Obama’s self love *UPDATED*

Yesterday, the blogosphere was abuzz with Arkansas Rep. Marion Berry’s story about Barack Obama’s assurance to him that the Democrats wouldn’t have to follow Bill Clinton’s 1994 model and pull to the center.  Why not?  Because, said Obama, “the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.”  I was not at all surprised to read that Obama said that.  As I’ve written consistently from the beginning, Obama is not a mere narcissist, he’s a malignant narcissist.

Unlike Bill Clinton, who wanted desperately to be loved, and would do anything to maintain that love, including abandoning his more extreme political beliefs, Obama has found his great love already:  himself.  Those around him, unless they genuflect to him, are knaves, fools, parasites and enemies.  It is almost impossible for him to accommodate himself to them, because he so deeply disrespects them.  There’s room in Obama’s life for only one successful person, and that is Obama.  Anyone else’s success is a threat and must immediately be countered and destroyed.

What did surprise me, though, was the fact that the image every single conservative site used to illustrate the Marion Berry story came, not from a clever photoshopper (as I had first supposed), but from the White House’s own flickr site.  Here’s the photo:

Here we have the most narcissistic president ever, and his people couldn’t resist including in their official photos the quintessential narcissist pose.  Compare that photograph with this classic image from Michelangelo:


If the White House wasn’t aware of the comparisons that are routinely drawn between Obama and Narcissus, it should have been.  Google “Obama Narcissus” and you get 67,900 results.  Google “Obama Narcissist” and you get 143,000 1.46 million results.*  The more rarefied search of “Obama malignant narcissist” still yields 37,500 results (and, I hasten to add, not all of those 37,500 results are to my own posts about the man).  People are noticing that Obama’s self-regard is transcendent.

I’ve been thinking back on my posts about Obama’s malignant narcissism, and I have to give myself credit for accurately predicting the man’s behavior.  In July 2008, I took on Obama’s little habit of lying, something that’s been on display most recently when he issued a bald-faced denial that he had anything to do with the White House negotiated deal giving unions a free pass on their Cadillac plans, while passing those costs on to every other working stiff.  I predicted precisely that behavior when I said:

[T]he malignant narcissist has only one truth:  his immediate needs.  Everything else subordinates itself to those needs.  The narcissist, therefore, at any given moment, will convince himself that the facts surrounding him, and the history backing him, are completely congruent with his need right now.  He is his own moral compass, he is the truth, the way and the light.

Back in August 2008, when the Obamabots mounted an attack on Stanley Kurtz for having the temerity to investigate Obama’s role in the Annenberg Challenge, I pointed out that, when narcissists debate, their own needs and feelings are always ground zero in the discussion — and I added that Obama had so far shown that this was his preferred style of debate:

[Obama] has a staggering level of self-involvement that has him seeing himself as the center of the universe and with everything revolving around him.  In his own mind, he’s better than everyone else and (unsurprisingly, given their inevitable jealously and small-mindedness about his extraordinary virtues) everyone is evil and out to get him.


What you notice very quickly in arguing with a narcissist is that facts are entirely irrelevant. The substantive matter at issue . . . is entirely irrelevant. All that matters is that you are impinging on the narcissist’s comfort level. From that point on, everything devolves into pure attack mode. And since the narcissist lives in a world characterized by his immediate needs and concerns, in his own mind, he never tells a lie. [snip]  (For more on this topic and the narcissist’s bizarre, self-referential reality, read that enjoyable book Evil Genes: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed, and My Sister Stole My Mother’s Boyfriend.)

This self-referential, egotistical quality may explain what commentators Left and Right are noticing, which is that Obama is not only self-involved, but abnormally defensive.  Even when he purports to take the blame for a situation, it always circles back around to being someone else’s fault.

