Ordinary people view Rush as a dangerous Svengali *UPDATED*

If you’d been around in 1894, you would instantly have recognized the name “Svengali.”  He was the chief villain in George du Maurier’s blockbuster novel Trilby. The Svengali plot-line was a simple one:  Trilby was an innocent (and tone deaf) laundress and model living in fin de siecle Paris.  Svengali hypnotized her into bec0ming a great singer and the toast of the music world.  When he suffered a heart attack during one of her performances, his spell over her broke, and she was left standing on stage, bewildered and humiliated.  Since then, we use the word “svengali” to describe a person who steals the will of another with evil intent.

It’s become increasingly clear to me that liberals view Rush Limbaugh in precisely that light.  And no, I’m not making the obvious point that the Obami and the Democratic party fear Rush’s bully pulpit and consistently demonize him.  I’m talking about the rank-and-file’s fear that even listening to Rush for a moment or two causes a person to lose the will to be a liberal.  Those liberals to whom I speak shy away from him, not because they disagree with what he has to say, but because they fear he will convince them that he’s right.

The following is a talk I had just the other day while driving in the car with a liberal friend who, having voted for Obama, is now deeply regretting that decision:

Me:  How would you like to do something completely different?  Let me put Rush on the radio.

Her:  No, no.  I don’t want to do that.

Me:  Come on, you’ll like him.  He’s not at all the way you’ve heard him described in the other media.  He’s very well-informed, quite funny, and amazingly prescient.

Her:  No, no.  He’s too arrogant.

Me:  Nah.  That’s just an act.  Give it a try, for just a few minutes.

Her:  No.  I can’t listen to him.  [Then, as a sop:]  I watch Fox sometimes.

So here we have a woman who realizes that she made a mistake voting Democrat this election, who is open to conservative news (I believe her when she says she watches Fox), yet who assiduously avoids any contact with Rush.  Incidentally, this was not a one time-0nly conversation.  I had virtually the same conversation with two other regret-filled liberals.

The belligerently liberal ones are equally averse to exposing themselves to Rush.

Me:  I challenge you to listen to Rush for a half hour.

Him:  No.  He’s an idiot.

Me:  Have you ever listened to him?

Him:  No.

Me:  Then how do you know he’s an idiot?

Him:  He is.  He’s a wacko.  He doesn’t know anything.

Me:  How do you know that?

Him:  Are you trying to make me mad?

Me:  No.  But I do think that you should listen to him.  At least then you’d have first hand knowledge of what he says and whether you agree or disagree with it.

Him:  I’m not going to waste my time.

And so on, ad infinitum and definitely ad nauseum.

During the 1990s, when I was an unthinking liberal, I knew Rush was out there, but he existed on the periphery of my existence.  I read Al Franken’s Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot, and laughed at how “stupid” Rush was, but I actually didn’t care about any of the core issues at stake.  I had no interest whatsoever in finding out what Rush was like, because nothing he said really mattered.  I was working hard at my career, getting married, starting a family, and was therefore disinterested in things political.  The world seemed to be rolling along just right, with a Democratic president and a booming economy.

To give myself some retroactive credit, though, if a conservative had challenged me back then to listen to Rush, I would have done so — because I would have been certain that Rush was a big joke, and that I could have laughed at him just as Franken did.  I might have expected to be bored or offended, but I wouldn’t have been worried about being mesmerized and brainwashed.

And then came September 11, 2001 and I started paying attention.  I began to be concerned about what was going on around me.  This concern led me to start reading anything I could get my hands on about all sorts of subjects.  I read blogs, both liberal and conservative.  I opened my mind to the possibility that my attachment to the Democratic party was wrong — a possibility helped by the fact that I found myself agreeing with the major political decisions George Bush was making, both regarding national security and the economy.  In other words, once I realized that my old political staples were failing, I started looking for new information.  I wasn’t scared of the new information but, rather, was curious.

Both my old attitude (“Sure, bring silly Rush on, ’cause he’ll be good for a laugh”) and my new attitude (“There’s something out there I need to learn about”) make it impossible for me to understand the resistance, shading into fear, that my friends and family show when confronted with the possibility that they might hear a minute or two of Rush’s mellifluous tones over the airways.  They don’t seem to recognize either the possibility that they might laugh at a fool or learn from a wise man.  Instead, they seem genuinely afraid that any exposure to Rush will corrupt them irreparably.  Like poor Trilby, they’ll be seduced into an unsustainable way of being, only to find themselves suddenly abandoned and exposed.  To them, Rush is no mere conservative; he is Satan incarnate, a tempter who will destroy their liberal souls and leave them in an endless conservative Hell.

