Leftists are dodos

“Dodo” is a rather childish term to describe someone who is stupid.  I don’t mean it quite that way (although, as you’ll see, the end result is the same).  I’m actually thinking of the poor little dodo, a bird long since extinct because, in relevant part, it couldn’t recognize predators:

As with many animals that have evolved in isolation from significant predators, the dodo was entirely fearless of people, and this, in combination with its flightlessness, made it easy prey for humans. However, journals are full of reports regarding the bad taste and tough meat of the dodo, while other local species such as the Red Rail were praised for their taste. When humans first arrived on Mauritius, they also brought with them other animals that had not existed on the island before, including dogs, pigs, cats, rats, and Crab-eating Macaques, which plundered the dodo nests, while humans destroyed the forests where the birds made their homes; the impact these animals—especially the pigs and macaques—had on the dodo population is currently considered to have been more severe than that of hunting.

Leftists have evolved so that they cannot recognize predators either.  They are therefore doomed for extinction.  The only question is whether all Americans will join them as they head down that path, or if the majority of Americans will prove ourselves to be amongst the savvier animals on the political and ideological spectrum.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    “Dodo” is a good word for them.
    Me, I’ve been mulling the term “Tinkerbells”, as in they simply believe they all they need to do is clap their hands and say “I believe” for something to be true. I have a nice Liberal/Left lady neighbor who keeps assuring me that she is “optimistic” about the economic future. Of course, she can’t tell me why, she just “feels” it.
    My daughter participated in a Model UN conference some time ago where there was a “student” delegation from Venezuela. She said that their concept of foreign policy was simply that if you believed in something hard enough (a la Chavez), it would happen. One more reason to defund universities.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I also keep thinking of the White Queen, who could believe six impossible things before breakfast:

    1.  Islam is a religion of peace

    2.  Humans are causing global warming

    3.  You can spend your way out of debt

    4.  Destroying competition in the medical world, and bringing it all under government control, will increase quality and quantity.

    5.  If we abase ourselves before our enemies, they will like us more.

    6.  Obama is smart.

  • Gringo

    Book, that reminds me of  what the lefties were saying back in the 1970s and 1980s.
    1) The invader of Afghanistan wants peace.
    2) It is peaceful for the USSR to install short range missiles in Eastern Europe, but it is warmongering for the US to respond by installing same in Western Europe.
    3) The Sandinistas would have been neutral if Reagan hadn’t pushed them. Carlos Fonseca, one of the founding fathers of the FSLN, endorsed the 1956 Soviet crushing of the Hungarian Revolution, in his 1957 pamphlet  “Un Nicaraguense en Moscu.” The Sandinistas signed a joint proclamation with the USSR in March 1980 which endorsed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Moreover, Reagan sent Thomas Enders to Managua to say the US  would accept the existence of the Sandinistas if the Sandinistas would stop aiding the FMLN in El Salvador, which the Sandinistas refused to do.
    4) The FMLN was a “humanistic” alternative to the bloody military regime in El Salvador. Bloody the milicos certainly were, but the FMLN  also had bloody hands. Land mines. The FMLN changed leadership not by the ballot box but by the bullet. Roque Dalton in 1975. Ana María , a.k.a. Mélida Anaya Montes, and her killer  Carpio in 1983.
    5) The Soviet economy is efficient in its own way :John Kenneth Galbraith, among others. [At the same time, Harper’s circa 1980 had a magnificent article on the moribund Soviet economy. So they were not all stupid.]
    6) What Jimmah, Andrew Young and others were saying about the nice priest-inspired revolution in Iran shortly after the Big Bad Shah left the country. At the time, I believed Jimmah, but I recovered in time to vote against him in 1980.
    7) Poverty causes crime. Therefore giving people welfare will cut crime.
    8] Price controls will help energy supply. (Granted this was more a mantra from the 1970s)
    9) Peace will come to SE Asia when we get out. Perhaps it did, but at the cost of  over 2 million slaughtered AFTER we left. That is what I call the peace of the dead.
    Stuck on stupid. That’s what I say. While one might say I am stuck on the past by the above, that what counts is the present, my reply is that to a big the degree the same side of the aisle  who said the above back then is  also saying similar things in 2010.
    http://lasa.international.pitt.edu/members/congress-papers/lasa2009/files/AtwoodRoger.pdf Interesting information on Roque Dalton’s father. The Salvadorean poet cum guerrilla leader was a cousin of Linda Ronstadt.

  • Mike Devx

    Another sacred liberal cause is about to blow up in our faces: government pension plans and government union pension plans.  At all levels: national, state and municipal.
    When you learn even the basic facts, you are likely to become angrier than you have been in a while.  The link is at the bottom but here are some highlights.
    1. How is YOUR pension plan doing?  Oh, silly me – most of us NOT in the government no longer have access to pension plans.  Many (if not all?) in the government DO have pension plans.  Isn’t that nice?
    2. OK, you say, so they have pension plans.  Nice deal if you can get it.  So what, though?
    3. The government pension plans are ALL managed via investments in stock markets.  If the investments do great, the money pool increases and the pension plans do well.
    4. But if they iinvestments do poorly, the pension plans do poorly, and those POOR GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES receive reduced benefits, just like you do in your 401KS.  NO, STRIKE THAT!  That entire sentence is WRONG WRONG WRONG!  They do NOT receive reduced benefits.  Instead, the government at that level – national, state, municipal, is REQUIRED to make up the difference, so that the pensioners are guaranteed to not be at risk of a decline in pension money due to poor performance in the stock market.
    5. That’s nice.  So who pays if the pension plans suffer in the stock market?
    6. The taxpayer.  YOU will have the money taken from YOUR wallet to fund their poorly performing pension plans.
    7. You mean, after all other government functions are taken care of first, right?
    8.  No, I do NOT mean that.  In fact, pension plans are at the very TOP of the list of government required funding.  They get funded first before ANYTHING ELSE.  ANYTHING ELSE AT ALL.  They are absolutely safe, and only your taxpayer wallet is at risk.
    9.  But that means that the pension fund managers are dealing with no risk at all!  Therefore aren’t they likely to engage in very risky investment schemes?  If the high-risk investment schemes pay off, great.  If they don’t pay off, then the taxpayers foot every single penny.  Isn’t that dangerous?
    10.  Yes, and that’s EXACTLY what has been happening.  And the investments have NOT been preforming well. And you, the taxpayer, are going to be in a world of hurt when the government employees come for YOUR wallet.  They’re already far better off than those of us working in the private sector, due to Obama, and the pension debt stunami is going to smash us severely.  Because the government employees are not going to pay for that debt.  Only the private sector employees are going to get monetarily raped.  And it will be a vicious, voilent fiscal rape.  It is coming, it is on its way.
    11. Isn’t that just so very, very NICE?
    Here’s the link.