And then of course, we wrap back to the man’s staggering sense of his own wonderfulness, beautifully captured in a photograph that sees President Obama, failing to join in a salute to our nation and our flag and, instead, demurely stepping back to bathe in what he perceives as his inferior’s appropriate worship.  [UPDATE:  A commenter advised me that the photo I linked to was taken when the band was playing “Hail to the Chief.”  If that is true, it makes sense that the military was saluting, but makes no sense that the civilians had their hands on their heart.  Be that as it may, let me insert here another photo that makes a similar point:


No matter how you slice it, Obama seems loath to go through the ordinary motions.]

I hate to say I told you so, but I guess I can say it here, because we’ve all been telling each other the same thing:  Obama’s self-regard is far in excess of his actual abilities.  He loves himself with an unending passion — one that, if flickr is any indication, his acolytes reflect back to him — and this passion will prevent him from ever making the series course corrections necessary to save his presidency or help his country.  Sure, he’ll make itty-bitty teeny moves, such as a meaningless spending freeze, but that’s only because he thinks that doing so will buy off the dumb masses.  But in terms of big changes — uh-uh, it ain’t going to happen.  He’s smart, we’re dumb; he’s right, we’re wrong; and he will force us to his viewpoint if it’s the last thing he does, because his viewpoint is the only one that matters.

As a wrap-up, here’s a short video that tells you everything you need to know about Mr. President:


*Interesting about the googling thing, which I’ve updated (thanks c0lorless.blue.ideas).  I thoughtlessly used “google” as a verb.  What I actually did, though, was a Bing search.  A true Google search yielded many more hits, as you can see.  I suspect, though, that the Bing hits were more accurate, which is something I’ve discovered about Bing in the months I’ve used it.

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  • pst314

    ” and his people couldn’t resist including in their official photos the quintessential narcissist pose.”
    Demonstrating that not only is Obama a narcissist, but he has surrounded himself with worshippers who have internalized his Cult of Personality.
    Dear Leader, indeed. (How long until we see a little Thoughts of Chairman Obama book?)

  • Al

    I just logged on because it has been a long day and I need to get away from the wilfull delusionary thoughts that flow from the media.
    Yes, BW, Obama is the ultimate narcissist. He does not accnowledge, let alone see , reality.
    And since the concept of narcissistism is a classic Greek theme, then we should analyze, and forecast, future events from the classic Greek format.
    Narcissus died from lack of food because he was enraptured with the image of his face reflected in a pool of water.
    Now, Obama is a  bit more soffisticated than that. He has an adgenda. I do not need to deliniate that adgenda to your readers. But he is now being crossed. His adgenda is being blocked by the people. But in his narcissitic world view, he knows best. So those who oppose him are not sufficiently intelligent, read retarded, to understand that his policies are intellectually superior. They are underlings, not worthy of attention. They will have to be, “unfortunately”, removed.
    Then the glorious reign of Obama can be revieled.
    Obama  will be destroyed completely. By his own behavior.
    And judging by the comments on the AT blogs and others, so will the “Progessives”
    Hang on to your hats, and your seats, and your wallets.
    It is going to be a rough  ride

  • Mike Devx

    Good God, is that video illuminating!  I’m amazed at the ability of my fellow American to condense the Obama speech so perfectly!
    As Al said above,
    > Obama  will be destroyed completely. By his own behavior.

    Watch the video if you haven’t yet.  Ponder Al’s words.  Think back to the White House BeerFest where Obama sat down with Professor Henry Gates and Sgt. James Crowley.  Afterwards, coming out the front door of the White House, Crowley helped the infirm Gates carefully down the steps while Obama, Mr. Cool Himself with his rolled up sleeves, strode obliviously ahead of them, unaware of the genuinely touching moment taking place behind him.  Mr Cool with his toothy grin heading off towards the cameras, because, to Mr. Cool, it was All About Him, and It Was Time For His Camera Moment.

    And many, many infirm elderly took notice.

    This is why Al is right, and this is why Obama will destroy himself.  Over and over you will see the nature of that moment re-enacted.  Obama cannot help himself, and his handlers cannot shield it from our watchful eyes.  The real Obama shall be seen throughout 2010.  Repeatedly.

