Political intelligence from the NorthLeft coast

Richard Baehr has tipped me off to a promising newcomer on the conservative political satire blog scene:  Pacific Intelligencer.  The mind behind it is Greg Collins, a West Point grad, Iraq War combat veteran, American Thinker contributor and, now, Seattle resident.  It’s a visually pleasing site, and I like the humor.  Here’s a sample:

Wikileaks Releases Classified Biden Gaffe Video

In what is certain to be another in a long series embarrassments for the Vice President, a damning Top-Secret video was released this afternoon onto the internet by the whistleblower site. The grainy video–previously only rumored to exist–was taken by a Secret Service security camera located in the White House and shows the Vice President committing a series of profanity-laced blunders in full view of Japan’s top diplomat at a formal dinner reception.

Please welcome Greg to the blogosphere by checking him out.

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