Regrouping Open Thread

As you may have guess from my blog silence yesterday, it was a very long weekend, which left no time for blogging.  Even if I’d had the opportunity to write, I didn’t have the time to ruminate, which is a predicate to any writing I do.  (Yes, I know that’s not always obvious.)

This morning, too, has been busy, although not in any very productive way.  I’m heading off to lunch with DQ, though, which is always revitalizing.  In the meantime, there are a few things I was saving for your attention:

Mr. Bookworm, who is an ardent Jon Stewart fan, got very agitated when he watched Jon Stewart’s attacks on Glenn Beck’s attacks against George Soros.  As far as Mr. Bookworm is concerned, Glenn Beck is a Nazi who, by showing Soros as a Jewish puppet master, is engineering another Holocaust.  I agree that, as a Jew, it’s disturbing to me that Soros is Jewish — but that’s in large part because there is no one more dangerous than a self-hating Jew.  It is Soros who funds some of the worst antisemitism in America, and backs some of the most anti-Israel groups (including the now discredited J-Street).  It was a fruitless conversation for me to point out that Beck, a Mormon, has shown himself to be a friend of Israel and a friend of Jews, while Soros has consistently been a heavy-duty enemy.

Anyway, I thought of this foolish go-round when I read Barry Rubin’s amazing essay about Friedrich Nietzsche.  I had no idea that Nietzsche was an ardent philosemite.  Because he got co-opted by the Nazis, I blithely assumed that he was as antisemitic as the Nazis.  What a surprise to learn that it was Nietzsche’s hostility to Christianity that gave him cachet with the Nazis and led to him being forever conflated with the Holocaust.

On a totally different subject, unless we’re talking in generalities about the Leftist police state, if you want your liver curled, read about the excesses of Child Protective Services in England.  I thought it was bad here, but the neuroses that characterizes local parents when they think of that heavy-handed organization is nothing compared to the real fear parents in England feel.

Sadie sent me a link to a scathing indictment of the new TSA tactics.  I think you’ll find it as interesting as I did.  I continue to hold my position that I don’t mind enhanced security, as long as it’s meaningful enhanced security.  This demeaning charade, however, doesn’t make me feel safer about flying, but it leaves me increasingly scared of my own government.

Bruce Kesler is right — state bankruptcy is the way to go.  Bankruptcy is an orderly way to deal with crushing debt.  It will allow states to get rid of destructive pension plans and the other economic poison.  Of course, what’s going to happen instead is costly bailouts that merely reward utterly irresponsible behavior.  Both bailouts and bankruptcies are painful, but bailouts will ultimately lead to economic death, while bankruptcies are a pruning process that will allow new, green shoots to grow.

After all this, do you need a laugh?  Tom Elia has one, courtesy of Dave Barry and his blurred . . . well, you’ll see.

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  • Ymarsakar

    I’m heading off to lunch with DQ, though, which is always revitalizing.
    Given your immersion in Liberal laland, I suppose that’s a definite Guarantee there.

    Because he got co-opted by the Nazis, I blithely assumed that he was as antisemitic as the Nazis.
    From what little I have read of the Will to Power, it is not about racial purity or genetic power. That would be from Darwin, really. The Aryans got their thing from… the Aryans in Iran, you know.
    Japan, for example, still uses a few Nietzsche ideas.


    When is a Jew no longer Jewish. I understand in a halachic way (Jewish law) your born to a Jewish mother and therefore ….

    But..if your father changed the family name because it sounded too Jewish and your mother converted to Christianity (because being Jewish didn’t suit her tastes) and the off spring never married a Jew nor raised any Jewish children and in fact went out of his way to disengage himself on every possible level as living as a Jew.
    AND…if  you use the word ‘their’ and not ‘our’ you have severed the umbilical cord or were never attached to one.
    According to Connie Bruck of The New Yorker, George Soros told her that “I don’t deny the Jews their right to a national existence — but I don’t want to be part of it.”
    It’s time to stop calling Soros Jewish or a self hating Jew – he is neither.

  • Oldflyer

    How ironic that someone would consider Beck a Nazi for criticizing an individual who cooperated, if not collaborated with the Nazis?
    I am not well enough informed on the situation in Eastern European countries during WWII to make any accusations.  But Soros status seems ambiguous at best.
    My wife has become a big Glenn Beck fan, and I watch him periodically.  He is flamboyant, and he is confrontational; but I have yet to see where anyone has challenged his assertions with contrary facts.  He is potentially dangerous to the left.  Therefore he must be destroyed.


    Last week Jay Rockefeller was calling for the removal of Fox and MSNBC and this week….

    The Church of England has become the latest – and unlikeliest – institution to denounce News Corporation’s bid to take full control of British Sky Broadcasting, arguing that the merged company would dominate British media.
    The Church has written to the media regulator Ofcom, saying Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp should not be allowed to buy out the rest of BSkyB because it would threaten media plurality.

  • suek

    For your reading enjoyment – in case you need a bit more to occupy your time: