Only liberals can get away with crude racial stereotypes

We’ve talked before about the horrible racism of liberals.  They typecast everyone, and then convince each person so typecast that he (or she) is a victim of an all powerful white male cabal.  Here is a perfect example, courtesy of Bill Maher.

I’d like you to imagine the uproar — up to an including riots in the streets — if these words had emanated from a conservative.  Then, try an even more challenging thought experience.  Imagine a conservative actually being so crude, demeaning and racist.  We don’t think that way.  The consistent quality of conservatives utterances shows that conservatives, much more so than liberals, understand MLK’s dream of a world in which his “four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

When will American blacks stop looking at liberals and realize that these profoundly racist people, who envision blacks as perpetual children who carry guns, but need welfare, are not their friends.

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  • Ymarsakar

    This is my response to a Yahoo Answers question concerning the effect Hollywood movies had on public perception of violence.
    Movies in violence are designed to make people afraid of violence and to become incapable of separating out effective violence from criminal violence.

    Hollywood is comprised of people who hate guns and would like to see it all banned. Except for their bodyguards carrying hidden weapons, of course. So they make movies to scare people about guns and potential gun crime. The fact that Hollywood doesn’t know how to use a gun also provides fuel to the myth that guns can’t be controlled, that they can go off whenever the guns want to.

    All of this is designed to make people feel helpless. If they are offered guns as a solution to their crime problem, they will then say “but I see gun and crime together all the time, so I don’t believe guns will solve crime”. They think they got that brilliant idea on their own. In reality, they got that idea from Hollywood culture.

    Since Hollywood culture is safe and secured by mega millions worth of personal protection services, what do they care if you get jacked, beat up, assaulted, raped, or kill in MS13 territory in Los Angeles or the various grim parts of Chicago’s two by four ?

    So long as Hollywood gets to keep victims victims, Hollywood gets an excuse to feel good about taking tax payer money and funneling it to social programs to “help victims”.

    Blacks back before they got put into the Democrat plantation once thought “the white man has education and keeps us down because they can keep us illiterate and un-educated”. Blacks thought, “whites own property, so they keep us down by preventing us from holding what we earn”. Blacks thought, “whites can vote and go to good schools, so they keep us down by pushing a “separate but equal” policy on our children to keep them ignorant, and to keep us from voting”.

    Only now a days do blacks say and think, “whites keep us down because they have guns and want every black person to have a gun”. You see, whites, somehow, want to keep blacks as serfs and slaves by giving them guns. That’s how whites keep slaves in the mud, you see. So the only way for blacks to get equal with whites is to REJECT what whites have, which are guns, more guns, and even more guns.

    Yeah, that worked well for everything under the sun had blacks taken that approach to education, voting rights, property rights, etc.

    Hollywood, it’s where the money is. Coincidentally, the money was in the plantation house too and not out in the fields.

  • Ymarsakar

    You got a linked story here, Book. Mayer said “shoot him in the foot”. That’s that fake lib “shoot to wound” prejudice coming to the fore there.
    Those that have never had to take responsibility for the use of deadly force (because they’re too chickenshat to learn it) tend to think they can manage the use of deadly force, such as bullets, by a sort of “budget plan”. Shoot him in the foot. Dole it out like welfare is doled out. Slowly leak that poison into the veins, like euthanasia is done.
    These people are sick in the head and the heart. They support the use of outright police violence against innocents, both in WACO and Ruby Ridge. They support the use of military SWAT tactics against misdemeanors and extradition of children to Cuba. Even though the feminists should be up in arms because it is the “father” in Cuba, the feminists showed their tails because it was Communist Cuba.
    You will never get co-existence with them. They can’t handle it.

  • Charles Martel

    ‘When will American blacks stop looking at liberals and realize that these profoundly racist people, who envision blacks as perpetual children who carry guns, but need welfare, are not their friends.”

    They will stop when their indoctrination and dumbing down in the nation’s vile big-city public school districts end. They will stop when they can no longer expect empty, cheap “accomplishments” from racist practices like affirmative action. The inner-city ones will stop when their white (and self-hating black) masters stop bribing them with welfare and cheap abortion.

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  • SJBill

    Bright lights, Bookie – Memorandum.
    BTW, checked the link, listened to Maher, and feel like I need some ear wash.