What happens after fifty years of Leftist control over institutions of higher education

This morning, I was emailing back and forth with my friend Kim Priestap, who blogs at the wonderful and charming Up North Mommy.  We were discussing Jews who view Israel, not as a victim, but as a predator.

Never mind the fact that Israel lays claim to a tiny patch of land in the midst of vast hostile Muslim territories; never mind that the historical record establishes that Israel has ties to that land going back 3,000 years; never mind that Israel fights to minimize her enemy’s deaths and injuries, while the enemy fights to maximize Israel’s; never mind that Israel’s acts are in accordance with international law; never mind any other items in the laundry list all of you can create justifying Israel’s right to exist and the righteousness of her actions (never mind that Israel, too, like any nation comprised of living, breathing human beings, sometimes errs).  These facts are irrelevant to the animus the Left feels towards Israel, and so many American Jews are Leftists first, and Jews second.

Political theory aside, one has to ask why American Jews are so comfortable abandoning historical facts and on-the-ground reality.  (12,000 rockets fired into Israel is reality.)

It occurred to me that the “root cause” (see, I’ve learned liberal speak) is higher education, something that American Jews embrace disproportionately to their numbers.  That is, most American Jews consider it a moral imperative to go to college or university.  They head to institutions of higher learning like lemmings leaping for the cliff’s edge.  Their parents send them there operating under the mistaken belief that these institutions do actually educate.  While that may be the case in the sciences (although the global warming scam indicates otherwise), it’s certainly not true in the liberal arts programs.  The purpose of these programs is to indoctrinate.  I know whereof I speak.

It was the liberal inability to think logically, to recognize the world as it is, not as the theories demand it should be, that slowly but steadily separated me from liberalism.  And this separation, although it took way too long to reach fruition (about 20 years too long), started back in 1979, when I hit U.C. Berkeley.  I was in the liberal arts programs — history and English — and, consistently, I griped that the classes made no sense.  Egotistical to the last, I knew that the problem wasn’t me, but the classes themselves.

I suffered through several years of slow drip idiocy and Marxist poison, which I won’t even try to describe here.  Why should I?  One class sums it all up for me.  It was in that class that my  professor insisted that Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray was a scathing Marxist indictment of British class structure.  Apparently I have some resistance to indoctrination, because I grasped reality enough to know that this was an insanely stupid statement.

I was aided in my insight about professorial idiocy by the fact that I found laughable a student statement (made to great professorial applause) that the flowers Wilde described so vividly in the book, were to create a Gothic atmosphere, not to make us ruminate (and I quote) “on the phallic symbolism of the female sexual organs.”  As Forrest Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does.”

I’ve never liked cognitive dissonance, and was happy to walk away from the whole intellectual garbage bag.

Of course, I wasn’t the only student sitting through such classes at Berkeley, and I had peers spread out over the country attending schools that taught in precisely the same way.  Indeed, decades of liberal children, especially liberal Jewish children, have been educated in this stupidity.  As today’s politics show, this education has poisoned their brain’s capacity to see that, not just sometimes, but often, a cigar is just a cigar — and a crazed killer is a crazed killer regardless of root causes.

I was lucky in that I loathed Berkeley.  I loathed the old hippies, and the filth, and the unfriendliness, and the anger, so I was not inclined to embrace the group think.  Other liberals, however, were not lucky enough to be miserable.  They loved Berkeley’s freedom, or Harvard’s history, or Wesleyan’s charm, and desperately wanted to fit in.  Rather than resist the propaganda, they embraced it.

When I was growing up, I was told by my parents that Turkish soldiers, in days of old, couldn’t be brainwashed, because their sense of self was so inviolable.  Apparently my sense of reality had some Turk in it, at least insofar as my brain fought back.  Most liberals, however, just cave to the illogic and live in a world of cognitive dissonance — with liberal Jews, sadly, having traveled furthest up that river called “Denial.”

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  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    I think you are entirely correct.  For centuries, Jews have placed a high value on education…and when education was about studying the laws of nature, and history, and classical literature, etc…not to mention that Talmud and the Torah…that was a *good* thing. But as higher education has become corrupt, those who are most exposed to it, and who value it most highly, are at particular risk.
    This also works in reverse. It’s often asserted that Evangelical support for Israel is based on theological considerations of the end-of-days variety. While this may be part of the story, I think the *major* factor is that Evangelicals are mostly members of social groups which are outside the force field which is centered on the academy and is amplified and transmitted by such institutions as PBS and the NYT.

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  • Mike Devx

    Book summarizes in her post:
    > Most liberals, however, just cave to the illogic and live in a world of cognitive dissonance — with liberal Jews, sadly, having traveled furthest up that river called “Denial.”

    Book, what frightens me is that these leftist Jews need not actually be in “Denial” at all.  It could be far worse than that.

    I always like to take conclusions in an article or post and ask myself, “Is ANY other conclusion possible?”  And in this case, I see one.  I’m not sure I’d call what I’ll write below a “chain of logic”, but here goes:

    – Leftists tend to look toward a future utopia and try to attain it; they see little to no use in conservative values, including the worth of heritage, the worth of culture, the value of a motherland or nation.  They rarely love their own country in the concrete, only in the abstract (if even then), and usually only for what it *could* become.  They are usually internationalists.

    – There was a Beinart article a few days back where young Jews were asked their opinions of Israel and Israeli Jews.  They consistently spoke of Israeli Jews as “they”, not “we”.  They had no connection to Israel emotionally or psychologically, except perhaps in anger.  One can assume, I think, that the same is true for OLDER liberal American Jews as well.

