People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

An Austrian MP has finally had enough of the way the Turkish government complains about the treatment Turks receive in Austria.  I have no idea what kind of treatment Turks receive in Austria, although if it’s like the rest of Europe, they get welfare, and they do not integrate, both because the welfare keeps them out of the workforce and because Muslims don’t to integrate.  Anyway, if you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll find it interesting:

All I can say is that this is one Austrian who’s had it up to here and beyond with political correctness.  I know some are worried that it sounds like Hitler castigating the Jews, but I don’t see it that way.  The fact that Hitler created and then destroyed a straw man, based only on shadowing conspiracy theories and paranoia, should not mean that all of us in the West are henceforth barred from speaking up against true evil:  and to the extent any Islamist, whether a Turk or a Saudi or an America, openly advocates for (and tries to act upon that advocacy) the destruction of other nations, the subjugation of women, the murder of Jews, Christians and gays, and the world’s forcible conversion to Islam and governance under sharia law, we have an obligation to speak up, and we’re not Nazis for doing so.

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  • Gringo

    Here is more fat on the fire. Should it be pork fat? :)
    From Maggies Farm :

    Just yesterday we discussed more of the serious legal risks of free speech in Austria. Now this: Man fined for yodeling. It offended some delicate, hypersensitive Moslems.
 link at Maggies Farm :

    An Austrian has been fined for yodelling while mowing his lawn, according to a report.
    The Kronen Zeitung newspaper claims Helmut G. was told by a court in Graz, Styria, that his yodelling offended his next-door Muslim neighbours.
    Herr G. says he was not making fun of the Muslim call to prayer, but yodeling because that’s what Austrians do when they’re in a good mood. The judge fixed his good mood by fining him €800, apparently agreeing with the Muslims that absolutely everything is all about them.
    Better get your yodeling in when you can.


    That’s a speech I’d like replayed at the UN.
    p.s. Gringo, read the same story at another site. Thought to myself, if the neighbor could hear my impersonation of a turkey speaking Arabic,  I would have been fined and spent 6 months in the clink, too : )

  • Danny Lemieux

    I like this man…a real man!

  • Ymarsakar

    Now you know why I took German as a foreign language. It has quite the bite doesn’t it.

  • Mike Devx

    I wonder, how many people will view this, and claim to see… xenophobia and hatred?
    It’s startling for us to see that kind of passion.  I see passion driven by moral outrage, not xenophobia or hatred.  One set of rules for Muslim Turkey, another set of rules for Christian Austria???  “I THINK NOT!” this fellow is declaring.  Especially compelling to me was his argument about the murdered archbishop in Turkey – stabbed in the heart eight times and his head cut off. By a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbhar”.
    Contrasted to his question of what would happen should an imam in Austria even be touched (roughed up), let alone stabbed in the heart eight times and his head cut off by a Christian shouting “God is great on his throne in heaven.”  Which, I must note, has NOT happened.  While the Muslim-generated atrocity is happening far too often and is not greeted with revulsion by liberals, who remain puzzlingly silent.  They do NOT feel revulsion.  Why not?
    The double standard remains alive and well – among the Left.  And that is one politician who has clearly had enough!  Congratulations to him!  Sometimes it takes that kind of passion to spark a movement.  Personally I prefer the less emotional, drier, but utterly withering take downs of the type offered by Daniel Hannan.

  • Mike Devx

    Speaking of double standards on the Left, I found this paragraph below illuminating.  From an article in ‘The New Republic’, that bastion of Leftism, on why Obama will not face a serious challenge in 2012:

    The racial politics of the Democratic Party also make a serious primary challenge less likely. Sure, some progressives have been raging at Obama as of late. But anyone credibly threatening to topple Obama would have to pry away a significant chunk of Obama’s support among African Americans—and in case you haven’t noticed, Obama is the first black president. His job approval rating among African Americans is currently 89 percent, and it has not gone below 85 percent at any point of his presidency. Can you conceive of a left-wing revolt that runs directly counter to the manifest wishes of the largest and most loyal segment of the Democratic base? Imagine Hillary Clinton launching her 2008 candidacy without any of the goodwill that her husband’s presidency had engendered among African Americans.

    It’s a truthful paragraph.  Wow – truth from a Leftie!  But it says something else more subtly, I think.  Consider especially these lines:
    > in case you haven’t noticed, Obama is the first black president.
    > Can you conceive of a left-wing revolt that runs directly counter to the manifest wishes of the largest and most loyal segment of the Democratic base?

