The drive-by media plots Joe Miller’s assassination *UPDATED*

Some CBS affiliated reporters got together to figure out how to sabotage Joe Miller in the last days before Alaska’s election.  Being horribly mean and vicious, though, doesn’t mean that one doesn’t make mistakes.  After all, feral intelligence isn’t a complete intelligence.  Here the mistake was that, somehow, the reports managed to leave their little conference as a voicemail message for Miller’s spokesman.  Read more about the whole thing here.  And then listen to the plot, which is exceptionally sordid, below.  Remember this one forever as an example of how the modern American media operates.

Hat tip:  Mike Devx

UPDATE:  There a certain Keystone Kops quality to the reporter’s conduct.  Yes, they plotted something truly foul, but they did so with such ineptitude they got caught and publicly humiliated.  Now, to add to the slapstick quality of the whole thing, they’re contending that they were just strategizing possible things that might actually happen, rather than trying to find a child molester to attach to the Miller campaign.  The only difference between these yahoos and the Kops, is that the Kops were innocent and funny.  These guys and gals, despite sharing the stupidity, are as malevolent as anyone you’ll find within this nation’s borders.

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    Sarah Palin understates it by only calling them, ‘corrupt bastards’.

  • Ymarsakar

    I like Palin.
    The Left is doing me a favor. They are telling me the truth of those on my side. When the Left treats my “allies” gently, I know those “allies” have betrayed me. When the Left savages my other allies, I will know that those are the most important ones to protect and reinforce.
    It’s just like the Game of Kings in the end. And people are getting a crash crush, whether they want it or not. Cause their tax dollars are funding it. What with Obama on the rampage.
    You see, Book, this is only one of many many reasons why I hate the Left. But particularly, this one reason is special. I hate the Left because they just won’t defeat my expectations. I expect them to be the most horrible SOBs and devils and demons and cannibals on the face of the Earth. And they simply refuse to let me down. That, in itself, is unforgivable. Not even a single one of them will rise above the expectations I have of them. Not a Single One
    If they had showed a scintilla of mercy, decency, regret, or ethical behavior, I might have let them off with some light punishment due to extenuating circumstances. But they’re long past that point of no return.

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  • Spartacus

    A friend of mine once put it this way:  “I’m from New York.  I see a cockroach crawling across the kitchen floor, I assume there’s 10,000 underneath.”
    We know that the Moonbeam Campaign thinks Meg Whitman is a whore, and that newsies in Alaska salivate over the idea of insinuating a relation between Joe Miller and the sleaziest scumbag they can identify at a large, public rally.  But only, in each case, because of a revealing voicemail that was shockingly improbable in its origins.  And yet, we’ve seen two of these cases in just the last few weeks.
    There’s more cockroaches under these floors than you can shake a can of Raid at.

  • Ymarsakar

    Spartacus, the whole house is made out of cockroaches. The roaches let you stomp a few out so you can think you are safe ; ) But when you go to sleep…

  • Ymarsakar

    “These guys and gals, despite sharing the stupidity, are as malevolent as anyone you’ll find within this nation’s borders.”
    Now imagine these people being given access to all the Facebook pages that people spent diligent time adding to their profiles (of themselves). Secret police any body?
    And before people talk about privacy policies, remember that Obama can simply nationalize businesses. Is there privacy when the government gets hold of your records? And before anybody talks about lawsuits and the law, remember what happened in the Black Panther case. It was let go with no legal consequences.
    Book is right. Beware the Malevolence.