Israel finally lashes back . . . at European media

Finally, Israel lashes back . . . at the misrepresentations in the European media.

Anyone who speaks Hebrew, French or Spanish, will have a huge advantage over me when it comes to appreciating the videos at that site.

To learn more about the ad campaign if you don’t speak those languages, here’s a little more info.

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    Voila…zee fwench can’t tell the difference between a war and Independence Day celebrations.
    Si, the Spaniards would convince the viewer that the bar-b-cue is used in place of gas and that Israelis still use the ‘ancient’ way of cooking meat.
    Alas, the Brit speaks English albeit with a forked tongue.
    I’d say an excellent use of extra snark and sarcasm at its best.

  • Lulu11

    Yes, but if you watch the British film you have in your more info section the magnitude of what Israel has to overcome becomes clear. The patronizing bias of the British “journalist” is really annoying.

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