It’s quite a high compliment to Rush that ordinary liberals believe he has extraordinary powers.  It isn’t every conservative radio or talk show host who is perceived as so compelling and seductive that he can destroy people’s world view in an instant.

It’s also very frustrating to me because, in a funny way, I agree with my liberal friends that Rush can rejigger their world view very quickly.  The only thing is that I don’t believe Rush works his magic through hypnotism and trickery.  Instead, I think Rush’s real magic lies in his ability to view the political world as a vast chess board, one on which he can see multiple future moves; his prodigious memory; his well-informed mind; his logical analyses; and his funny persona.  He convinces by appealing to our rational mind, our sense of humor, and our knowledge of the world as it is, and not as some Ivory Tower liberal tells us it should be.

So, whether by cajolery or challenge, I’m still trying to get my liberals to listen to Rush.  For all the wrong reasons, they’re right about one thing:  he will change their minds.

UPDATE:  Welcome, Instapundit readers!  As you may know, for a conservative blogger, being Instalanched is pretty much the blogging equivalent of going straight to Heaven, without any stops in between.

UPDATE II:  Is it too late to say welcome to Rush Limbaugh listeners?  Ironically, I was away from my computer while this whole excitement was going on, and never got the chance to say hello.  I’m back now, and I’m still pretty darn excited.  I hope those of you who stopped by come and visit again.

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  • BarryBonds

    Typical Conservative response.  It isn’t my “abusive attacks” its the fact that I am right, and I shed a light on your glaring hypocrisies.   People have called me a troll, racist, and many other unsavory names.  But you aren’t threatening to ban them.
    If you ban me it won’t be anything new.  I’ve been banned from Newsbusters in less than a week and then I was on my best behavior.

  • Bill Smith

    Yesterday upon the stair,
    I saw a man who wasn’t there.
    I saw him there again today.
    Oh, how I wish he’d go away.
    Oh, let him stay. He’s like Albania used to be. A museum of how really wrong it really can go. Or, as Niels Bohr — I think it was — once said to a hapless, lesser light giving a lecture:
    “That’s not RIGHT! That’s not even WRONG!!”

  • BrianE

    I think we’ve got all the milk this steer has to give.
    At this point, I’d just let him fade away.

  • BarryBonds

    From this point forward, I will not be rude to anyone by calling them names.
    But Rush Limbaugh is a liar and the reason why opinion is also a lie is because everyday reasonable people have access to reasonable information to pose reasonable debates.  When somoene steps outside of that measured reason as Rush (et. al.) does on a regular basis you have to conclude that they are lying.  This is especially clear when you look at the fact that Rush is being paid HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars to lie.

  • Charles Martel

    “I’ve been banned from Newsbusters in less than a week and then I was on my best behavior.”

    ROFL! That must of been a supreme act of will for Bookworm Room’s resident third grader.

    Book, I say let Barry come and go as he pleases. I think the rest of us here have taken his measure and lost interest. Kudos to BrianE for so politely and manfully sticking it out in what was a clearly a lost cause from very early on.

    So, we regulars will, as the ever-hopeful people did in “Casablanca,” wait, and wait, and wait, and wait for the left to bring us a truly adult, self-disciplined debater.

  • BarryBonds

    No, it wasn’t hard because they basically told me they were looking to ban me from my very first post.  Conservatives love echo chambers and its because your causes are so fragile and shallow.  Your only real identity is one you’re constantly trying to run from and embrace at the same time.
    It’s even hard for Conservatives to be even taken seriously because your people are so fringe.
    You’ve taken my measure and you realize that I am not someone who is fooled by Rush Limbaugh, and you know that I am someone who actually listens to him and you know what i say is accurate.  Rush Limbaugh is a liar and there is no two ways about it.
    I watch Fox all day and and when I am driving I am listening to Conservative radio.  And the tone from both are one of childish rage, naiveté and unmitigated hate.
    You guys know Rush is so successful, not because of his conservative views, but because he really gets down deep into the unseemly underbelly of his listeners and titillates.   I am so glad when the NFL rejected him.  It made me feel so good. Rush deserves to lose.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Everyone who has had Psych 101 knows what the term “projection” describes….has there been a better example of this phenomenon than BB in #157?  Lovely…it’s worth not banning him just for that demonstration.
    However, let’s all remember not to feed any trolls.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Barry here has needs. He needs the conflict and excitement of something he can hate. It doesn’t particularly matter what. Whether it is Rush, Fox News, or conflict, he needs that fix.
    It isn’t so much that when the troll can’t find anybody to stuff down his gullet, the troll stops eating people. In fact, what the troll eats is his own soul. The desire and fuel for hatred isn’t from eating others, but himself. The more the troll feeds his inner demon, the less the troll exists as a free agent.
    Eventually they become consumed by their inner desires and fixations. Then they become a rampaging beast. The Left collars em and then semds em on a rampage against those attending a Tea Party.

