Yet another reason to like Andrew Breitbart

I think Andrew Brietbart is an incredibly important figure in today’s conservative movement.  More than anyone else, he’s shown that he understands how to take conservative ideas and hurl them over the fence that the MSM keeps trying to throw up to insulate regular people from those views.  I’ve now discovered, however, that there is one more reason to like the man:  He’s a think and read in the bath kind of guy.  While I wouldn’t go so far as to have myself photographed there, it’s a mindset I appreciate.

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  • ConnectTheDots

    You’re gonna love this one even more:
    Breitbart has offered $10k to the United Negro College Fund if anyone can prove someone yelled the n-word at congress critter John Lewis last weekend during the festivities on capital hill. Read about it at Michelle Malkin.


    UPDATE: Chris just called in. Some highlights were Andrew Breitbart upping the $10,000 offer for any video showing Congressman John Lewis being called a n™™™er. The offer is now $100,000.