• Charles Martel

    It’s a pity that in a strange sort of way we conservatives are the New Germans, fated to fight a two-front war against two implacable enemies: statism and Islam.

  • Mike Devx

    Good God, all those words bounding and bouncing and careening around…  Is the entire nation suffering from attention deficit disorder?  It’s almost as bad as an entire movie in the theater on Shaki-cam.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I agree, Mike.  I minimized the browser so I could listen without looking.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ Ymarsakar

    Of course people are uncomfortable with new and strange stuff. I wasn’t comfortable watching terrorists kill people like Nick Berg. So I got myself to the point where I was comfortable. Comfortable enough that I could focus clearly and definitely on how to kill more terrorists with efficiency, and not be bothered at all by death and killing. This takes work because violence is a realm of human behavior that is not commonly experienced by human beings their entire life. Their experience of it derives only glimpses and snatched moments.
    And on The Koran’s early passages being peaceful, that probably makes sense. Islam didn’t have a full military conquest machine built until some time had passed after Mohammed had his first divine vision. Initially, At first, Mohammed’s own clan repudiated him, and so did many other Arabic and Bedouin cities and outposts. Mohammed, unable to convert people to his Divine Truth with Jesus type words (probably because MOhammed was no Jesus), learned that violence and force was far more effective an alternative.
    So once Mohammed got his army and the army started conquering and looting, Mohammed now had to write down rules in the Book on how his soldiers should behave. He was exercising command authority using religious authorship rather than a military officer simply writing down orders. His orders were backed by Allah, not simply some earthly power.
    On the bouncing words, it was entertaining to me. There may have been some initial confusion due to parallel tracking of the appearance of the words combined with the audio, but there is a definitive pattern that once recognized makes the the word movements simply a graphic for emphasis.
    The burning of the Library of Alexandria, occurred coincidentally around the same time as Arab armies moving into Egypt and taking the place over by a simple act of religious conversion. The Monophysites, persecuted for decades by the Roman Patriarchy based in Constantinople, easily converted to Islam.

  • http://connectthedots2006.blogspot.com ConnectTheDots

    I recommend Robert Spencer’s “The Truth About Mohammed” or “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades.” Both are an easy read and clearly point out the fallacies about the general populations take on islam.
    Those texts are what started me down the road to understanding the true battle that lies ahead for us. We are fighting a two-headed monster –the actual jihadists themselves, and the oppressive left, shilling for the muslims. With muslim sympathizers in the White House (not only obowmao, but also GW before him), we don’t have a fighting chance.

  • suek

    I don’t think that GW was a muslim sympathizer…one of the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood was to goad the west into an attack on islam which would unite muslims worldwide, causing them to rise up and attack the western world.  I think Bush knew this, and was trying his darndest to conduct a war against islamic elements without stirring up a world wide conflagration.
    I agree that the present WH is not only sympathetic to islam, but my opinion is that Obama is more muslim than Christian.