  • BarryBonds

    Wow, talk about baseless arguments.


    Today Rush wants us to believe that Obama hates capitalism yet is “owned” by some of the biggest capitalist in the world, Goldman Sachs and George Soros. 

    How does Rush sit on both sides of a fence and you guys don’t see it?  Or is it simply a matter of you not carring as long as he is railing against the machine?

    I like how Rush will stand up for every corporate interest he can (even against the American people) and you guys still think he is looking out for you even though none of you pay his $400,000,000 contract.  That is all corporate money.  Now, compare that to what Obama was given by not Goldman Sachs but Goldman Sachs EMPLOYEES.  I love the way Limbaugh misdirects by saying Goldman Sachs gave Obama a million dollars when that is actually a LIE.

  • suek

    Do you know what “facism” is?  The source of the word?  Where it was originally applied and by whom??

  • Charles Martel

    suek, my dearest sister in arms:

    Please. Do. Not. Feed. The. Troll.

    If all of us refrain, it will go away.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Suek, Barry doesn’t know anything except that he needs to come here to eat people or otherwise he’ll start eating himself. And he doesn’t want that.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    The Left doesn’t care what you tell it. It’s an enemy of humanity. Thus it needs to be locked up, observed, and starved to death.

  • suek

    OK ok ok.
    I just _had_ to ask….
    >>Barry here has needs. He needs the conflict and excitement of something he can hate.>>
    I agree with Y on this, though.  I was watching an ad – or maybe more than one – this last week for some particularly graphic horror movie, and wondered why _anybody_ would go see such a thing.  I came to the conclusion that we all need some adrenaline input in our lives, and most of us are fortunate enough not to have much – if any.  Add to that that competition is a natural need for the normally testosterone driven,  and that competition  would also normally give a rush of adrenaline.  In our present day liberal driven,  noncompetitive society, what’s a young man to do???  so…just as normal everyday folk get their adrenaline rush from horror movies, the normal everyday testosterone driven young man gets his rush from wherever he can find it – he either joins a gang or gets on line and trolls.
    Pretty sad.

  • BarryBonds

    No, didn’t think so. I gave you all a great opportunity to discuss the facts surrounding your leader and you ignore that opportunity in lue of telling me how much of a troll I am.
    Color me ignorant of fascism and all of its nuances.  Now tell me what that has to do with my last statement about Rush Limbaugh, Goldman Sachs and President Obama.

  • suek

    That would be “lieu”…

  • Charles Martel

    Lue, lue, skip to my lue

    Lue, lue, skip to my lue

    Lue, lue, skip to my lue

    Skip to my lue my darling.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Well, BB’s hero has said that we ought to be thanking *him* for lowering our taxes……I’m as inclined to do that as I am to thank BB for his contributions to my education over the last few days……
    Suek and Charles:  When you’re a male over 60 and it’s the middle of the night, it goes like this:
    Loo, loo, skip to the loo
    Loo, loo, skip to the loo
    Loo, loo, skip to the loo
    Skip to the loo my darling.

  • Charles Martel

    Earl: ROFL, ROFL, ROFL! Perfecto!

