Lt. Col. Allen West — a real choice in Florida

Every two years, like clockwork, Marinites return the execrable Lynn Woolsey to Congress.  She’s so bad — by which I mean such a loopy Leftist — that I didn’t vote for her even when I was a Democrat.  I was a moderate; she was, and is, a nut case.  But still she wins, regularly sweeping in about 70% of the vote.

Voters here don’t care what Woolsey is, what she believes or what she offers; they just like that “D” after her name.  I have no doubt but that she’ll win again this year, for precisely the same reason.

If you’re in Florida’s 22nd District, however, you have the opportunity to vote for someone special.  I don’t know what the Republican/Democratic balance is in the 22nd District but, if it’s close, maybe he can win, and maybe there’ll be a true counterweight in Congress to Woolsey and her ilk.  If anyone has the cojones, as a freshman Congressman, to make waves, it’s West.

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  • David Foster

    I like West, and have contributed money to him. He has an interesting gift for analogies…there’s an old Twilight Zone program in which helpful aliens come to earth: they have a book called “To Serve Man,” which everyone thinks is very encouraging.
    Turns out it’s a *cookbook*.
    The political analogies should be obvious…

  • garyp

    The man should be the type of man everyone wants to represent them in Congress.

    It’s a shame that the election might even be close.  Hopefully, his election to Congress will be the first in a series election wins. 

  • Mike Devx

    Every time I’ve watched him on video, I’ve concluded, “That would be one HELL of a good man to have in Congress.
    Somehow, in some manner, I am sure this makes me a racist.  😉