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This is my narrow but deep survey of this morning’s offerings.  (Aack!  Will this phone never stop ringing?  I wrote that first sentence more than half an hour ago and have been dealing with that devil’s instrument ever since.  Nor does that half hour include the time I’ve spent on the phone this morning before even getting to my blog.  If only all the people calling me weren’t such nice people, people with whom I really enjoy speaking.  But back to blogging essentials.)

Anyway, the offering below is narrow, because I went only to my usual twenty or so “first thing in the morning” sites, but it’s deep, because those sites are deep.  They are broadly and well informed, and I get to piggy back off of their rich offerings.  From them, to me, to you:

Robert Weissberg may have figured out why Obama is so exercised about Arizona’s efforts to protest itself from the depredations of the illegal aliens flooding its borders — in his own way, Obama too is an alien, insofar as he is a stranger to everything that is traditionally American in values, beliefs and practices.

(Riiinngg.  There goes that phone again!)

I’m back.  Let’s try again:

Yeah, reporters may not personally like Obama now that they’ve tried to get to know the guy, but please don’t let yourself be deluded into thinking that, just because they don’t like the man, they’re also parting ways with the agenda.  Even if he was a drooling, fanged, child-eating monster, when push comes to shove, they’ll cover for him to enable him to do what he does best:  change America’s fundamental fabric and dangerously weaken her standing in the world.  VDH, by the way, has a little on one of the major passes Obama gets for being a war president, something the same media found intolerable in Bush.

Does anyone know how the riot police feel when they’re called out to guard against smiling grannies?  I appreciate that some grannies can be aggressively violent, but the Tea Parties have distinguished themselves by their geniality.

What’s a PC City to do when one victim class starts preying on another victim class?  My sympathies in this case are entirely with the Asians who are being victimized in bloody and brutal ways by completely uncontrolled black teenagers.  What’s being described in this heart-rending article shouldn’t be unexpected to those of us who have been trying to stand against identity politics.  There are two ways to run a country:  a rule of law, that is applied, as best as possible, equally to all citizens (i.e., the constitutional approach); or a victim-based, touchy-feely rule of nothing at all, that gives carte blanche to designated thugs to prey on anyone in their path (i.e., the socialist, class warfare approach).

(Darn.  That phone.  Again.  Oh, it’s my mom.  I’ll be right back.)

Never ignore a phone call from your mother.  You’ll all be happy to know that she’s doing well.  Let me resume:

I’ve mentioned a few times at this website that the Left’s current darling, Elizabeth Warren, while a very nice lady in personal conversation, is one of the muddiest thinkers I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing in the front of a classroom.  While she may have learned something in the ensuing years, twenty years ago, she was incoherent, speaking in elliptical phrases that never reached a conclusion.  Nevertheless, at least one person on the Left is excited about her as a potential Supreme Court justice, in no insignificant part because she’s a girl.  Blech.

The little papers can still get by with saying what the big papers no longer will.  While a larger paper, especially a European paper, would have a neutral headline along the lines of “Youth shot and killed,” or “Teenager slain,” the Marin IJ let one slip by (and this despite its overwhelmingly liberal orientation):  “Teen gang member slain in San Rafael.”  In other words, sometimes some of those “youths” aren’t just coincidentally on the receiving end of a bullet.

Obama and Co. are selling, but Americans aren’t buying.  Almost two-thirds of them know that the stimulus was a giant boondoggle that will burden America for generations to come.  They still have faith in America, though, which is either heartening, or a sign that, to borrow Al Gore’s analogy, they don’t realize that they’re just a pot of slow-boiling frogs.

Speaking of Al Gore, I’m sure you’re very interested to learn that he’s adding yet again to his vast real estate holdings.  I can’t be clever.  All I’ve got is opprobrious nouns populating my brain:  scammer, hypocrite, con man, demagogue.

Starting in 2007, I started blogging about the fact that Obama is not a nice man.  This is not about his politics.  This is about his personality.  While the media, the Democrats, the Bush-weary independents, and the “sophisticated” Republicans were ooh-ing and aah-ing about his smoothness, his calm demeanor, his “cool,” I was saying he’s a mean bully.  He’s a ghetto talker.  He doesn’t like women.  This is a mean, angry person.  People are catching on, with Daniel Henninger being the latest to opine elegantly about Obama’s deep seated nastiness.  American’s are tolerant of so many things, but they don’t like dour presidents.  This personality trait, more than his destructive politics, may spell the end of the Obama era.

