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    Git em while they are young.

  • Mike Devx

    Harsh and absolutely truthful!  Wow!  That’s a great one.
    Breitbart just published this audio to YouTube, late last night?  It could turn the Alaska Senate election decisively for Joe Millier IF IT CAN BREAK THROUGH what will definitely be their media blackout of it.  Book, can you help?
    A group of reporters in Alaska are on a conference call, and someone dialed up Joe Miller’s office and left it as a message to him – a “traitor to their cause”?  In the call, these REPORTERS are discussing how they are going to submarine Joe Miller one last time.  They’re going to find a registered sex offender – if they can – at the rally and tie him to Miller in their reportage.  As they said, “In a crowd of that size, there’s bound to be one sex offender somewhere.  We just have to find him.”
    And if any sort of conflict breaks out, they’ll go with a misleading headline: “Joe Miller punches out at rally!”
    I’m used to their outrageously slanted coverage.  I’m used to their omissions.  I’m used to them targetting one side (ours) and never the other.  But this goes beyond the pale.  This is deliberate dirty tricks against one side. How can they not lose their jobs, every single one of them?
    This must be going on all around the country.  It’s only rarely that they get caught at it.  RARELY.  This is just like Climategate, the global warming scandal.  We were weeks away from that big conference where billions of our tax dollars were going to be seized for international redistribution to “fight global warming”… and someone on the inside leaked the Climategate material showing that the so-called scientists driving the effort were complete frauds.  Here we have one of those reporters in this conference call deciding to send the conversation live to Joe Miller… also at the last minute… to expose the vicious corruption and deceit and lies at the heart of the matter.
    If any of this monstrous behavior is happening on our side, we’re better at hiding it.  The law of averages and statistics would indicate that that is not the case – primarily because our guys are no SMARTER.  They too would get caught.  We have case after case being exposed as this election approaches of these guys on the left getting caught in devious trick after devious trick.  SEIU Employees, teacher union employees, etc etc.  Harry Reid’s election campaign workers.  On it goes.
    And now we have REPORTERS not just slanting the coverage to throw the elections… not just deceiving us… but actively taking a part in dirty tricks to CAUSE an election to change.
    This is what you get when Obama calls the other side the ENEMY.  His fellow Americans are the ENEMY (and jihadist terrorists are not the enemy; Obama can’t bring himself to call them an enemy.  Only we fellow Americans are the enemy.  He’ll bring a gun to the knife fight.  And so on.
    This country is in deep, deep trouble.  The other side will stop at nothing.  They have no ethics, no morals, no integrity.  Everything goes.  You can’t play nice when the other side is playing like THIS.  I take that back – they’re not playing.  This IS a knife fight, a gun fight, and they will shoot us in the back.  They’ll do anything.  Anything.

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    ” This is deliberate dirty tricks against one side. How can they not lose their jobs, every single one of them?”
    This doesn’t surprise me. If I was running a psych war campaign or a propaganda campaign, I’d probably be using similar methods. Although mine would be more effective and professional, especially on the OPSEC corner.

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    One of the reasons why it wasn’t very hard, when Andrew Breitbart started talking about Sherrod, for me to refuse to consider in any manner whatsoever that Breitbart had erred or messed up, is the simple fact that I know. I believe with total focus and concentration that the Left is evil.

    Those that don’t believe the Left was evil, had some doubts. They were wanting to give Sherrod the benefit of the doubt. Just because. I don’t give Leftists “benefit” of anything, period.

    When the Gawker story came out on Palin or The Witch OD, I didn’t give the Left the benefit of anything. I didn’t believe for one second anything they said or wrote.

    And do you know why? Because I know how the Left operates. I already know their game plan. I already know their SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). I already know the patterns by which they sustain and begin offensive operations. I already know how they think, how their mental defenses work and how their damage control spin doctoring is supposed to function in both Theory and Reality. Knowing all this, why do I need to be “told” anything about what Breitbart did or did not do with Sherrod. Why did I need to hear anything about what Gawker is or is not when they put the article out on the Witch.

    I already knew what was going to happen. It’s not a surprise. It’s not something new that I had to figure out. It’s not something that a newbie has to sit down and learn, because they’re not confident enough to do it alone.

    I have also seen Breitbart’s behavior. I’ve heard his thoughts, seen his actions, and witnessed his operative tempo. The codice on justice would normally say that any man, be he of infernal destination or heavenly descent, can be judged to be good or evil based upon their actions. It does not matter what they claim for themselves, what lies are spoke by them or against them, or what claims are brought up against their character. The only thing that matters in discerning the truth of a person’s allegiance to Light or Darkness is their actions.

    I say to everyone that had any doubt that Breitbart was fully in the right and Sherrod was fully in the wrong, to let go of your doubts. Should you belong to the side of Justice and Truth, your imagination is incapable of envisaging the true extent of the Left’s nihilistic doctrines. Simply assume that they are capable of the maximum evil that you have ever contemplated and chances are, reality will prove you right. And if it does not, then you might want to think about defecting to another side. Cause if the Left isn’t that evil and terrible, then the enemies of the Left must not be that great, either.

    Knowing the full extent and nature of the enemy is a required first step. Evil corrupts all that follows in its steps. Those who belong to the Left, whatever their original intentions or wishes, have become corrupted. It doesn’t matter who they are. It doesn’t matter what their job, sex, or economic status is. They are as the same as the Left.

    I believed in such years ago. It was pointless to talk about it, however. As my own experiences were incapable of being transmitted to those who simply thought Leftists and their Democrat tools were misguided and could be reformed or convinced not to crush the weak beneath their soles. Talking convinces nobody until they see for themselves evil’s true face. They lack the imagination to see the horror and depravity. They lack the will to face the executions and the cruelty visited upon all of humanity, by the Left.

    Well, regardless of whether you are ignorant concerning the true nature of the Left, you won’t be ignorant for long. For the Left has indeed implemented some of their final options inside the United States of America. I need say no more than one thing:

    Watch and see for yourself.