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    Re women converting to Islam (and often the most fundamentalist and stringent forms thereof, it seems)…Arthur Koestler’s forgotten novel The Age of Longing provides some insight on this phenomenon. I wrote a long review/essay on this book, here:

  • Tonestaple

    I am left breathless at the utter fatuity of the women interviewed in this article.  First, I have to say that the Church of England and most other Christian churches are doing an awesomely crappy job of catechesis if these women can’t find meaning in Christianity.  Of course, Christianity is much more complex than Islam so I guess they’re not such deep thinkers after all.  (In this day and age, it’s quite possible that these silly women were raised in absolutely no faith at all, no matter what they claim.) To obtain purpose in life by following the incredibly picayune dictates of Mohammed’s likes and dislikes says that these women had no purpose in life before and still have only the shallowest notion of what purpose really is. To prove my point about lousy Christian education, these women have apparently fallen for the Muslim lie that Christians worship three gods, just one more way in which Islam demonstrates it does not possess its claimed respect for Christianity.  We also see the usual claptrap about how all of our problems with Islam arise from culture and not from the glorious religion itself.  Does this mean that the culture of Mecca, of Saudi Arabia, is not Islamic?  I would like to see her explain that to the imams of SA.  Hell, I’d like to see her explain that to Mufti Ibrahim Desai of askimam.org. The list of cliches goes on:  Strict Islamic dress is empowering; felt oppressed by western culture; Islam gave me purpose in life; it’s liberating to be a Muslim.  I do believe they all read the same tract.  But the most telling statement of all was one woman who said about Islam, “I am so grateful I found my escape route.”  And that’s the whole secret, isn’t it?  She no longer has to think for herself as Mohammed took care of all of that for her.

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    From the book I referenced above..
    Her thoughts travelled back to Sister Boutillot standing in the alley which led to the pond…Oh, if she could only go back to the infinite comfort of father confessors and mother superiors, of a well-ordered hierarchy which promised punishment and reward, and furnished the world with justice and meaning. If only one could go back! But she was under the curse of reason, which rejected whatever might quench her thirst without abolishing the gnawing of the urge; which rejected the answer without abolishing the question. For the place of God had become vacant and there was a draught blowing through the world as in an empty flat before the new tenants have arrived.

    60 years after Koestler wrote the above, we begin to see who the New Tenants might be, and it is not comforting knowledge.


  • Charles Martel

    Tonestaple raises a good point, namely the complexity of Christianity versus the simplicity of Islam. In many ways, the relationship between God and His creatures and Allah and its creatures is the difference between a demanding, but loving, father’s treatment of his children and a slavemaster’s treatment of his property.

    I suppose there are some slaves that enjoy the freedom from thought or responsibility that their state allows. Certainly the poor ditzy women in the article are slaves—either to their whims and urges or else to somebody/something that will still allow them to live without a will.

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    Humans are easy to manipulate. It’s why there is such a thing as human resources. Proper management and leadership involves making people do what a lot of them simply don’t want to do. But they need to do it nonetheless.

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    Earlier article on the same subject:
    “Since 9/11, vast numbers of educated, privileged middle-class white women have converted to Islam, often the most restricted forms with tediously long rulebooks. Surveys suggest they are the fastest growing group of converts in the West…(one of these converts) says her husband is “untainted by the jaded confusion of western urban life”. Such images of contamination and purity are often used to explain the decisions. Three such converts told me last year their nun-like apparel makes them feel less objectified and they feel “cleansed”.”

  • jj

    Have never understood why any female with any pretension to possessing a brain at all would want to be a muslim.  It’s pretty much tantamount to saying: “here I am, please put a bag over my head and beat the s**t out of me as you wish, whenever it pleases you to do so.  If I complain about it you can kill me.”
    Wow – there’s a deal for the thoughtful female!