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[What a day, what a day!  Not bad, just busy, busy, busy.  But I’m back for at least a little while, at about 4:00 p.m. California time.]

While I stood still last week, the world kept moving.  I’m playing catch-up, reading cyber-stacks of articles.  I thought I’d take you on my journey, by giving you links to the things I’ve been reading.

Because the Obama administration is seriously disinterested in America’s security, does it come as a surprise to you that it’s refusing to plug a major hole in the laws governing our security?  While I might have been able to muster some genuine surprise a year ago, I can’t even pretend now.

This cavalier behavior is no surprise from an administration that has as its primary goal cozying up to the world’s bad guys.  Apparently Obama is unfamiliar with classic limericks:

There was a young lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger;
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside,
And the smile on the face of the tiger.

Our increasingly delusional president seems to believe that he’s in the saddle and in charge (does anyone like my cowboy allusion?).  He’s not.

I guess we can only give thanks that, at the ground level, Obama’s followers are proving less intelligent in their approach to opposition.  (And I should add here that, while I think Obama’s goals are insanely stupid and almost evil, he’s been very adept at implementing them.)  Zombie documents the way in which infiltrators were unclear on the whole infiltration concept.

Obama’s affinity for enemies doesn’t stop beyond our borders.  Although the MSM effectively kept a lid on it, people who are paying attention know that he has consistently affiliated himself with Hamas and related entities on his upward political climb.  This wasn’t just business as usual; he likes these people.

Perhaps Israel will finally figure out that America is not an honest broker.  People are starting to push for Israel to make unilateral moves in its dealings with the Palestinians.  Basically, that’s all that’s left when your mediator proves to be corrupt.  I continue to believe that the Muslim states, who have been using as a convenient scapegoat for their own myriad political and social sins, will discover that a nuclear Iran is even worse than an Israel in the midst.  Some state — perhaps Saudi Arabia — will temporarily put its animus on hold to allow Israel to attack Iran.  Of course, Israel must realize that, once that attack is concluded, the same state will use the attack as a justification itself to turn against a depleted Israel with military force.

Post 4 p.m. updates:

Hypocrisy is always irritating.  Sometimes, of course, closer analysis shows that the person speaking is holding to the same principles, but a changing situation has hidden that fact.  This is not the case with Bill Clinton’s attack on the Tea Party and his suddenly professed fear of extremist rhetoric.  After all, he was silent for the entire 8 years during which Leftists vocally and frequently wished for and envisioned Bush’s imminent and violent death.

And putting aside the hypocrisy, Clinton’s just plain wrong on the facts about Tea Partiers.

The one good thing I instantly realized would come out of the Icelandic volcano is the fact that ordinary people (as opposed to brainwashed ideologues) would realize that AGW is nothing in the grand scheme of things, even assuming it exists.  You see, it turns out that even a great big volcano doesn’t change much.

I’m a little late, but it’s still not stale:  wonderful pictures ProtestShooter took of the Tea Party in San Francisco.

I wish I lived in Florida, so that I could vote for Lt. Col. Allen West.  Instead, I get to watch Lynn Woolsey win again.  (And this is true no matter who runs against her.  75% of Marin votes Democratic, and political views here have not changed much despite what’s happening at home and abroad.)

The New York Times claims that conservatives are seeing imaginary boogy-men when they claim that liberal jurists are anti-constitutional activistsJustice Stevens’ execrable record proves the Times wrong (again).  As for me, I know only that the best writers are conservatives and the worst liberals, and I’ve concluded that it is because it’s very hard to write a compelling bad argument.  One needs lots of words, lots of obfuscation, lots of jiggery-pokery, and clouds of conclusion.

Speaking of hypocrisy (see a few a paragraphs above), Michelle Malkin exposes the New York Times’ own gross hypocrisy when it comes to claims that Tea Party’s have token blacks only.

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