Once again, PC ideology tries to drive history

History is written by the victors.  We know that.  But I’m apparently not the only one who considers it unconscionable to make up history out of whole cloth.

You see, Germany has a Holocaust memorial commemorating the thousands of homosexuals who suffered terrible persecution (imprisonment, torture and death) at Nazi hands.  The memorial was supposed to show an endless loop film of men kissing.  But lesbians protested their exclusion form the memorial , so the powers that be decided to change the film to an endless loop of women kissing — a film that is due to run for two years.  (A move that also satisfies the Homer Simpson crowd.)

Only one problem with this little bit of revisionism:  the Nazis didn’t go after lesbians.  They reserved their viciousness for men only.  Gay men in Germany, as well as people who like to keep their history accurate, are understandably upset by this plan to ignore the real victims in order to ensure that a group that apparently feels left out that it avoided Nazi persecution can rewrite history to suit present emotional needs.

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  • excathedra

    Sigh. Competition for victim status, regardless of fact. Thanks for pointing this out, Book.