The foreigners in the White House *UPDATED*

If you read only one thing today, please read Andrew McCarthy’s incredibly sad and disturbing article about the way in which we are currently being governed by foreigners, all American born, in Congress and the White House.   Then, if you have time for a second read today, check out what Charles Krauthammer had to say about the federal government’s Civil War era first-of-its-kind announcement that it will support federal law only if that law comes from favored states, and it will ignore federal law if legal infractions are triggered by disfavored states.

My mother, a Democrat since she arrived in this country in the 1950s, is finally convinced that this administration genuinely hates America and wishes her ill.  That is, this is not an administration that shares with most Americans a common goal for this country’s well-being, but that disagrees with half of Americans about how to effectuate that goal.  Nope.  This is an administration that truly, madly, deeply hates what our country stands for and desires to see America’s wings well and truly clipped.

UPDATE:  While you’re at it, if you find even a little bit more time, read the Anchoress on those who want dictatorships, and why Barry Obama and Gene Wilder might have been separated at birth.

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    Hillary’s reset button wasn’t for Russia after all – it was for us and it is hard wired for destruction.
    They’re going for divide and conquer – favored states vs disfavored states. You can add the reset button to favored nations as well. Here I am typing away a few thoughts and my first typing lesson comes to mind …
    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Scratch a Liberal, find a Fascist.
    I think in the end, Ym is right, however. They have neither numbers, the will, nor the guns.


    It’s not what they don’t have, it’s what they do have, a passive audience waiting for things to get better or go away.
    Case in point, as Calderon bitch slapped Arizona and America, it was the cue for the GOP to get up and walk out and not to sit there with finger marks on their faces.

  • Mike Devx

    > My mother, a Democrat since she arrived in this country in the 1950s, is finally convinced that this administration genuinely hates America and wishes her ill.

    What finally caused her to come to this conclusion?  Was it any one thing – a bolt of lightning; or was it the slow, relentless accumulation of evidence – like the ocean tide slowly coming in?

  • suek

    Ditto Mike’s question…I was wondering as well!

  • Bookworm

    It was the slow, relentless accumulation.  In the beginning, she was going to give the administration the benefit of the doubt.  But the continuing economic chaos (which Obama now owns), the terror ObamaCare strikes in her heart, Obama’s horrible attitude toward Israel, and his craven performance before the Mexican president (not to mention his attacks on Arizona’s effort to preserve American border sovereignty) have worn her down.  She could have tolerated one or more of those new White House policies; she cannot accept all.

  • Gringo

    Re foreigners in the White House: it was not difficult to see early on that Obama didn’t have much familiarity with this country outside of Hawaii, elite college campuses, and the South Side of Chicago:  all outliers in this big country. That is, the mainstream of this country was foreign to him. He approached the parts of the country outside his comfort zone with the care of an anthropologist casing the natives.
    IMHO, the beginning  of his noncommittal, listen to all sides and summarize their opinions without committing yourself  strategy was his response to being a foreigner in Indonesia, as a way of trying to fit in. By summarizing others, he could give the impression that he agreed with them and was thus their friend. He did not commit himself because he knew that many Indonesians disagreed with various American points of view.
    He feels foreign to us because  there are very few places where he feels at home.


    He feels foreign to us because  there are very few places where he feels at home.
    Let’s add the White House to the list next go round – if he hasn’t destroyed it for the next POTUS.


    Book … one day it’s your mom, who knows, maybe next week/month it will be Mr. Book.

  • Ymarsakar

    Men have one track minds so they can easily ignore things they find “not important” and focus on everyday life matters or just the football championship.
    Men also have this thing called “pride” where they don’t want to admit to being wrong, because evolutionary wise, this tended to promote a perception of weakness and thus made those men out to be prey to other men or animals.
    ” I think in the end, Ym is right, however. They have neither numbers, the will, nor the guns.”
    This time, it won’t be a bunch of Southerners the Democrats pushed to fight their wars for them, in order to keep their economic slavery system and political power. Now it will be the Lincolns, the Lees, and the Shermans all together against only a few urban fiefdoms and DC itself.
    It is never a good idea to allow a class of people to consolidate their power in any single set place. Thus it should be a good idea to ensure the US capital moves from state to state every 50 years or so. Maybe putting it in Alaska or Hawaii will destroy that Good Old Boy patronage system of DC for awhile.
    As for Book’s mom, I have said early on that it takes repeated psychological attacks and shocks in order to break down people’s mental barriers. One or two hits won’t work. You got to shock them. You got to bring down by siege their defenses. Only then, will they accept reality, when they have nowhere else to go.

  • Ymarsakar

    Concurrent with the Anchoress link Book put up above, they will take from you everything and give you back nothing except an IOU.
    Your life, nay your very existence, will be defined by them. Your birth and your death will be synchronized to the Great Plan. You no longer play a part, for they will determine when and how you will be born, and when and how you will die for their benefit.

  • Ymarsakar

    Of course wannabe Libs look like fascists. They were going to carve up the whole world between Communism and Fascism. But when Fascism got the jump on those Marxists, the Marxists forever decided to tell their followers to Hate Fascism and Always Hate Fascism.
    But if the party sent out a memo to their people to love fascism again, they would. It might take awhile, of course, but they would. Just as they did after the Nazi-Communist pack came into the public eye. The Jews who hated Nazis left the Communist party. Well, guess what. Now they’re back in, only they call themselves “Democrats”.


    The link to Anchoress and China for a day. Yes, by all means … with the following results for Libs:
    1. Friedman’s chateau confiscated for the betterment of the state (contents as well).
    2. Andrea’s wealth, ditto.
    3. Woody’s daughter/wife..well, she would be neither with a one-child policy.
    No doubt the readers here could add to my little short list.

  • Ymarsakar

    I’m getting all of Soros’ money.

  • suek