Paying work Open Thread

Once again, I find myself in the fortunate position of having paying work.  I’d rather blog — but money’s money and, more importantly, DQ needs my help.

It’s Open Thread time until I wrap up my work (or need a break).

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  1. JKB says

    A couple of things I’ve come across recently:
    A great review of “How the Economy Grows”.  If the book stands up to how it is reviewed, it’d be a good bedtime read for kids (on economics, no less).  Hey, even if it fails to engage the imagination, as an economics book it is sure to bring sleep.
    How an Economy Grows – George F. Smith – Mises Daily
    And her is Calvin Coolidge in the first filmed presidential speech (youtube…watch?v=5puwTrLRhmw&feature=related).  He sounds very Tea Partyish.  And really, I’ve heard no one say it so plainly.

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