A snapshot into what interests people

Sadie send me a fascinating little link, one that compares traffic at Jihad Watch (which tracks Jihad), Hot Air (which is a very dynamic conservative political website), and Little Green Footballs (which used to be libertarian, but is now pretty Left, although Charles, to give him full credit, continues to be a staunch foe of Jihad).  I won’t spell out any conclusions.  They’ll hit you right between the eyes without my assistance.

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  1. kali says

    What struck me is that one of the top search terms that lead to LGF is “council of conservative citizens racist”
    I wonder how much of his traffic is from the left, looking for the smoking gun on conservative racism.

  2. says

    “continues to be a staunch foe of Jihad”
    When you making your living based upon the Leftist Sugar Daddy, little hobbies such as anti-Jihad will last only so long as they allow it to last.
    The cost of joining the Left, is free will. LGF has been bought and paid for, even if he doesn’t know it. And the Left will get their price out of him.

  3. Jose says

    Jihad Watch used to be my first stop every day.  Over time it just became too depressing and I haven’t been back in a couple years.
    But Robert Spencer is doing vitally important work.  Glad to see his traffic is up.
    I also learned from this site that BWs traffic has more than tripled in the last year – Good Work!

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