Health care reform — or, when smart people go stupid *UPDATED*

I had an illuminating conversation with a neighbor this morning.  She’s very pleased that health care reform passed, because “we’ll all have insurance coverage now.”  This is an Ivy League educated woman, and that was her sole understanding of the monstrosity that just cleared Congress:  “We’ll all have insurance coverage now.”  The conversation got really strange after that.

I said, “Well, it’s not really insurance anymore, you know.”  A politely phrased “Huh?” was her response.  I explained:  “The new plan forces people to buy insurance or pay a penalty.  However, the penalty is significantly less than the cost of insurance, especially because it’s been predicted that the health care plan will cause an immediate 13%-15% increase in insurance rates.  Further, insurance companies are now required by law to provide insurance to anyone who asks, no matter how sick they are.  This means that people will choose to pay the fine, rather than to buy insurance while they’re healthy.  They will only buy insurance once their they’re sick — and that’s not insurance any more.  That’s just passing the cost to an entity that no longer has a necessary income stream from healthy people.  In 5-10 years, therefore (maybe less), all insurance companies will be bankrupt.”

Her response?  “You’re just too sophisticated.  I think most people will want to have insurance.  They’ve always wanted insurance and now they can buy it.  And anyway, most of the uninsured are healthy.”  (Oy, vey.  My brain is actually melting at this point.)

“Dear neighbor, People who wanted insurance could always buy insurance — and they did. Eighty-five percent of Americans are insured.   The ‘uninsured’ are composed of about a third illegal immigrants, a third people who don’t want insurance and never did, and a third people who genuinely can’t afford insurance.  Now they’re all being forced to buy insurance, except that the insurance is going to be even more expensive than before.  Or all these people can pay a cheaper fine on an ongoing basis and just buy ‘insurance’ when they need it.  I think even unsophisticated people are going to figure out that it’s not in their interest to buy insurance unless they’re sick — and in that case, it’s not insurance.”

“Yeah, but this will stop costs from going up,” she said.  (At this point I think I can actually feel my melted brains oozing out my ears.)

“Dear neighbor, we already know costs are going to go up.  Now taxes will too.  The best way to keep costs down would have been to increase competition.  Right now, your 70 year old husband, if he wants to buy insurance, is paying for a policy that provides him with fertility treatments.  Opening the market would drive down costs, because people could buy only what they need, and not what the government mandates.”

“Well,” she said.  “I think it’s going to be a good thing.”

I said a polite good-bye, and hauled myself uphill, leave a snail-like trail of melted brain matter behind me.  If she’s an example of the best of brightest, we truly have gotten the government we deserve.

UPDATE:  This just floated across my facebook screen:

Majority Rules! Thank you, Speaker Pelosi. Thank you, President Obama. Our children and grandchildren will see true liberty and welfare. True economic justice begins with one’s own well being and health. Coverage for all.

Where to begin?  “Majority rules?”  Well, yes, if by “majority rules” you mean going against the will of the majority of the American people.  What a very “newspeak-ish” construction of the phrase.  And how about “true liberty and welfare.”  I guess that works if you’re idea of liberty is to be totally dependent on an all-controlling government.  And can anyone translate for me “true economic justice begins with one’s own well being and health?”  That sounds just like gibberish.  I mean, really, I can’t even run that through the Orwellian Newspeak filter and translate it.

UPDATE II:  Patrick has been having his own incredibly frustrating interactions with a pro-health care liberal.

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  • excathedra

    Her numbers are legion. Legion.
    After all, what could be wrong with health care for all?
    Or housing for all? Or food for all? Or cars for all?
    Or everything for everyone?
    “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” Robert Kennedy. Happily deceased.

  • Ymarsakar

    “(At this point I think I can actually feel my melted brains oozing out my ears.)”
    Poor Book. *pats her on the shoulder* Just get Martel on em. You should take a rest.

  • Danny Lemieux

    “…we truly have gotten the government we deserve.”
    Yes we have, haven’t we.
    We have a government completely out of whack with reality because it largely reflects the ignorance and delusions of a large portion of the voting public. I have two related questions:
    1) If more-than 50% of wage earners pay no income tax and can vote themselves (i.e. parasitize) the labor and assets of the 20% of the population that pays the large majority of income tax, are we still a democracy?
    2) How is it that the wealthiest nations this world has ever seen (EU, U.S., Japan) are all flirting with bankruptcy when instead their financial reserves coffers should be bursting at the seams?
    Just askin’.

  • Ymarsakar

    <B>we truly have gotten the government we deserve.</b>
    The government they deserve. You, of course, deserve better.

  • Ymarsakar

    <B>1) If more-than 50% of wage earners pay no income tax and can vote themselves (i.e. parasitize) the labor and assets of the 20% of the population that pays the large majority of income tax, are we still a democracy?</b>
    This is probably why historical democracies limited the franchise to land owning men and excluded it from women.

