is what dhimmis are for.

    5. Joo women in high heels.

    6. Women.

    7. People who work hard. Mostly Joos.

    8. The pope. Under his robes, he is hiding a gorgeous pair of hypnotically distracting legs.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Thank you, Charles, for explaining to me — at long last — the Pope’s particular brand of magic.  (Still laughing here….)


    Thank you, Charles, for one of your more delicious (scratch that) Joolicious rants.

  • Mike Devx

    I don’t know who made my week more… Charles Martel with #8 or Dave Barry with his 2009 Year In Review.
    Charles, by the time you exposed the Pope (and his legs), I was laughing helplessly.  Thank you.

  • Caped Crusader

    Did I misread or are you really married to a liberal? Deep cover, INDEED! Is there any hope for him. If true you are brave beyond words and must have a constantly sore tongue from biting it; and a saint.

  • suek

    Liberals.  Bah humbug.  Book…check out this post(below), and you might want to check out the link included in it to have something to ask your husband about.  I also think it – or the info source he links to – should be nominated for an out of council award.  It points out the total hypocrisy of the “party of the little people” charade.


    POTUS took a break from his golf game today.
    I have no idea why a nice Jewish lady (me) would insist on flaggelating herself, but I did and listened to Mr. Hawaii 5-0. The score is actually 2-1. He managed to spit out the word ‘terrorism’ twice and islam once, but only when commenting about  islamic republic of Iran.
    Can I get a FOUR from the crowd. We’re bound to get hit from one his stray balls.

  • BrianE


    Thanks for the link to that blog. Very good writing.

    FOUR, but I suspect we’re more like the kid in this video:


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  • Charles Martel

    “We’re bound to get hit from one his stray balls.”

    =SIGH= Would that our Nancy Boy in Chief had even one to spare.


    Ahh..I knew who would pick up on the FOUR comment ; )
    I think he’s working through his angst by hitting so many white ones.

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  • Wolf Howling

    There was an essay by Tawfiq Hamid some time ago that really should be a must read by everyone in the West – and particularly those on the left who are finally reaching a level of surprise that all the airplane incidents are perpetrated by Muslims.

    Here is Mr. Hamid’s opening paragraph:

    “What occupies the mind of a jihad-driven Muslim? How is such fervor planted in young and impressionable believers? Where does it originate? How did I – once an innocent child who grew up in a liberal, moderate and educated household – find myself a member of a radical Islamic group? These questions go to the root of Islamic violence and must be addressed if free societies are to combat radical Islam. To further this aim, I will explore the psychological development of a jihadi’s mind through my own firsthand experience as a former member of a Muslim terrorist organization.”

    And here, many paragraphs later, are his concluding paragraphs:

    “Salafi indoctrination operates through written words and careful coaching. It is enormously seductive. It rapidly changed me into a jihadi. Salafi sacred texts exert a powerful influence on millions of Muslim followers throughout the world, and terrorism is only one symptom of the Salafi disease. Salafi doctrine, which is at the root of the West’s confrontation with Islamism, poses an existential threat to us all – including Muslims.

    Indeed, Salafism robs young Muslims of their soul, it turns Western communities against them, and it can end in civil war as Muslims attempt to implement shari’a in their host countries. A peaceful interpretation of Islam is possible, but the Salafi establishment is currently blocking moderate theological reform. The civilized world ought to recognize the immense danger that Salafi Islam poses; it must become informed, courageous and united if it is to protect both a generation of young Muslims and the rest of humanity from the disastrous consequences of this militant ideology.”

    The answers to all the questions about why and what we face are in between those paragrapshs.   http://wolfhowling.blogspot.com/2008/01/civilized-world-ought-to-recognize.html 

  • Mike Devx

    Thank you , Wolf Howling.
    I’ve been stating for awhile here in Book’s domain that I believe we should confront – with every possible tool in our arsenal – Wahabbi Islam, which I considered to be the worst current expression of Islam.   I focused on that because I have been aware that Saudi Arabia is promoting it very aggressively and with millions upon millions of dollars, across the entire globe.    Let’s not attack all of Islam – just the worst of it, the part that is breeding jihadism, violence, terror and murder.  I’d thought, take care of Wahabbism, and you’ve cut the head off of the dragon.
    In particular I want to ensure that those Muslims living in Western societies have a chance to escape the shadow of resurgent jihadism.  Right now, even in the West they are under the Shadow, under threat within their own Western communities.  Even if they wanted to be “moderate” – which they may not – they cannot be moderate, because the jihadists’ imams control the religious conversation even in the West, aided and abetted – inconceivably! – by our own Western governments.
    Thanks to your post above, I will investigate Salafism, to see if my focus on Wahabbi Islam is misdirected.

  • Wolf Howling

    Thanks for your comment, Mike.  Wahhabism and Salafism are the same.  Inside Saudi Arabia, you might here either term to describe their version of Islam.  Outside of Saudi Arabia, you will hear it described as Salafi – though that said, there are many other forms of Islam that go by other names, yet are becoming deeply infused with the Salafi dogma.  The Deobandi sect of Pakistan which gave rise to the Taliban is certainly one.  You can find a bit of the history – and how we got to this point – at http://wolfhowling.blogspot.com/2007/11/reason-we-face-problem-of-radical-islam.html

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    <B>Wahhabism and Salafism are the same.</b>
    That was what I was about to say.
    Sufism is, in fact, the only segment that one might consider sane.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    <B>Is there any hope for him.</b>
    Probably not. He’d have to go through something like boot camp for the philosophically challenged.