When it comes to Obama, there’s also the little problem of do as I say, not as I do.  The hot house flower who keeps the White House at toasty Hawaiian temperatures, is now lecturing Americans on cuts.  I’m all for cuts.  If there’s no money, there’s no money.  However, as news trickles out that the health care bill, rather than saving the economy, will burden it even more, people are going to be resistant to Obama’s hectoring.

In the midst of the deeply depressing news that daily emanates from and because of Washington, here’s something that will make you feel better about how essentially good most Americans, and especially those Americans who serve, are.

The burqa:  Talk about a hot button issue in Europe, where it appears more and more frequently on the streets and in the post-mortems after suicide bombs.  Phyllis Chesler does talk about it and what she writes is well worth reading.  When I first started thinking about the burqa, I couldn’t help analogizing it to ultra-orthodox Jewish women who cover their flesh from the neck down, and who wear wigs and head covering.  But as is so often the case when one compares to superficially similar things, there’s really nothing similar about them at all.  Most significantly, the orthodox do not try to impose their clothing requirements on others.  The orthodox do not blow people up.  The orthodox are not waging jihad against the world.  The orthodox women do not hide their faces entirely, which is a tremendous danger in any free society.  And the orthodox women are not routinely exposed to the horrors of life for women in sharia countries.  So there’s no comparison and, given that there’s no doctrinal reason for the veil or the burqa, I don’t have a problem with bans on them in public areas.

I have greatly admired Laura Bush.  Her behavior has consistently, without fail, indicated that she is a lady to the bone.  Her steadfast love for her husband was itself a stellar recommendation for the man.  Her biography seems to bear witness to her core decency.

(Again with the phone.  I’ll publish this now and update it soon.)

UPDATE:  I’m back — again.  (Heaving big sigh, although I had a nice chat with my sister.)  Let’s see how much I can get done before the next trilling summons:

Speaking of hypocrisy (and you will see me speaking of hypocrisy a few paragraphs up in my note on Al Gore), Soccer Dad caught Jesse Jackson in a hypocritic moment.  Jackson illustrates the problem of identity politics, which is that your victim classes keep changing, and it’s hard to steer a straight course rhetorically.

My husband is very excited about the HBO biodrama about Jack Kevorkian, which resides like a little time bomb on our TiVo.  I wonder if reading Mary Eberstadt’s review will change his mind?  I knew before reading her review that I didn’t want to watch a show celebrating a necrophiliac, but I’m really sure now.

Obama rudely, really rudely, insulted the Court during his State of the Union address.  (Have I mentioned that he is a genuinely mean human being?)  Randy Barnett thinks that the Left is giving away the secret about the health care bill’s constitutional flaws, and I’m thinking that a ticked-off Supreme Court might take those flaws seriously.

Dammit!  There goes the phone again.  I’ll be back.  (Imagine that in Ah-nuld’s thick accent.)

UPDATE II:  Phone call resolved, plus a timely intervention in what might have been a tea crisis for my husband.  (By the way, if you drink loose tea, I highly recommend (a) the Adagio Teas Ingenuitea Teapot; and (b) the Portsmouth Tea Company.)

I hate Power Point.  That’s not hyperbole, although I’m given to that rhetorical sin.  Nope.  I really, really hate Power Point.  As far as I’m concerned, it forces people into a linear way of thinking that is antithetical to creativity and inspiration.  It’s also staggeringly dull to be on the receiving end of a Power Point presentation.  If there’s too much text, I can read it myself, thank you very much, and don’t need the speaker to stand there and read it to me.  Conversely, if there are mere cryptic notations, I find them pointless and, often, distracting.  Give me an old-fashioned slide show any day.  The military, incidentally, has also learned that Power Point is as useful for obfuscation as it is for clarification.

I mentioned necrophilia in connection with HBO and Jack Kevorkian.  This artist, too, seems to veer into that territory, and that’s despite the subject’s willingness to pose (so to speak).  From my point of view, this is too creepy to be art.

You recall Barack Obama holding fast against legislation that would have provided aid and comfort to babies that survived late-term abortion.  (Have a mentioned that he is a truly, deeply, nasty piece of work?)  Italy, once a bastion of anti-abortion Catholicism is facing a very public debate about one such baby, abandoned by doctors, who took two days to die.  Whether or not you’re for abortion, can you really be for what amounts of infanticide?  What happened to this little boy is no different from the Spartans exposing defective infants on hillsides.