  • Gringo

    1) That photo of  NObama looking at himself in the mirror is priceless. I wonder if when the WH finds out what people think of the photo,if  it will get pulled.
    2) Book’s posting of a year and a half ago  shows NObama  didn’t initially pull the eyes over everyone.
    3) I will have to get a transcript of the NObama video, as I couldn’t stand watching it for more than 10 seconds.

  • Charles Martel

    Mike, I think the anti-Obama ads in 2012 (assuming he hasn’t resigned before then) will be stunningly simple to make. All you’ll need is a collage of outtakes like the one we saw here and some select “Greatest Moments,” like The One’s bows to foreign tyrants.

    Al, nicely said. The leopard does love his spots.

  • Spartacus

    It’s been years since I read Atlas Shrugged, and I confess to remembering much of the plot only dimly.  But I was intrigued by Francisco d’Anconia, the highly moral, philosophical, liberty-loving idealogue who for years pretended to be the consummate sleazeball degenerate in order to set himself up as a one-man sleeper cell, in order one day to strike a mighty blow against the corrupt and oligarchic establishment.
    I swear, this clown we have in the White House sometimes seems so parodistically over-the-top that I almost begin to wonder if he’s not “pulling a Frisco” in order to destroy modern liberalism.  (“What?!?  Rasmussen says 47% ‘at least somewhat approve’ of me?!?  Crikey!  What do I have to do to shake off these dolts?  Call up the staff photographer, and have him meet me by the mirror in the Blue Room.  If that doesn’t work, we’ll try cancelling Christmas!”)
    Oh, trust me, were I in Vegas, I’d put my entire net worth on the “malignant narcissist” option.  But he almost makes me wonder sometimes: one expects one’s more successful adversaries not to be complete idiots.
    Charles — Yes, the ads will be stunningly simple to make.  But never underestimate the ability of the careerists at the GOP to see a slow, straight pitch right over home plate, and miss completely.  Hillary’s people, on the other hand, doubtless already have amassed a very fine video byte collection.

  • Lulu11

    Here’s my armchair analysis.

    The problem is that Obama’s narcissism is so extreme it is actually a disorder. Many other politicians, such as Clinton, have had narcissistic traits, but not the full blown pathology that Obama manifests. He is unable to see himself as wrong. He does not understand that it is his job to pay attention to and prioritize as policy the public’s concerns. He is sure the public will see the logic of his concerns if he persists enough- however, when campaigning he knows that he will need to make promises about the voter’s concerns in order to get him to the point where he can work on his own. He drops people cold once past their usefulness. He has a grandiose sense of what he will accomplish (oceans rising, etc) and believes that he himself can charm the world into changing. He is rigid, unbending, detached and aloof. Because of internal emptiness, he needs adulation.

    He still gets enough adulation to feed him. As long as he has fawning crowds and toadies at the office, Air Force 1 and  plays about him and standing behind important podiums and being able to make the cool, self-important presidential walk- he’s ok because that’s real to him. It’s validating.

    Some people I know cannot see him as narcisstic because his policies strike them as “altruistic”.  Journalist, Peggy Noonan constantly expresses puzzlement regarding the things hge does. Though a seasoned political writer, it doesn’t seem to occur to her to speculate about the origin of what she describes, but everything points back to Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That’s what determines our governmental policies- NPD and ideological Socialism.

    The usually very strong Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal today had an excellent article on Obama’s self-regard.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    I gritted my teeth and hung on, but couldn’t get past a minute 15 seconds!  Yikes!
    Ordinarily, I NEVER listen to the man – I turn the radio off, or to a different station.
    How can any normal person feel anything but a mixture of pity and revulsion for someone so wrapped up in himself….along with genuine fear that THIS is in the White House as our President.
    I’m pretty sure that Al is right — it’s going to be ugly when the undeniable truth sinks in, at the very least to those surrounding “the throne”….they’re just not that into you, anymore, Barack!

  • Danny Lemieux

    Many /most of us that visit this blog did see through him early on. To Lulu11’s point, though, we are still stuck with the fact that so manyin the electorate did not see through him and voted for him.  Let’s hope the electorate is somewhat more discerning in future elections.

