She talks facts; they hurl personal insults at her

Typical liberal/conservative dialog, with the kicker being that the players are black.  The young woman arguing the conservative case has great moral courage, and beautifully handles the insults and misinformation hurled at her:

H/t:  Danny Lemieux

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  • Charles Martel

    I think I’m in love.

    Danny, uh, you don’t happen to have the young lady’s address. do you?

  • Ymarsakar

    Yeah, it’s not a land of opportunity. The poor stay poor, so the rich get rid of em, as they don’t like seeing homeless blacks or something.

  • Ymarsakar

    They are walking away because you defeated them. With high intensity fire and attacks.
    Nobody likes to stay on a defensive turtle and get shell shocked. That’s why they leave. That’s why they are running.
    Attack relentlessly. Never let up. Never let them get a breath in. Destroy them utterly.

  • Richard Johnston

    Didn’t work for me.  She seemed to shout down her opposition, not engage them.  Too vituperative for my tastes.
    I get the point that tactically some of you want to take no prisoners in these types of exchanges (i.e. Ymarsakar: “Attack relentlessly. Never let up. Never let them get a breath in. Destroy them utterly.”).  But I can tell you that as someone who is susceptible to persuasion, and who understands and sympathizes with much of the substance of what this woman was saying, her manner is off-putting in the extreme and would not tend to win me over.
    I was also unimpressed by the “you guys want to kill Black babies” stuff.  Please.  I get the pro-life viewpoint (it is one with which I have a great deal of sympathy) and maybe you really really believe there’s racial genocide behind the pro-choice view (I don’t) but how many people do you think will be persuaded by this sort of thing?
    And, no, I don’t like it when the libs do it either.  I don’t like the guy yelling “hypocrite” at her.
    I don’t know how typical I am but I sure do prefer, and am much more swayed by, discussions rather than shouting matches.
    But on both sides of the aisle this approach does succeed in getting me to roll my eyes.

  • Bookworm

    I’m not a yeller myself, Richard, but I liked the way she kept to the key facts:  ever since the dawn of the “great society” and unlimited abortion, blacks’ economic status has declined overall, and millions of blacks have never been born.  The others responded with personal insults:  slave mentality, Uncle Tom, etc.  It was that dynamic, not the volume, that caught my attention, since it’s a dynamic about which I frequently comment.

  • Richard Johnston

    “I’m not a yeller myself, Richard, but I liked the way she kept to the key facts.”

    Well, I just don’t buy that “liberals want to kill Black babies” is a key fact.  But as you say she also raised some pertinent points that deserved a thoughtful response.  Her manner, though, did not call for a thoughtful response, not to me.

    I just think she’d would have been much more effective had she kept her cool a little better.  YMMV.

  • Charles Martel

    Liberals do not want to kill black babies. The plantation depends on a reliable supply of docile and gullible field hands and house staffers.

    Which is why we should keep in mind that these are not babies that are being eviscerated. That would be inhuman.

  • Ymarsakar

    ““liberals want to kill Black babies””
    Don’t suppose ya heard of Margaret Sanger, have ya.

  • Ymarsakar

    “Her manner, though, did not call for a thoughtful response, not to me.”
    It seems obvious you aren’t familiar with her socio-economic sphere.
    Amongst people who live where she has lived, that’s calm discussion. I’ve heard far worse.
    Course, given my hobbies, I have studied worse, so that’s not a coincidence.

  • esurio

    I expect she was using a raised voice to be heard – after all it was a many to one discussion.
    The documentary Maafa21 addresses the very topic of the progressives’ eugenics program aimed at  the poor (blacks in particular) and how it found its solution with abortion. I have not seen the documentary, yet.  The trailer is on YouTube.

  • Ymarsakar

    “But I can tell you that as someone who is susceptible to persuasion”
    So you’ve never seen a witness get cross checked and hit by numerous statements of fact that solidly develop the case that the witness is lying, leaving the witness confused, dazed, emotional, or otherwise exposing behavior that prejudices the jury against the witness. Or are you not involved in such proceedings, Johnston.
    Persuasion comes in many forms. Yet victory was never about convincing people to declare a victor.
    I get the sense that you don’t fully appreciate the difference between tactics and strategy. How in depth is your military history here, Johnston? Or even, political history of the revolutionary and guerrilla warfare kind. How much do you know of the Left’s activities?