Earlier this week, I did a post suggesting that the characterization of Tea Parties as “racist” ignores entirely the fact that it’s not the Tea Parties that are rebuffing the blacks; it’s that the blacks are rebuffing the tea parties.  I thought of that as I read about the Obama administration boasting about how its outreach . . . .

(Pardon, I’ve got to answer the phone.  Business calls.  Nice client, too. )

Where was I?  Ah, the bit about whose refusing to socialize with whom.  Let me resume:

I thought of that (blacks rebuffing Tea Partiers, not vice versa) as I read about the Obama administration boasting about how its outreach to the Muslim world is making the latter feel less like the “other.” That is horse pucky.  As a religious principle, Muslims view us with profound disdain.  They don’t want to be included in our club.  They want to destroy our club entirely, sow salt in the ground, and exercise control over us.  Sure there are all-American, assimilated Muslims who like America and Americans, but I’m not talking about them.  I’m talking about the ones who are on the receiving end of this PC, misguided outreach.  Oh, and speaking of otherness, what about the fact that the main arrow in the Obami quiver to effectuate this reconciliation with Islam is to turn the Jews into the “other.”  How else to account for the Obami’s relentless demonization and isolation of the Jewish state?

Every time I drive to So Cal (which I do frequently, because of family), I mourn as I drive through the dust bowl in Central California.  What’s worse is that this is a government created dust bowl, resulting because of the nexus between environmentalists and Leftists.  It doesn’t have to be that way, people don’t have to be unemployed, businesses destroyed, food prices increased, and food supplies lowered — or, maybe, in Leftist world, it does have to be that way.

(Gosh darn it!  There goes the phone again.  Oh, it’s Don Quixote.  I love talking to him.  I’ll get back to all of you in a minute.)

Here I am.  Almost done too.  I’ve only got a handful more of things I wanted to talk about today:

If you want to be totally grossed out and deeply disturbed, please read about the way in which Planned Parenthood urges HIV carriers to conceal their status from their partners.

On an optimistic note, Gary Andres suggest that, despite the Obami’s efforts, there might be smaller government in America’s future, if only the center will hold.

Trust Bill Clinton to imply that those Americans who are anti-illegal immigration are merely anti-immigration.  I think I can say that, without exception, when I’ve read or heard conservatives on the subject of illegal immigration, they’ve been careful to explain that they believe legal immigration is healthy for America.  The fact is, though, that a sovereign nation should be allowed to control its borders and to decide about immigration rates that are healthy and humane.

Now I’m done.  No more updates.  Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE III:  My dear friend and proofreader Earl finally got a gander at this post, and found that I was trying to type simultaneously in Venutian and English.  Some can multitask.  I apparently cannot.

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  • JKB

    I suspect the riot squad felt a bit like children playing army.  Not to mention, sweaty and uncomfortable in heavy black gear in the sun.  Question is would the gear protect them if the grannies had gotten their hickories after them?
    Before I knew she was an awesome Harvard Law professor, I found Elizabeth Warrren’s writing over at  Credit Slips to be muddled and confusing.  Finding out her providence didn’t alter my thinking but it did go a long way to my understanding why she wrote that way.

  • Ymarsakar

    I actually suspect I knew why they were marching in formation. A standard tactic against riots is to form a shield wall and push away the protesters who use molotov cocktails and what not.
    The shield wall, the formation keeping, the marching, and the various other stuff usually seen on military parades, is obsolete now. But for controlling mobs in melee range, it is still effective, to a certain point. (Nobody fires a shot or blows stuff up)
    But if you see the video itself…. there are no riot shields. These people are just marching up and down AN EMPTY STREET.

  • Doug

    Much better source for tea:

  • Bookworm

    The thing about Portsmouth Tea Company, Doug, is that it has lovely management.  One of the founders is the brother of blogger Anne, at PalmTree Pundit, so I have an affinity for that company.

  • bizcor

    Elizabeth Warren is an ass.

    I became aware her after she wrote an Op Ed piece for the Boston Globe entitled “Beware the Broker’s Slight of Hand”. In it she accused Mortgage Brokers of essentially being sneaky thieves. I researched Dr. Warren and found a regular column she wrote in a Harvard paper about the response she recieved afterward. She explained that the responses fell into three buckets. One being absolute anger, one that agreed with her, and the third being a bit more civil and suggesting that Yes there were in fact some brokers who did as she accused but they were few and far between. To this third group she asked, “Why then don’t you police your own.” While reading all of this the pages of the paper were were catching fire under my fingers I was so angry. One such broker, who we all knew was doing this regularly, had finally been caught red handed committing fraud however, the Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley, allowed the broker to get off by paying a large fine and no jail time, furthermore he was allowed to continue practicing. The law states if you are caught committing fraud in a mortgage transaction you go to jail for TEN years and your license is forever revoked. 
    Perhaps I cut my nose off to spite my face but I quit practicing in Massachusetts.

