Liberal hatred against “renegade” blacks

If you have the stomach for it this Easter day, check out Zo’s video, in which he reads from the hate mail he gets from liberals angry at him for being a “race traitor.”  It’s stomach churning stuff.

Zo’s ability to handle with aplomb this vitriol just confirms what I realized the very first time I saw one of his videos (the martial arts/political discussion video) — he’s a strong person whose intellectual and moral beliefs insulate him well against the attacks of those whose hegemony he challenges.

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  • Charles Martel

    When you reach the PJ website, scroll down a bit to find Zo’s video.


    What a difference a couple of letters can make.
    Z-O  vs ZerO – we got stuck with the  ‘er’ and a lotta ums, too.

  • Ymarsakar

    <B>If you have the stomach for it this Easter day</b>
    I think I have the stomach for a lot of things.
    The curb stomp comment was funny as hell. To correct a public mis sentiment, a curb stomp is technically when you use the leverage of the curb to form a fulcrum that you can then apply pressure at any part of the human body and then break it. Thus this would apply to the arms, neck, skull, ribs, and so forth.  I say technically because unskilled retards only think of it as anybody stomping on somebody on a sidewalk. You wouldn’t need a curb for that.
    In most such cases, the target goes unconscious. Rather than dies a horrible lingering death.
    Aren’t you glad you can pass the Iron Curtain of the Left via the internet and other organizations, Book?
    The Left are serious people. They are seriously enemies of humanity. It’s not just a political difference or a matter of the Left being the same as the Republicans, as popularly propagandized by the CPUSA back in the day. This is a difference that Ozzie and Dear Helen refuse to get.

  • Ymarsakar

    There’s two ways to be secure from these threats.
    1. Be meaner, more violent, more insane enraged, than the other guy. Thus preserving security with the self-knowledge that nobody could say or do these things to your face and threaten your security with anything tangible. Because you are meaner, more violent, and more insane in violence than the other guy.
    2. Have moral, philosophical, and integral beliefs that are stronger than the fear of the threats.
    The terrorists on 9/11 gave me motivation to gain both aspects. But even I am not sure which one I achieved first.