  • Charles Martel

    “Yes, the ads will be stunningly simple to make.  But never underestimate the ability of the careerists at the GOP to see a slow, straight pitch right over home plate, and miss completely.  Hillary’s people, on the other hand, doubtless already have amassed a very fine video byte collection.”

    I love coming to this room. Some of the best commentary on the Internet.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Obama is an incubating mass murderer.

  • colorless.blue.ideas

    Need to up that by a factor of ten this morning.  I just checked Google:

    Obama narcissist (senator two years; president one year):  ~1.46 million hits
    Bush narcissist (governor six years, president eight years):  ~1.12 million hits

    Says a something.
    As for “destroying himself”, that remains to be seen.  Relatively free elections and a fairly free press with free speech rights are critical to that.  My guess is that he understands that those oppose his continued power.

  • Mike Devx

    Ymar #11
    > Obama is an incubating mass murderer.

    Harsh, Ymar!  In a sense, true, though.  I caught Beck’s special on early 20th Century Progressivism, and the worship cults in this country that surrounded “Uncle Joe” Stalin even as he was murdering ten million of his own Ukrainians via deliberate starvation within two years, and Mao, and “Che! Che! Che! Che! Che!” – cults that, if you trust the Che t-shirts and Anita Dunn’s gushing praise of Mao, still exist today.

    Was it Walter Duranty of the NY Times who said, back when the cold, gimlet-eyed gaze of Uncle Joe watched his millions starve, said, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs?”   Nice: Human beings are eggs, to be broken in pursuit of the perfect Utopian omelet.  To be followed with an admission:  “Ooops! Ten million dead!  I’m sorry!  We had the best of intentions!”

    In that way, Obama, too, the idealogue like them all, has the best of intentions.  The suffering his policies are causing – particularly as the economic misery and joblessness keeps on rolling into the devastating near future – leave him cold – perhaps because he’s so certain his policies are not causing the suffering?  Because, of course, he has the best of intentions, too.  Just like them all.

    Obama as the murderer of dreams and hope, yes.  But physical murder… nah.  Unless you count his policies that allow terrorists much freer access; terrorists that continue desperately to try to get a nuclear bomb into one of our cities.  Islamic Jihadist Terrorists – there, I’ve named em! – come after me and put me in jail for saying so!

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    A politician is by nature a peculiar kind of salesman…the product that he is selling is *himself*. Hence, politicians in general tend to be considerably more narcissistic than the average citizen (or the average salesman–although “the first thing a salesman sells is himself,” most successful salesman know that *they* are not the primary focus of the customer’s interest)

    Obama, though, seems to be off the scale even by politician standards. In the Marion Barry story…if he’s been comparing himself with, say, Nixon, or Carter, the “you’ve got me” might have been understandable, though still pretty arrogant. But given that it involved Bill Clinton, whose political skills are exceptional, it raises some pretty serious questions about Obama’s connection to reality.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Obama transfered our a Stryker brigade in Iraq to Afghanistan, in order to provide political cover for his promise to focus on Afghanistan. However, in reality, he took another Stryker brigade out of Afghanistan. So instead of reinforcing Afghanistan, all he did was destroy months of hard wrought training by the Stryker brigade intended for Iraq. They don’t speak the same language in Afghanistan, as in Iraq. Everything was wasted.
    Guess how many casualties and fatalities that Stryker brigade got in Afghanistan, Mike.
    “Murder” is only a context and oftentimes a thin one of ‘plausible deniability’.

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  • http://www.libertyhat.com libertyjane

    I loved all of this and clicked through to many of the extra links. I read blogs daily (mostly Insty, Althouse, Hot Air, PJTV, Gateway Pundit, Anchoress) and have for years, so when you said this I was surprised that I couldn’t remember it:
    “And then of course, we wrap back to the man’s staggering sense of his own wonderfulness, beautifully captured in a photograph that sees President Obama, failing to join in a salute to our nation and our flag and, instead, demurely stepping back to bathe in what he perceives as his inferior’s appropriate worship”.
    The band was playing “Hail to the Chief”. I think if he would have saluted it would have been a bit . . . weird.

