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Apropos my apparent fascism, one neocon, an former Communist, and also an Italian Jew, suggests that supporting Israel may be enough to earn that appellation from the Left.  (H/t Soccer Dad)

Speaking of Soccer Dad, at his blog we have another reminder that Ataturk‘s western nation is vanishing, to be replaced by a hardline Islamic nation.

As a companion piece to three depressing posts about Islam’s ascendancy vis a vis Christianity, Bruce Kesler introduces us to an organization that’s trying to challenge discrimination against Christians.

I’ve mentioned that I use my “real” Facebook as a means, very politely and disingenuously, to challenge my liberal friend’s strident, usually unthinking, worldviews.  (All some of them, I admit, are a lost cause, whom I keep as friends only for the amusement value.)  Turns out I’m not the only one.  Here are some techniques if you’d like to use facebook as a gentle means to return some of your lost liberal friends to the real world.

The Anchoress has a great memory.  Back in 2004, when liberals lost, they went out of their way to make loud apologies to other Americans for failing to win the good fight to save the political world from Bush.  This time around, they’re remarkably silent.

It’s not just that Obama is again loudly criticizing Israel (all the while managing to keep his mouth shut about Palestinian behavior).  It’s that he uses a Muslim nation as the forum for his criticism.  I can’t quite articulate it, but there’s something even lower than the usual low about doing that.

Union bosses are content to kill the goose that lays the golden egg (that would be the American economy, by the way).  Union rank and file is, apparently, less thrilled about that short-sighted approach to their lives and livelihoods.

I’m worried that we’re showing hubris by getting all excited about Pelosi’s decision to retain her leadership status.  (Here’s an example from Roger Simon, whose writing is always so delicious.)  Nancy is vile.  Nancy is dishonest.  Nancy is intellectually stupid.  Nancy is all that.  But she’s also got a feral knack for manipulating people (aided, no doubt, by her dishonesty), and I have no doubt that the core players (Soros, the Chicago people) are behind her move because they think it will benefit them.  I don’t know how it will benefit them, but I’m neither manipulative nor dishonest.  We should certainly feel free to laugh, but I’d still keep my hand on my weapons around that woman.

I’ve been trying to explain to my kids all the reasons I despite the UN.  (This is a subject that comes up annually, because I refuse to give “coins to UNICEF.”)  Here’s a good, albeit merely symbolic reason, for loathing that antisemitic tyranny that elevates every tin-pot dictator to meaningful power, all of it aimed against Israel.

Oh, and here’s a good article about what constitutes real “progress.”  (By the way, how many old school Democrats do you think appreciate the way they’re now classified as “Progressives,” which is an entirely different political animal.  For all its whining about its inability to communicate over right wing noise, the Left is miraculously adept at manipulating language.)  (H/t New Editor)

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  • Indigo Red

    I appreciate the 10 suggestions for dealing with liberals on Facebook and anywhere else, too. Having blogged for nearly five yrs, commented on blogs of others for much longer, and been on FB for a yr or two, I’ve used all ten. I’ve no more Liberal FB friends, they’ve all unfriended me because they could not defend their positions. Not even the lawyer and the paralegal who both argued most aggressively, but gained no ground and departed in billows of invective. Though I’ve lost several Liberal friends I’ve known since childhood, I’ve gained many more Conservative friends I have never met.


    In the days leading up to Katrina, the National Weather Forecasters tracked every possibility. There were few of us that were not glued to the TV or radio. We’re now getting to that time of year, when snow storms and warnings are upon us. Oh sure, they can’t be on target each and every time, but at least there’s a warning..some notice that maybe, just maybe you may be in harm’s way – so, prepare accordingly – better safe than sorry.
    What we have is a steady class of drivers, who refuse to wear seat belts, refuse to notice that not every driver is a good one and that too many drive drunk, tired and on expired licenses. The denier-drivers have more than a good chance of getting run off the road or involved in a head-on collision. They’re not innocent victims or statistics – they refused to put  heed the warnings and chanced driving on an icy road with crazies coming in the opposite direction.

    The Islamization of Gaza
    A couple of weeks back we heard from Zainab Rashid. Now here’s Mkhaimar Abusada, professor of political science at Al-Azhar University in Gaza, making very much the same points:
    The process of Islamization is being imposed by the Hamas government and its security apparatuses as well as volunteer dawa groups who go from door to door asking people to adhere to Islamic laws and hijab conservative dress. Beyond its imposition of Islamic social codes on daily life, Hamas controls the social, educational and religious systems that indoctrinate the residents with Islamic values that have a long-term effect on the nature of Gazan society.

  • Tonestaple

    I have fun with liberals on Facebook regularly.  I “Liked” Nicholas Kristoff and my congressthingie, “Baghdad Jim” McDermott and it turns out it is so much fun to inject reality into their worship of these two fundamentally silly and ignorant men.

    Although I can’t remember the exact post that started it, a history professor friend posted something about how Republicans have to put money where their mouths are and come up with real budget cuts amounting to $1T or so.  I immediately pointed out some, and one of his other friends said something typically liberal about the war.  I responded with something along the lines of “I know.  We would have been much better off if we had simply invaded Iran and taken out the mullahs.”  She responded with “I wish there was a “Hate” button for some of these comments.”  And so I of course said, “I think exactly the same thing.”

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Pelosi knows where all the bodies are buried.
    Taking her out would be the equivalent of taking out a US carrier on the strategic level.