    Two things:
    One  the Doctor Warren was hautily telling me to police my own, meanwhile when we did catch one the AG let him off. Believe me the fine was chump change to this guy.

    The second is when Scott Brown came from behind and beat the smug Martha Coakley for the MA Senate race I danced for three weeks. I still dance every once in while.

    In closing, were it come to pass that Dr. Warren was ever nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States I would ask any of  you who read this to write, call , and do what ever you can to prevent it from happening. Dr. Elizabeth Warren is an ass. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!

    PS read the AT piece about “aliens in the white house” and yup it’s how I feel.

    Thanks Book.

  • Doug

    That’s great but their tea selection is really unimpressive.

  • Helen Losse

    Bookworm, for the life of me, I can’t understand why it took all morning to simply say, I don’t like Obama.

  • Charles Martel

    I’m certain that Helen, our resident Magic White Negro, who is also a devout Christian, can explain away Book’s provable assertion about Barack Obama:

    “You recall Barack Obama holding fast against legislation that would have provided aid and comfort to babies that survived late-term abortion.” 

    Oh, wait, I forgot. Brave Helen prefers drive-bys to actually having to explain how we are racist for opposing a man who advocates the murder of newborns.

  • Ari Tai

    Why not call these people what they are, trespassers?
    It’s a pity the U.S. has become such a welfare state.  If we all worked for what we received and were held responsible for our actions (including hunger when the able-bodied would rather sleep than work for a sub-minimum wage, but sufficient to pay for a month of bulk beans and rice ~$50), I’d be happy to welcome (and work alongside) all who proved they knew how to work hard and admitted they were guests in our home until such time as they demonstrated they had earned a place in our family.
    I worry we have let the Left define the terms and we find the terms harsh – let’s call them trespassers.
    This is our home.  We expect visitors to our home to ask our permission, to come thru the front door and show some respect for our laws and concerns.  Trespassers are not welcome.  We are a gentle people that dislike personal confrontation and the use of force but we understand we must when they continue this uncivil, impolite, and disrespectful behavior.

  • Ymarsakar

    Blacks have always needed somebody to blame. Many times it was Asians, calling them chichongs, making fun of Kung Fu Fighting (with no understanding of Americanized culture or Asian culture), or the subtle racism that Asians are naturally intelligent and thus superior to blacks.
    If they want to bash whites because they feel inferior having once been the slave of whites (you have to understand that just like in Arab cultures, the oral tradition means that this all might as well be happening today, because there is no sense of time with oral history (Helen’s beloved stories) then they will go looking for something superior to whites. This often means boosting Asian intelligence and using it to imply that whites are dumb, or boosting black atheltic or physical strength (courtesy of the slave breeding and its aftermath, given that Africans from Africa are physically more the stature of whites or even Asians). One of the more popular “elite intellectualized” forms of feeling superior over their oppressors is Afrikan culture. By elevating the Black Face of Africa to a superior intellectual, cultural, and artistic level, they can feel superior to white culture. While at the same time, knowing deep down, that they and their people are inferior academically, economically, and politically. But it’s easier to attack others for perceived wrongs than it is to admit their own weakness and pathetic beta status.
    Then there’s the natural issue of blacks or what not, because of forced school busing, parents that were teased because of inter-racial relationships, or various other school peer pressures, they go and attack the Asians because they look different and are academically superior. Unlike with whites, which can be attacked for institutional reasons such as racism and the inherent inferiority/superiority of blacks, Asians isn’t covered by the slavery or white culture excuse. Thus the blacks can’t easily explain away the superiority of Asians with simply “they stole resources that we had” or “they conquered us and made us slaves, that is why they are in power”.
    No, with Asians, they got no answer for the economic and political disadvantages that Asians have overcome or ignored (because they don’t start off speaking the language but ended up speaking it, whereas blacks started with English and ended up with street trash talk). Politically (which Asians have even less influence given their minority of a minority status). Asians are even less influential than blacks, yet they don’t feel inferior on this basis.
    Some blacks can’t tolerate this. They don’t have an easy excuse for why Asians are superior to blacks, given the position Asians start off with but don’t end at. Whereas blacks can claim they started off bad but they can’t admit that they have had it better now, or else they would have to be grateful to somebody. And people who have inferiority complexes dislike being grateful to anybody. They far prefer being angry.
    So blacks have one easy recourse. Physical violence. Because they are usually more socially mean and abusive, and are physically stronger or bigger than Asians, they have at least one sure fire way of proving that Black Pride still has its place.
    Even if the popular cultural idea that all Asians know martial arts and can fight is a movie stereotype that has been washed away somewhat, it would not deter such behavior on the part of the abandoned child suicide bombers of the Left.