  • Al

    Hi Gang,
    Y #11- Yes,Obama is/will be a mass murderer. Not just by refusing to allow good human intel procedures to be used. But also by refusing to allow appropriate servailance procedures to be used. Like having agents attending a radical Mosque, in Hoboken. (sorry, that is in New Jersey, across the Hudson River from Manhattan.)
    Mike #13. Obama did/does kill people. Not with his hands on the flesh of his victims, but with his hands on the vote pad of his Illanios Senate seat when he voted at least two times to deny life saving treatment to babes born alive after a botched abortion.
    Sorry folks, I do not mean to upset. But I can not tolerate this caricature of a demond from the “Screwtape Letters” telling us what is best for us. Maybe if we resurrected C.S.Lewis we could blow him and his minions to the fate they so richly deserve.
    As Harry Turman would say,”Let’s strike a bl0w for freedom!”. For my air strikes, I prefer Bombay Gin.

  • Al

    That is what I will be drinking tonight, if I make it to nine o’clock to hear the “President’s” State of the Union Address.

  • Mike Devx

    Ymar says,
    > Guess how many casualties and fatalities that Stryker brigade got in Afghanistan, Mike.
    “Murder” is only a context and oftentimes a thin one of ‘plausible deniability’.

    I’m afraid to guess, Ymar.  Can generals be court-martialed for terrible strategic decisions that, in effect, leave their soldiers to be slaughtered.  I’m not talking “simple mistakes” here, or bad luck, but genuinely foolhardy decisions.  Switching out those Stryker Brigades is an act of pure senselessness.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    @Mike:  It’s only senseless in military terms, my friend….if you consider the politics, it makes perfect sense.  Of course, for military guys to go along with this should be a court-martialing offense.  I’m not holding my breath, however.
    @Al:  You’re going to listen to the speech, Al?  And I thought this was a place for the remaining examples of intelligent life left in our country!

  • suek

    >>Not just by refusing to allow good human intel procedures to be used.>>
    Or by giving terrorists protection:

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    <B>Can generals be court-martialed for terrible strategic decisions that, in effect, leave their soldiers to be slaughtered.</b>
    These things are a little bit too complicated for me to be capable of explaining in this kind of format. Legend of the Galactic Heroes explains this kind of dynamic much better through dramatic and historical portrayal. I won’t claim to be able to do better or to even equal it.
    Generals do not get court martialed for such things. They simply are prevented from being promoted. But if you promote an idiot or Hasan, then the consequences are pretty predictable. But once that happens, you cannot take extreme or even effective action against them because if you have rank over them it is called ‘micromanagement’ to interfere and if you don’t have rank, then you are expected to obey the chain of command because when you get promoted that exact chain of command is what you will use to draw forth obedience from your subordinates.

    This is a sort of screwed situation, but then again, so is life. And it is not just military life that is so, civilian life is just the same. People just call it different things but they’re describing similar phenomenon.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Essentially, enemies of humanity hold that which we wish to protect hostage. In order to kill them or to eliminate them, we would have to endanger that which we value. So they expect that we will let them go and they factor in this when they plan their operations.
    This is why such people as Sun Tzu and various rulers have always understood the exact point of executions. It’s to get the point across in a way that people won’t be able to misunderstand. It communicates that only a certain level of incompetence is tolerated. Past that and the exigencies of war allows extreme solutions.
    <B>That is what I will be drinking tonight, if I make it to nine o’clock to hear the “President’s” State of the Union Address.</b>
    Here’s a belated toast for ya.
    “‘He either fears his fate too much,
    Or his desert is small,
    Who fears to put it to the touch,
    And win or lose it all.’

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  • Al

    Earl #24,
    I rise at 4am Eastern. Fell asleep last night long before the One mounted the podium. No danger of his lies disturbing my dreams.
    Y #27
    Thanks for the toast. Are you familiar with the French Cavalry toast concerning fine horses and good women?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Heh, no, I cannot claim to be familiar.

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