The ultimate Democratic anti-Brown ad *UPDATED*

It’s only because it’s just a wee bit more over the top than the real things that you can tell it’s satire:

Big hat tip to The New Editor

UPDATE:  The above video represents fake Democrats (read:  “Republican satirists”) in action.  Nothing, of course, can compare to the real deal, who are so over-the-top that Scott Brown has been forced to file criminal charges against them (presumably for election fraud).

UPDATE II:  And in the media, real Democrats actively encourage voter fraud.

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  • Larry Sheldon

    I think you need to recalibrate.
    If it IS way over the top, it is the real deal.
    If it is NOT over the top, it is a parody or a satire.

  • Ymarsakar

    Did you hear about what democracy truly is? It’s just a way for a small few to rule over a great many. Without something like a constitution, you can’t have majority rules. It is only ever, rule by a few, an oligarchy.
    The Left knows this very well. Elections are just a way to justify their having power. It means nothing else besides it to them.