Dems try to slam Brown for hinting that Obama was born out of wedlock

The Dems have launched a new attack against Brown, in order to cause voters to react in Pavlovian revulsion when they hear his name:  They’re now contending that (a) Brown thinks Sarah Palin is a decent human being and (b) Brown indicated skepticism about the fact that Barack Obama’s mother was married to his father, back in 1961.  Both charges, of course, are enough, in Democratic eyes, to make one a candidate for a deadly lightening bolt from God:

Insofar as Scott Brown committed the grave sin of defending Sarah Palin, Greyhawk has it nailed:

I see Brown defending those who accept responsibility here. I have no idea how he completed the sentence (re: Obama’s mother) “But more importantly, the fact that she had him when she was 18 years old…” but obviously it would reveal whatever Brown thought was more important. Based on context (and the fact that a Coakley support site cut the video off right there) I’d have to suspect it might be something Coakley supporters don’t want to hear.

The second point, of course, re Palin, is that the gross sexism leveled at her was entirely unrelated to her myriad virtues as a business woman, politician and mother, who teamed with her whole family to make things happen.

As for the “unconscionable” slur of bastardy against Obama, a couple of things.  First of all, nowadays, out-of-wedlock births are practically normative, so it’s no insult.  Second, Scott Brown was merely agreeing with . . . Michelle Obama who was speaking back in mid-2008 (emphasis mine):

Obama used the roundtable audience, as she did yesterday, to describe her husband’s understanding of women’s issues through the prism of the strong — but sometimes struggling — women in his life.

His own mother, she said at the beginning of her remarks, was “very young and very single when she had him.” And, Obama added, he has observed his wife’s attempts to reconcile motherhood with her career aspirations.

(Hat tip:  Kim Priestap)

Every first year law student knows, truth is the best defense to a libel charge.

As for me, I don’t care whether Obama was born in or out of wedlock about 50 years ago.  I do care very much about his current political ideology.  I also care a great deal that a politician who spoke the truth is not slandered with the accusation that he voiced a lie.