About the Juan Williams firing *UPDATED*

I managed to get as far as writing a nasty letter to NPR about the Juan Williams firing, because my day self-destructed, and my blogging hopes ended.  Fortunately, many of my blog friends have been very busy, so let me pass them on to you.  You know, without my having to tell you, how good each of the following writers is, so you can be assured that you will enjoy, and quite possibly agree with, what each has to say:

The Anchoress


Melissa Clouthier

Brutally Honest

AJ Strata

Incidentally, my take on it to NPR was that NPR long ago stopped being a news outlet, and became an opinion outlet for the Democratic Party, with the opinion packaged to look like news.  For NPR to fire Williams for openly voicing his opinion took hypocrisy to new heights.  I also pointed out that, while I no longer listen to NPR’s claptrap, I still have a say in the matter, since I’m forced to pay its bills.

UPDATE:  A few more good links —

Best of the Web

John Fund

Rhymes with Right

Sarah Palin

And Fox gave Juan a job — because Fox actually lets people speak

You’ll find yourself enjoying the different writing styles, but I think you’ll see that they all reach the same conclusion:  NPR, a taxpayer funded institution, showed the horrible nexus of political correctness and dhimmitude that will destroy America unless we start refusing to let them bully us.  The only way to deal with political correctness is to ignore it.  Sadly, though, too many people are cowed by it.  I’m actually not.  I may not be a confrontational person, but I’ll politely, and factually, argue my way around the PC shibboleths that try to constrain me.  Usually, the people to whom I’m speaking end up nodding like those floppy necked dogs on car dashboards.  PC can’t shut down the part of their brain that knows I’m right; all it can do is cut out their tongues, preparing them for the ultimate ritual sacrifice.

This is the way to treat PC censorship:

Or as Ben Franklin said:  “We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”