  • Ymarsakar

    The racism charge is very simple. Whites are racist because their culture is racist and thus by definition that means their superiority to blacks is something blacks can say is just an indication that whites, not blacks, are weak and deserve to be pissed on. Oh no, it is not blacks that deserve to be pissed on for their actions, it is those other people that didn’t suffer or earn their status.
    it is the same with racism against Asians. When blacks think Asians are naturally intelligent, that means their high academic records or financial/economic success can be attributed to good DNA. And blacks don’t have this natural advantage so it is expected that they will perform less. So they don’t have to feel inferior, even though they are inferior. They don’t have to lose their pride, even though they have nothing to be proud of.
    The damn Arabs are the same way. No wonder the black community supported anti-war and pro-terrorist relations in Iraq over everything. After all, Cynthia McKinney personally went to give Hamas and Hizbollah more stuff to blow up Jews. That’s a good thing, people, to the black community, so long as the money keeps on coming to the black overseers in charge of the Democrat owned plantations.
    For the most part, Black Panthers failed in inciting social revolution. But that was only true of the parts of America that elected Republicans or had a culture that believed in White Power (such as Marin or DC or the MSM). For urban utopias such as New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles… things are very different. The Democrats and the Left has been breeding their own child killers in those places for a long time now, unseen by the public eye of America.
    People may start noticing it more now a days when their own lives are personally affected by the Democrat Regime of Authoritarian Power. But this stuff was in the works for awhile now. People could easily ignore it because it didn’t affect them, but it was going to, sooner or later.
    You think the Left is some kind of new comer, that they haven’t been doing things like infanticide for decades, while you were still in kindergarten? This is reality here not the fairy tale of days long past.

  • esurio

    Its position relevant to  which side of the birth canal makes no difference to the infant being terminated. Why should it make a difference to us? Infanticide is just another tool in the Left’s eugenics program. Too many good people have been duped into supporting abortion, the Left has always had an alternative agenda in mind.  We  are now allowing euthanasia for the old and terminally ill. Perhaps Obamacare is the tool to be used for the politically unwanted… far fetched?  From what I have observed these past 2 years I think not.

  • gpc31

    Gag alert:

    We mere mortals simply can’t appreciate the awesome awesomeness of The Great Won:

    Valerie Jarrett, the President’s confidante and adviser, say of him: “He knows exactly how smart he is…. He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do.”

    Excerpted and cited approvingly from the New York Review of Books:

    While it’s notable that Michelle Obama isn’t included on the long list of those he was able to interview, Remnick makes effective use of interviews he did have with members of the President’s oft-interviewed inner circle. He offers shrewd insights—theirs and, sometimes, his own. You feel you’re getting close to understanding something important when you hear Valerie Jarrett, the President’s confidante and adviser, say of him: “He knows exactly how smart he is…. He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do.” Abner Mikva, an early supporter, then a Court of Appeals judge, delivers a similar jolt when he describes his first impression of Obama as a would-be candidate for practically anything: “I thought, this guy has more chutzpah than Dick Tracy.”
    Such grace notes and pleasures deepen the story and move it along,

  • Charles Martel

    Wow, a man so smart that everything he’s come in contact with—great ideas and literature, art, his children, the presidency of the greatest nation in human history—has bored him.

    Who knew that being a Superior Being could be such a drag?

  • Pingback: Bookworm Room » Why it is a great benefit that the Tea Party is composed, mostly, of shiny, happy people()

  • kali

    “He knows exactly how smart he is…. He’s been bored to death his whole life.”
    I wonder if Richard Feynman was ever bored? Or Freeman Dyson? Or Hayao Miyazaki?

  • Ymarsakar

    I expect to see a lot of SEIU and Black Panthers in a Tea Party attempting to provoke the police into killing some Tea Partiers.