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  • jj

    “Majority rules.”  Yeah – interesting how they define “majority” – it’s evidently mutable.  The majority clearly doesn’t rule when it comes to any liberal pet, protected group – then the minority’s preference gets shoved down your throat and the hell with “majority rule.”
    I don’t think even a majority of Californians want to spend the money to have Spanish taught in classrooms.  I think the majority would say  (and has said):  “learn English like every other immigrant group in history.”  But that majority’s okay to ignore…
    A majority has (among other things) already said:
    1.  build a damn fence on the border
    2.  term-limit everybody in Washington
    3.  pass a balanced-budget amendment
    4.  keep the military strong
    5.  drill for oil and natural gas right here
    But those majorities are okay to ignore, I guess.
    Fortunately I don’t do “Facebook,” – but I could give you some suggestions of what to write back to the jackass who expressed that thought.

  • David Foster

    I am less concerned about the X percent of voters whose income is low enough that they pay no taxes than about the Y percent of voters whose income *is* large enough to pay taxes…but who benefit so directly from government…either via direct government salaries & benefits or by affiliation with “nonprofits”/corporations/law firms which obtain their income primarily via government action…that it makes financial sense for them to support Obama-ist programs *even though* their own taxes will go up.

    See Paying Higher Taxes Can Be Very Profitable:

  • Friend of USA

    Bookworm said,
    They will only buy insurance once their sick — and that’s not insurance any more.  That’s just passing the cost to an entity that no longer has a necessary income stream from healthy people.  In 5-10 years, therefore (maybe less), all insurance companies will be bankrupt.”
    Well maybe they want it to go bankrupt?
    Once insurance company start going bankrupt who will save them and own/control  them?
    the state.
    This Healthcare thing is  very similar to the » a house and a mortgage for everyone even if you are poor and without a job » thing;
    For years Republicans tried to stop the economic accident waiting to happen but Democrats were assuring us Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were fine…
    In the end small/ poor people who can not afford houses are still without houses but the state has grabbed more control…
    Very similar situation we have here.
    The Healthcare bill  is sold – liberal media helping – as helping the small people but in reality it is a huge scheme, an orchestrated failure, orchestrated chaos so the government can grab more control.
    I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist ( or maybe I sound like a nut? )  but after watching Democrats cause last year’s economic disaster and watching how ruthless Democrats have been in passing this Healthcare bill, that is how I feel about the whole situation.
    They want chaos because thast is when the state can best grab more control, it is all part of the Cloward Piven Strategy.
    I recommend you read this (rather lenghty) piece on the Cloward Piven Strategy , it is fascinating and it explains a lot.
    it explains why every social program the left puts in place brings more poverty, more teen pregnacies, more drug addicts,  higher crime rates and always needs more money and needs to be made bigger despite creating more of what it is supposed to cure.
    The Cloward Piven Strategy.
    Read it here, it is fascinating.



    The Demons are not quite finished. The vultures, not content with eating their prey, will now try to strip the victims of all their flesh. With an insatiable appetite, look for more ‘reforms’ on the horizon. They know damn well that pitched anger cannot endure and they’re counting on wearing us down. Yes, we can be fighting mad, but cannot defend ourselves if we are in a fit of disgust. This is a war for the strong willed and determined, who must pace themselves for the long term.  November will come, heads will roll but it will only be the opening salvo.
    Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), the co-chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said she plans to unveil legislation to add the government-run option to the national healthcare exchange established by legislation President Barack Obama is to sign tomorrow.

  • Bookworm

    Ah, Woolsey is my gal.  My neighbors vote her into office again and again and again.  I am surrounded by smart people who, after 40 years of liberal indoctrination, are acting so stupid.

  • Deana

    You know, part of the illness that is liberalism is this heart-felt belief that people are truly good and generally do the right thing.  Sometimes people do but most of the time, they do the LOGICAL thing.
    It is for this reason many people are going to give up their insurance and just pay the fine.  And why not?
    As for getting the government we deserve . . . many in America ARE going to get the government they deserve.  But a lot of us don’t deserve this.  We didn’t ask for this.

  • Deana

    Y –
    You say:  “This is probably why historical democracies limited the franchise to land owning men and excluded it from women.”
    I agree and I say this as a woman.  If the vote had been left up to the men in the country, Obama would NEVER have been elected.  He wouldn’t have made it out of the primaries.
    It makes me despair that women are so gullible.

  • Ymarsakar

    Deana, all humans are gullible. It’s just that after women broke out of traditional roles due to their work in WWII at home and abroad, the Left launched a 5 year plan to take control of the movement and its benefits. The factions out of power normally will not notice that they have been infiltrated and taken over before it is too late. Even if they do notice, the Left will simply wait until the Old Guard generation has died off.


    There was another facet to the female voting bloc – it was their chance to bring home a black man   (except for the half white part).  They are the women who dared not date out of their own social circles to put it in pc terms.
    I wonder if they’re still giddy, swooning and fainting in the aisles now.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left is indeed diabolical.

  • suek

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    Friend of USA,
    You link was good, but this one might provide a more complete explanation…

    “Cloward-Piven Strategy”

  • Friend of USA

    Thanks for the link Suek,
    The more I read about Cloward Piven and the more I read about Obama,  the more I am convinced Obama is the Cloward Piven candidate .
    Which also makes Obama  the first anti-American American President.
    Yes America may have elected their first anti-American president which I believe is far more “historic” than the color of his skin…

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