Just Because Music — Village People’s In the Navy

I’m simultaneously trying to get an appellate brief ready for file (a good one, that Don Quixote wrote) and help my husband with a speech he has to give to a large group at work.  Blogging will have to wait a little.

While I was doing all this work, however, I heard the Village People sing In the Navy, and was struck by what a pro-Navy song it is.  Back in the 1970s, when it came out, I never actually listened to the lyrics.  Instead, I simply assumed that, because the group had a gay theme (although not all of them were gay), the song was a nudge-nudge, wink-wink, about floating gay nookie.  In fact, the lyrics are remarkably nice about the Navy itself.  Check it out:

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    Cottus, I bet the perfect irony would be that the admiral that lets another say movie be filmed, will be praised for cultural gay awareness, even though the song would produce disharmony and discipline problems (gay officer gave out thousands of electronic copies of US secrets because they went easy on him given his open sexuality)

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