  • shirleyelizabeth

    No, liberals are not in it for killing black babies. They’ve been manipulated, though, by those that do want to, and also those with other reasons for wanting to abort babies. It’s been turned into a fight for their good, a fight based on sympathy.
    It’s about the poor mother, or the child’s future prospects. You heard how that man said it: “I don’t want them to grow up in poverty!” Rubbish. Just like the girl said, so you kill them? You take away a chance of any prospect?
    What if we said, “you know what, you’re fifty now. You’re starting to get old. Because of your situation, we’re really worried about the illnesses and injuries you might get, and the burden you might be to your mother government, so, we’re just going to kill you now.”

    No, the girl has it right. Take away the welfare state and you will see those in poverty growing out of it. Take away ridiculous regulations on the markets and you help give them a chance to.

  • Ymarsakar

    “The plantation depends on a reliable supply of docile and gullible field hands and house staffers.”
    Slaves were kept in line by the help of forced family breakups, where families were purposefully sold off to different locations in order to make them easier to control. No loyalty to family getting in the way of the Boss. If the plantation masters expected blacks to have enough intelligence to reason like a white man, they may have held them hostage instead. But the plantation masters did not think the black animals had that level of intellect. But they were still worth like 3/5ths or whatever for political power’s sake. So breeding them was for the good of the status quo.
    It’s not that they need more or less blacks. It’s just that they believe they have the power to dictate who lives and who dies. Just as if they were their pets.


    She was surrounded by mostly black people, who were stunned into silence having never been told the truth. The truth didn’t set them free – it made them ‘flee’ – Deafocrats!

  • Ymarsakar

    This is only one of many reasons why the Left ought to be hated. There are plenty more.
    And if you don’t know or believe in those reasons, you will not hate as you ought to hate. Evil is always something that virtuous men and women ought to hate. It’s an obligation of sorts.


    The complimentary companion video…Watch Rev. Al turn gray, watch C Span anchor turn green and if you could see me now, I’ve turned the color of giggles!

  • Bill Smith

    I “love” the “I don’t want them to grow up in poverty” rationalization.
    Oh? Then why stop at killing them in the womb? You’d think that someone from that old man’s apparent ethnic background would know better.

  • Mike Devx

    What those who walked away learned was that there was a strong conservative black woman who wasn’t going to be silenced by insults and could come back at them with as good or better than they could give.  They may have walked away… and they may be unhappy with her… but they won’t forget her strength of conviction.  They don’t own the argument anymore, and that will trouble them.  They’ll always remember moments like these, indicating that the monolithic hold is broken.
    It’s similar to me of the effect of non-traditional media on the MSM – the monolithic hold is broken, and they don’t quite know what to do about it.  Things were so much easier when they had total control.

  • Charles

    I’m on dial-up modem so I didn’t watch the whole thing (Didn’t want to spend an hour waiting for the whole thing to dowmload) But I saw enough to say that I admire this young woman for speaking her mind; especially in a crowd of “hostiles.” (Of course, this whole thing could have been for the sake of getting it on you-tube.)

    Nonetheless, while I don’t agree that some of her facts are, in fact, “fact.” Book is quite right that this woman did not trade insults (except for maybe the “sput up” comment I think I heard her say).  She did stick to her points despite being called some pretty nasty things.  I just loved her stand when she was asked how many babies she personally had adopted – “what’s your point?” she kept saying, “what’s your point?” Loved it!

    Mike D, I would like to think that you have it right that many who walked away learned something; especially that a strong, young, black woman with different ideas will not back down.  But, unfortunately, I think many of them are more likely to think that she has been brain-washed or is simply a “House Slave.”  I do think the good news is that at least a few of them have learned what you say – and that’s all that’s needed – just a few and, maybe, more will follow.

  • Ymarsakar

    ” But, unfortunately, I think many of them are more likely to think that she has been brain-washed or is simply a “House Slave.””
    They don’t count. The ones that count are the ones that stayed. Kids, some old people, and some other scattering there abouts. The funny thing was the kids. They were paying attention, you could see.