I knew from the headline that it was a Democratic politician arrested for rape

To appreciate how the headline gave me the information I needed, you have to be familiar with Sherlock Holme’s concept of “the dog that didn’t bark.”  In other words, sometimes the absence of evidence is all the evidence you need.  In this case, the AP headline was a lean, mean “Kings County Supervisor accused of rape.

“Aha!” says I to myself.  Had it been a Republican, the headline would have read “Republican official accused of rape.”  The fact that the headline was silent about party affiliation is a dead giveaway as to party affiliation.

To test my theory, I read the article and, sure enough, there, right in the very last paragraph, it said “The Democrat was first elected to the Kings County Board of Supervisors in 2008 and serves as the board’s chairman.” (Emphasis mine.)

So, once again, the AP is trying to hide the obvious.  It’s efforts have become so predictable, however, that it gives its own game away.

By the way, by writing the above, I am not falling into the conspiracy theory trap.  That’s the one where the liberals describe the Tea Party as racist, despite the absence of any racist acts or rhetoric.  Their problem, though, is that they cannot point to a pattern of omission versus commission.  They can just assure you that total silence is proof.  With the AP, because we have a regularly occurring pattern — Republicans are identified by party, Democrats are not — we can reach logical conclusions based on the patterns’ iteration.

As it happens, I hope that the supervisor is not a rapist.  The sentence immediately preceding the one describing his party affiliation says that he was once a Marine.  Now, obviously, he didn’t learn enough in the Marines because he’s a Democrat but, assuming he served honorably, I don’t want to learn that he is indeed a rapist.

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  • jj

    If there’s actually a conspiracy, then it’s hard to see how it could be a trap – and there most certainly is a conspiracy to hide democrat wrong-doing among “journalists.”  If they’re really after you, then you’re not paranoid, are you?
    It was on display in good old California newspapers day before yesterday as regards Bell’s terrific – and terrifically paid – “public servants,” too.  Story after story of them being frog-marched off in chains, not a word until the last graf about the fact that they’re all democrats.

  • Charles Martel

    Book, your reading technique calls to mind how the Russians were able to mine Pravda for actual truth back in the USSR. Basically, you assumed that what you were reading was either a lie or misdirection, and then reasoned backward from there.

    A lie, for example, would be “Israelis Continue Middle East Aggression.” Easy enough to see through given the transparently anti-Semitic, pro-totalitarian nature of Soviet foreign policy.

    A misdirection required a bit more sleuthing. A headline such as “KGB Arrests Shoe Factory Saboteur Ring” would have been intended to show that the Party was vigilantly shepherding the transition to Communism. But what it would really have meant was, “Due to Marxism and Mismanagement, Shoe Factories Fail to Meet Quotas for 36th Year in a Row; Citizens Should Brace for Annual Shoe Shortage.” 

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    evil does what evil does.

    what else is new.

    Oh, btw, Book, you might like this music.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Y, that is a scream. Thank you!