  • http://the-zclan.com ZTedster

    GS can give only a pittance to The Messiah campaign fund. But there is nothing stopping the bundling of GS employee campaign contributions to The One. And bundle they did.
    They knew The One was going to win. They knew The One’s regime was going to go after GS once he took the reins of power. They paid Him off so that once they are run out of business, they would still be in the loop.
    You are splitting hairs. Yes, technically, GS employees gave to The One. But enough of them gave so much, you can say GS gave the million to The Messiah. You are having to split hairs in your attempt to make Rush out to be a liar.
    The press corps members gives money 10 to 1 demos to repubs. Am I a liar to say the press corps gives to Uhbama? The lawyers guild, same thing. The unions, same thing. Academia, same thing.
    I think you are being disingenuous in your accusation.
    What GS is doing is crony capitalism. They are in bed with government to stay alive. The demos demonize corporations so that they can control them, to suck money out of them, to feed their buddies.
    That is what they did with Chrysler and GM. They demonized them, with the help of the media whores, then they took control of them to feed their union buddies.
    It is what they have done with the health care industry. They demonized it for decades. Now they are gearing to take control. To give you “quality, affordable health care”? You are a useful idiot if you believe that. They will take over the health care industry to siphon off money to buy votes and feed their buddies, and leave you with a ‘doctor’ who is a PA, at best, standing there in a dirty smock to tend your needs.
    Now if you want to have a substantial argument with me, then let’s do it. I will thoroughly enjoy slowly dismembering every leftist tenet you wish to stand upon.
    As for Rush, he’s good. He is very informative, yet he does it from an entertaining format. Is he my hero? Oh hell no. He’s not enough to the right for my liking. Nor will he take a hard stand on some principles dear to me.  But I will not deny he is a valuable asset to this nation’s survivability, as we know it. He is the aircraft carrier of the conservative talk show battle group in this nation. If it were not for him and the thousands of others like him on the airwaves, we would be a communist state right now.
    We can thank the great Ronaldus Maximus for that. Is talk radio enough to stop this nation’s march to government controlled tyranny? Nope. You and your like-minded drones will eventually drag us all into the depths of tyranny. History proves it.  But you will drag us kicking and screaming.
    I for one will not go out on my knees, but in brass up to my knees.

  • BarryBonds

    Great – I sit corrected.

    So I guess you have no issues with my other assertions since you’ve ignored it so I guess you guys know what kind of liar Rush is…. again, great!

    Oh and a lot of “taxpayers” should thank Obama.  Just like all the investors on Wall Street, GM, people with children with pre-conditions, people who have been unemployed due to the world wide financial crisis, people who work at banks who got bailed out, people who work for cities which got stimulus money to keep their employees still working and many, many, many more Americans and foreigners.

    Hey, I have been ridiculed before. especially when I’ve revealed the holes in peoples arguments while writting with grammatical errors.  It’s nothing new.  Next time when I am blowing bazooka holes through your leaders I will make sure to proof read.

  • Charles Martel

    “Next time when I am blowing bazooka holes through your leaders I will make sure to proof read.”

    This is the first time, evuh, that I have been told it’s possible to proofread a bazooka hole.

    G.I. to German soldier: “Hey, Fritz, whaddaya think of that giant hole I just put through your panzer?”

    German: “Screw you, G.I. Joe, it has a dangling participle.”

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    While Barry is all hot and bothered about Rush. Notice that he tries to pretend he didn’t feel me spit in his face.
    Now that’s being cool.
    ” In our present day liberal driven,  noncompetitive society, what’s a young man to do??? ”
    “he either joins a gang or gets on line and trolls.”
    Or they can do what I do. Watch violent security film about violent crimes. Watch abductions. Watch rapists and muggers abuse women (you’d be surprised how many of those don’t fear having their face seen by their own camera). Observe how violent criminals in prisons treat other violent or non-violent whites, Asians, blacks, hispanics, etc.
    It’s all good training, by second hand account at least, of how to kill the right people, as I define it, and avoid killing or harming the innocent. One must learn the habits of one’s prey, if one wishes to hunt humans. The only real issue is that while all of this is mighty interesting to me, there’s no place for me to dump my adrenaline or sublimated rage. Because, you see, I’m not in a dangerous situation. I’m sitting here at home. And there’s nobody I can reach with my hands, even if I wanted to do “something”. It’s just how it is, but it is frustrating. Frustration is good for the soul, however, as it trains self-discipline. And boy, am I lucky I trained my self-discipline through early episodes of periodic volcanic rage. I don’t even need anything to physically hit now. But that just means all that energy is going into something more productive.
    Barry here, though, he goes, watches, hears, and talks about stuff that he gets mad about just so he can have an excuse to explode on people. He has no self-discipline. He wants to constantly talk about being right. It’s the same justification you see in a lot of criminals.
    Maybe my hobby is, perhaps, abnormal for regular civilians and people who don’t have to deal with violence every day of their lives. But that just means the minor issue of whether Rush is lying or not, is kind of like your everyday school yard fight compared to mass shootings like Columbine. There’s not just a difference of degree, but of kind.
    Conservatives have more serious business than whatever it is that gets the goat of people like Obama and Barry. We have to actually protect the lives, property, and liberty of individuals. I have always felt the same way. When I read how the Left engineered the Fall of Saigon and gloated over how the South Vietnamese lost because “they were weak and corrupt”, I felt the same thing. I felt as a bystander, helpless to do anything. Because the harm had already been done. The Left had triumphed. They had gotten what they wanted. The same as all these criminals I see on footage captured by security cameras, their own cameras, or the proof of bystander cell phones. This country or any other country, it’s pretty much the same, with some variation.