    – Leftist American Jews feel quite safe in America.  They do not perceive themselves as being under any sort of threat.  The fact that Israeli Jews are distinctly under genocidal threat means nothing to them, since they feel nothing towards Israel nor Israeli Jews.

    My conclusion then is, that if their Leftism trumps their Jewishness – and it does, obviously – then the fate of Israel is meaningless to them.  They’re likely to side with Richard Cohen, who has referred to Israel’s existence since the late 1940s as a disruptive mistake.  Why, those Israeli Jews should simply come to America or go elsewhere to be safe, is probably as far as they’re willing to go.   For Leftist American Jews, if they try to piece it all together, they would likely admit that Israel probably won’t survive, and it might survive only under U.N. protection  (somehow the U.N., despite its monstrous and ineffective record, would guarantee Israel’s right to exist despite the mountainous Arab hatred and genocidal fervor surrounding them).  But should Israel cease to exist, their general response would be a collective shrug.

    Is this denial?  I don’t think so.  It’s worse:  It’s a complete disregard for the fate of Israel.  Their home is here, secure within America, and specifically within Leftist America.  They are leftists first, Jews second.  They have no connection to Israel.

    Were Israel to die, they would recoil in horror at the humanitarian aspect of the suffering and the relocation of survivors, but it would not be any worse for them than any other humanitarian crisis they see.  Those who actively hate Israel would even see it as justice.  Or perhaps this is where the denial would come in:  They would finally rediscover their Jewishness, and they might actually recoil in horror at the genocide that has happened to their people, again.  But it would be too late.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm


    You’ve come up with a deeply depressing and highly likely conclusion.  I remember about 15 years ago having a conversation with several 20 something Jewish “adults,” none of whom could care less about Israel — and all of whom were highly educated professionals.

  • jamzw

    Examples teach us that in military affairs, and all orders of like nature, study is apt to enervate and relax the courage of man, rather than give strength and energy to the mind–Montaigne
    We have the common fault of overrating logic. Logic itself is a closed system,  for its conclusions arise necessarily from its premises. It is perfect for the intellectual bigot. Who is to say the logic of Marx is not equal to Smith? The problem is not logic, but knowing the purposes and the limits of logic. It’s most productive and honest use is in examining something we have already done, however badly. That is where humility, where it exists, provides a boost in the search for truths.
    Those who lack courage will always find a philosophy to justify it–Camus

  • bizcor

    The question of Jews in America being decidedly Democrat has always perplexed me. I am not Jewish. In fact I grew up in a community that was anti Jew. As a child I grew up feeling “sorry” for the Jewish as they were the brunt of many racist “Jew”jokes. Just for the record I was raised as a white Anglo Saxon Protestant.  I went to church with my Grandmonther and the preacher spoke of peace and harmony. That is my preforance and I will endevour to meet that end. A number of years ago I was romantically involved with a Jewish woman. A very nice woman she is. She had a 13 year old son who was studying for his barmitzvah. As a result I attend Temple nearly every Saturday. The Rabbi, gave marvelous sermons. The Cantor sang the hymns in such a marvelous voice that although I did not understand one word of Hebrew I was brought to tears. The Rabbi after two years of me asking questions suggested I had become an intermediate Jew which I took as a compliment. The “Torah” is very conservative in it’s teaching. However in everyday conversation with the Jewish people I met (all very educated and in high positions) they were in love with the Democrats. Why? I do not know. I have read the Torah, in English as my Hebrew is just a few words, I know that true Jews are a conservative people. Why then were all these Jews that I met so liberal? Shakespear’s “Merchant of Venice” when Anthonio is asking for the loan from Shylock. “If you cut me do I not bleed” my answer is “Yes, of course you do” as do I. Perhaps now the Bookworm and her commentors have put it into perspective for me. Many of the Jews in America have lost their way as have many of the Christians. A prominent Jewish politician is Charles Schumer from New York who doesn’t care one bit if Israel goes down. Why is this? Chuck you are a Jew do you not care? My opinion he does not because he is about money and power. Not sure about his money but at the moment is is all about power. I think it boils down to money and power. Obama is undermining Israel. His coalitian is about ruling the world. God pray for Israels safe keeping, and for the safe keeping of the free people of the world.

  • suek

    I commented a long time ago (on this blog) that I had read a novel in which it was proposed that Jews stay strong when they are persecuted, and lose their strength – and faith – when they are permitted to enjoy life without harassment.  I think that sadly, that’s what we ‘re seeing here.  Add to that the fact that they have developed a trust for the educational system, so that they haven’t taken steps to assure that their children are schooled in their religion.  Christians are facing the same problem – and the root cause is due to liberals infiltrating the educational system with this end in mind.  When we are soft enough – lacking core moral fiber – then our culture will fall and they can replace it with the statism they pine for.  *
    The question then will be can we reclaim the heritage we have let go?  Maybe at great cost, I think, but maybe not at all.  When the oak is strong, it’s extremely difficult to fell.  When rot sets into its core, you can push it over or it will fall of it’s own accord.
    *Alexis de Toqueville says “Morality is necessary for liberty”.  (I’m trying to use my new Kindle.  Most of the free books on Gutenberg are old classics – so I’m reading old classics!**)  Liberty isn’t  simply freedom with no restraint.
    **I also learned over the weekend that to download books to my Kindle from Gutenberg, I need to  download them to my computer from the site in “mobi” format(Gutenberg offers a choice of download formats), and then connect my Kindle to my computer, copy the files (or not) and move them into the Kindle.  My son loaded his whole file to my Kindle, and it took about 5 minutes to download 128 books!!  Almost all old classics!  Egad.  I might have to pay for some lighter books from Amazon just out of self preservation!!