Finding humor in the situation

Found on facebook:

Dear Lord, In the past year you have taken away my favorite actor (Patrick Swayze), my favorite actress (Farah Fawcett), my favorite musician (Michael Jackson) and my favorite salesperson (Billy Mays). I just wanted to let you know that my favorite legislator is Nancy Pelosi.  Amen.
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  • rockdalian

    I received a similar joke in an email, with the last line mentioning Obama as my favorite president.

  • Deana

    Ha-ha-ha!  That’s a good one.  It’s the first time I’ve laughed since this health care monstrosity passed.

  • Ymarsakar

    Keeping up morale in a fight is very important.
    The Left never gives up. And neither did terrorists when fighting US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Morale is critical in sustaining the fighting motivation of allied forces. But it by itself cannot turn the tide of the war without proper logistics and strategy.

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    Wonder if this post was considered one of the 10 deadly threats to the demoncrats?
    Maybe, I should hold up on the 10 plagues wish list.

  • Ymarsakar
    That’s how the MA business makes money, as opposed to Congress. An irony, perhaps.