    The difference between me and most others, I think, is simply a degree of interest. Some people are interested in politics. Some people are interested in machine politics. Others are simply interested in their family and the benefit of their community/nation. Others are interested in benefiting their community through politics, such as Alan West, when it is a hassle to them. I was not converted to the Republican party or conservatism because I felt the Left did not suit me politically. I didn’t really have any politics that I was taught by church, family, or community. I was floating around, moving according to the tides.
    No, in the end, what convinced me was an instinctual awareness that there was something wrong with these gloating bas tards that enjoyed the pain and suffering of millions, while dead certain that they and theirs would benefit forever from sacrificing other people’s lives. I’m not sure whether I went studying human violence because it reminded me of the Left+Islam or because the Left reminded me that until I knew their methods 100%, they would keep on gloating as all suffered, whether under Russians, Chinese, Islamics, or criminals. 9/11 brought the need to the front and made me very motivated to follow cable news, though. But at the time, I never knew that my interest in personal violence was going to intersect so much with Leftist and Communist operations, current and historical.

    It is not so much that angry big black men doesn’t frighten me.  It is not so much that criminal gangs can’t hurt me. It is not so much that I can’t be shot or blown up. It is not so much that I have the resources of the federal government or of a Mafia. It is more like the simple fact that in terms of personal escalation from harsh words, bar fights, street violence, crime, to serial killing, I always direct my mind to look at the last and prepare myself to teleport from normal operations to the most extreme mental state possible. Most of the time, when I’m not watching, hearing, or reading about such things, I can think of other things. Normal, positive, humane things. LIke the cycle of life and rebirth, the renewal of free will and what not. My instructors are very good at teaching de-escalation skills and avoidance skills for the non-extreme, the social conflicts everyone has. My capacity for self-restraint is such that unlike others, I don’t need a lesson on how to avoid avoidable problems. That stuff is academic compared to the real skill required. The skill society has lost track of, on purpose. How to deal with people who like to use violence to solve their problems and desires. Americans don’t know how to deal with the Left that does this (although the Tea Party are learning at a grassroots level how to use personal initiative to fight machine politics). The police don’t know how to use it to permanently erase drug neighborhoods and gang land. The individual American doesn’t know how to use it to deal with criminals, violent or non-violent, at minimal cost to society. (and no, locking them up or executing them isn’t a long term solution) Executions are a very effective solution, but given how the Left likes to protect murderers like Tookie while being perfectly fine with the Right executing McVeigh on a timely schedule, kind of hints at who is going to be executed and who is going to be paroled once the Left gains power in that sector. And if they can label anyone a McVeigh, well, what do you expect.

    When I do look directly at the worst enemies of humanity does to humanity, however, things like Barry or SEIU look like ants. Things that shouldn’t bother people if only because of how tame they are, how ridiculously weak and frail they are. Maybe together they can do what a march of Army Ants can do, but individually they are small and feeble. Often beneath our notice and for good reason. We have more important things to take care of.
    But hey. Even still, it is often satisfactory that if one can’t get at the big crime boss, crushing and ripping out the tendons of his powerless underlings can be very satisfactory in the meanwhile. For a time, at least. For a time.
    I apologize for burdening anyone who had their day kind of stunted by reading what I wrote. Let me just say that this is all the fault of my environment and how the Left raised me given the environment they have created in America, the Socialist Dream. Can’t we all just agree to get along and blame the Left for everything that counts, at least?
    Things are easier. I think I over loaded on too much observation of human evil. One shouldn’t stare into the pit for too long without finding something positive. (Don’t worry, Barry’s already a lost cause)
    Just count yourself blessed that I do not wish to describe what I see. It is not something you’d like to even hear about, let alone see with your own eyes. As with Nick Berg’s video execution, however, I cannot in good conscience turn away. However, Nick Berg’s video was tame entertainment compared to some of the stuff I just saw.