    That would make for a successful operation and it would increase conflict and strife. All things that the Left must have to operate and maintain their chosen fiefdoms in the largest urban cities of America.
    Ft Knox carrying out army exercises against Tea Parties. Obama calling in the SWAT cause he’s scared of white people, so he calls in more white people to protect his lame bench warming self.
    This is the Left. This has always been the Left. Let them tell you no lies on this score.

  • bizcor

    I was on the road all day and not near my computer. I tuned into Rush for about an hour while in the car. What I heard I already knew because I had read this blog and all of the messages linked to it last evening. kudos again

  • BrianE

    Bookworm, for the life of me, I can’t understand why it took all morning to simply say, I don’t like Obama.– Helen
    It’s not just BW that doesn’t like Barack. As Americans get to know him, they are developing a disdain for him. And please, no racist shtick. Or should I say, go ahead, double down on that.
    It seems that Barack has decided his role as president is to have an opinion on everything. What’s that saying about familiarity?
    He thinks he knows when you’ve made enough. He thinks people don’t have a right to demand enforcement of the laws that have been passed. He thinks it’s a new form of civility to pit one segment of society against the other.
    Is there anything he doesn’t think he knows?

  • BrianE

    Barack has already shot more rounds of golf than W. in his entire presidency.
    President Barack Obama has played golf 32 times since he took office, eight more than his predecessor George W. Bush – who was mocked by the Left for his fondness for the game – did in his entire presidency.
    I wish he spent more time on the links.

  • Charles Martel

    Helen Losse has approved the following message:

    BrianE, I am Helen’s surrogate. You are a racist bast*rd. 

    That is one third of my total argument.

    I also have a degree in Critical Racial Victimhood from a major university and I am a poet.

    Those are the other two thirds.

  • Gringo

    Valerie Jarrett:   “He knows exactly how smart he is…. He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do.”
    But NObama still hasn’t released his transcripts and board scores. Which shows the accuracy of  Abner Mikva’s  assesment: “I thought, this guy has more chutzpah than Dick Tracy.”  Is he afraid that  the hoi polloi  will be overly awed by  documentary proof that he is indeed “Just Too Talented?”
    Howcum Mr. Just Too Talented never published a law article under his own name? ( he had written an anonymous note in the Harvard Law Review, when he was a law student,)
    Apparently NObama has no need to prove he is Just Too Talented. He just IS.
    The brightest guy in my high school class is working in the NObama White House. Documented bright. But he never walked around  “bored to death his whole life,”  nor did he lord it over those who were not as bright as he.
    Is NObama “Just Too Talented” to do his job as POTUS?
    If Valerie Jarrett is correct, she has given us the answer to the question: knave or fool?

  • Gringo

    Bookworm, for the life of me, I can’t understand why it took all morning to simply say, I don’t like Obama.
    Do you object to people  providing documentation and reasoning to support their opinion ? I think not. Yet, this is precisely what Book did.
    Had Book simply stated “I do not like Obama,” I suspect that you would have said that Book was making an  unsubstantiated  allegation. Then again, maybe not, because many of your own positions are of the ” I feel” variety.
    BTW, one reason I dislike Obama is his association with Bill Ayers. That he and his team have dissembled regarding that association shows me that there is something to hide. Why do I dislike Bill Ayers? In addition to his belonging to a bomb-making organization- fortunate they ended up damaging themselves instead of those soldiers at Fort Dix- in 1974 he and Bernadine were among the co-authors of Prairie Fire, which advocated dictatorship of the proletariat for the US.  I knew too many people who had fled  dictatorships of the proletariat to have a sanguine view of anyone who  advocated  same. The book was dedicated to various political prisoners, including Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy. Bill Ayers has changed only his tactics, not his goals: See the PJM link regarding Ayers support of Hugo Dvez: very interesting language he uses.
    Why Obama would have had ANY relationship with such a scumbag is beyond my ken. Helen, I  doubt that you had enough  approval of  what Sirhan Sirhan did  to dedicate a poem to him regarding his unjust status as “political prisoner.”  I doubt you approve of  what he did at all. Yet Bill Ayers does.

  • Ymarsakar

    ” Why Obama would have had ANY relationship with such a scumbag is beyond my ken.”
    Ayers has money. That’s enough to make Obama swallow anything.

  • BrianE

    Rather than CIC, I think a better title for President Obama would be OIC, Opinionator in Chief.