On not posting today

Sorry for not posting today, but I just haven’t felt like it.  I feel that, today, my contribution to my blog should be about Ryan and Viola, rather than about politics.  That doesn’t mean, though, that you should be shut out, so please consider this an Open Thread.

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  • Mike Devx

    From an article on today’s americanthinker.com:

    A final point: this must also mark the end of conservative defeatism. Obama is no longer a mystery, no longer an invulnerable figure, no longer the favorite of destiny.

    He is the master of a party of thieves, loons, and hustlers. A party that has tossed away its mandate in less than a year’s time, a party with no Plan B, with no ideas and no useful tradition, a party that feeds off fantasy, with nothing to serve it but the husk of an ideology dead for generations. They are easy targets, from Obama on down, and there is no excuse for holding back.


    I like it.  Be not afraid to go forth and proclaim your principles, with pride!

  • Mike Devx

    Two more articles from americanthinker today, analyzing the shocking election in Massachusetts.
    The first claims that conservatism is rising.
    The second claims that it was a rebellion against the Democrat climate of corruption.
    Which is it?  Or was it a mix, and if so, at what ratio?  Your personal answer to this may indicate how you approach the GOP primary.
    If the first is right, then vote for the incumbent, because it doesn’t matter.  Conservatism is on the upswing, and with a 95% re-election rate in Congress, why fight it?  Choose the known quantity, as long as he or she has been conservative enough.
    If the second is right, then beware.  2006-2008 wasn’t all that long ago.  Polls of the GOP in general are almost as low as polls of Congress itself.   The voters, just a few short years ago, rebelled against the Republicans.  Perhaps a message still needs to be sent:  Look at the challengers in the primary, find the one that most closely matches you, and vote for the challenger.  NOT THE INCUMBENT.  Because they must get the message: no seat is safe in the corrupt cesspool of Washington D.C.   Reform yourself or lose.  A message must be sent, to all incumbents, by voting for a challenger, no matter what, and at least make your incumbent sweat.  Send the message, so that they will get the message.