  • suek

    >>Loo, loo, skip to the loo>>
    Well I’ll be hornswoggled!!  That old rhyme actually does make sense after all!!!
    Thank you Earl… you cleared up one of the mysteries of life on that one!

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Re:  #174:  Y, I appreciate and always enjoy your interest in combat, and you so often offer great insights about battle tactics and strategies.  This comment thread, though, is beginning to sound less like an academic primer and more like an invitation to violence.  Once we start doing that, we are no better than the mob in the average antiwar street protest.

    We should always be prepared to defend our rights, but I don’t want this blog to become a forum for incentives to imminent violence against our sometimes misguided neighbors.  My concern here is that those less familiar with your thinking and writing than the regulars at this blog might misunderstand your comments.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Then I’ll clarify my comments. Most of the people on the Left are not a threat sufficient to warrant true violence.
    It is central to my view that these people, with the exception of those addicted to “acting out” against the Tea Party, are not even worthy to be considered a low level threat. To any of us.
    Even the most angry of mobs won’t erupt into a clear and present threat without some kind of trigger. Usually manifested by an agent provocateur in the crowd itself launching attacks on the security forces while inviting a reply in kind.
    It is the ones giving the orders that are important. Which is why the Left is obsessed over Rush. They seem to think he controls all of us with an invisible web of authority.
    As if.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Both verbal and physical violence can be true violence given a distinct context. Black Caucus gave a good example of verbal violence. It is real and it works. Duke Lacrosse, again, another example. It works and it stays permanent.

  • BarryBonds

    “You are splitting hairs. Yes, technically, GS employees gave to The One. But enough of them gave so much, you can say GS gave the million to The Messiah. You are having to split hairs in your attempt to make Rush out to be a liar.”

    Talk about a stretch!  No, it isn’t splitting hairs because the entire purpose of the lie was to mislead the general public into believing that Obama is owned by GS (or Wallstreet depending on the day) and all for the cheap.  All it takes to ‘own’ a President is a million dollars? Wow. 

    The funny thing is, in Rush’s world, Obama is an idiot academic who hates captialiam while at the same time a brilliant con man with ties to all the biggest capitalists in the country. So if you asked Rush, which one is it? I am sure he will say “it depends.”  Can you sheep see these glaring contradictions?  Even further if we were to believe that Obama is one of these people and plays the other one on T.V. then it’s easy to see that Obama is actually the brilliant, con-artist, businessman, and Rush should be a gushing fan of his.

    You can always tell when someone gets all of their education from talk radio because they begin to explain themselves using all of the buzzwords the entertainers use: reverse racism, vitriol, hate speech, take my country back, cronie capitalism, etc.

    For some strange reason when corporations are bad, which they are from time to time, we should ignore it and do nothing about it.  Corporations aren’t gods.  They are made up of humans.  Humans do bad things therefore corporations do bad things.  This isn’t something difficult to understand.  All of the corporations “demonized” in your mind have done something to deserve the attention.  You don’t see people going after Ben and Jerry’s.  BUT if Ben and Jerry’s employed children workers that would change. Wall Street for DECADES has been linked to all sorts of dubious activities.  Yet we shouldn’t regulate them?  Health care – you think it is right you should pay $50 for a pill?  You think it’s right people should go bankrupt taking care of their illnesses?  You think people should work at UPS for 40 hours a week for YEARS and yet be considered a part-time employee?  You think corporations should employee adults who work for them full time yet can’t afford to make a decent living?

    But if a President lies about sex he should be removed from office.  The self-serving double standards of the Right make me laugh.

  • BarryBonds

    Y, I didn’t get your prose about violence but that is o.k.  The Left is “obsessed” with Rush because he makes a living lying about us.  And because we’re so academic we usually ignore it.  So in order to get our attention he makes things up and takes things to such a height we are forced to listen and respond.  Rush calls this is “media tweek of the day.”  So in case you haven’t realized Rush WANTS the attention – it isn’t underservidly given.

    I come to these site and I listen to Rush so I can combat the lies. I hate the lies.  We can discuss ideas but get rid of the lies.

  • suek
  • http://the-zclan.com ZTedster

    That was one fine piece you wrote.
    If you understoodwhat he was saying you would not be the leftist barking lunatic you are.

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