1. Oldflyer says

    Except for the nose, the guy holding the sign looks just like my brother-in-law–The Judge.  Amazing.
    The really nice part is that his politics do not make it unlikely.
    But, the question is; is that sign seditious?


  1. [...] >To our state-run media, former President Clinton, President Obama, Progressives, Socialists, George Soros, and other internal enemies of the USA – SHAME ON YOU for spreading lies about TEA Party events and their participants, for intentionally smearing them,  for insinuating that they are motivated by racism,  for insinuating that they are spreading hate or encouraging violence, and for condoning the violence of union thugs and others of their ilk.   Anyone who has attended a TEA Party knows they have nothing to do with racism or hate and there is definitely no one promoting violence, directly or indirectly. you are lying shamefully.   This is a great sign.  Three cheers for the Tea Parties, may their ever peaceful protests continue to bear ever louder witness to the misguided and corrupt politicians who are destroying the USA.   Bookworm Room » What a great Tea Party sign! [...]

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