    Most loyal… to whom or what, and why?  Not most loyal to the Democrat Party!  Or they would be fine with a Democrat challenger.  No, they are loyal to Obama himself, and only Obama.  Why?  Because he is the first black president.

    Can you imagine if white people remained loyal to a particular candidate solely because he is white?  That would be called racism.  And it would be correct.

    And this is pure racism, too.  Enough of the double standards and the excuse-making.  This is racism too.

    I engage in the excuse-making too, because after all Obama is the first black (or half-black) president.  It has seemed understandable to me to support such an achievement.  My outrage will occur if blacks do this again for a second black candidate.  But perhaps I should discard my excuse-making, and be outraged now.

    And they dare accuse us of racism…

  • Gringo

    Ymarsakar Now you know why I took German as a foreign language. It has quite the bite doesn’t it.

    While I never took German, I know a few words [ ein klein]. Herr Stadler’s sarcasm on pronouncing gentlemen/herren  of the embassy was quite pronounced.
    He addressed the double standards of Muslims, where Christian archbishops are beheaded in the Muslim world, but Muslims in Europe must be bowed down to. Are there enough Europeans with spine to do away with the political correctness, without descending into the Fascist mode?  Time will tell.

  • Ymarsakar

    They also talk about how Sarah Palin is on the side of the rapist with the rape kits. This, coming from Polansky supporters and excuse makers. Now isn’t that ironic. Who’s really supporting the rapist here.
    Let’s talk about fascism too. They said Bush was a fascist and he was going to destroy civil liberties with the Patriot Act and wireless surveillance without a warrant. Now you have people searching your junk for “intel” without a warrant, even though it has zero security benefit. Unlike the wireless taps which got a whole lot of information on how terrorists plotted their attacks and prevented civilian deaths. Obama will also stomp down hard on you if you talk about his background or connection with terrorists, using the secret service. He’ll Kick Your Ass, he said. Remember that.

  • Ymarsakar

    Gringo, this Austrian has learned to hate. And from learning to hate injustice, he has obtained a pure motivation and will. Nobody in the US with a weak spine would come right out, in their face, and say that their excuses are because such terrorists are their buddies. That’s not motivated by “real politek” or “special interests” but by pure, un-distilled, fury.
    It is what people will need when they face the Left and Islam. The Left will make you feel guilt and Islam will make you feel the pain of death. In the entire history of the human species, only hate has ever surpassed such strong emotions, let alone both combined.
    It doesn’t matter what a person’s political platform is against Islam, if they lack the fire in their belly to take the fight to the foe… If they’re vacillating and talking about compromise and talking about “Yeah, I’m anti-abortion” and then goes into “yeah, I’ll benefit if I support this bill giving abortion federal funding”, you aren’t going to get what you thought you were getting. Of course, that’s what the D stands for, after their names, after all.
    The desire to destroy what one hates is stronger than greed, it is stronger than self-preservation, and it is stronger than guilt. Hate begets hate solely because the humans that felt no hostility towards those that felt hostile at them, got exterminated. Those genes didn’t pass unto us for want of a better phrase. Maybe the “New Man” of the Left are different, but I doubt it. They just project and displace their hate upon children and other innocents that are too weak to strike back, rather than taking on the real threat, the serial murderers and killers in Islam.
    If the Germans had hated Hitler and his brownshirts more, they wouldn’t have been intimidated to the point where Hitler was granted emergency powers or was made chancellor.
    Obama’s wife wasn’t kidding when she said Obama’ll make you work. Like a hard labor concentration camp, he’ll make you work. For him. You won’t be allowed to stay in your comfort zone. Remember that. Obama’ll create a civilian security force as strong and as well funded as the US military. Remember that.
    And people thought it was fine that blacks were owned as vote slaves by the Democrat plantation. “Oh, it’s harmless. They’re just exercising their right to vote”. They ain’t exercising a damn thing their Democrat masters haven’t already given the go ahead on. And the Democrat party itself follows their own racist dogma to the letter. It was bad enough for con artists like Madoff and company to kill people’s lives just for money. But the Democrats actually have people who believe in their craptastic Utopia and aren’t afraid of hurting you to get it. SEIU will land like a ton of bricks (fat globs) on anyone that dares go up against government union jobs. Like a ton of bricks.
    The best you can hope for from the Left’s revolutionary wing is that they learned bomb making from Ayers and have as great a success rate as Islamic one shop pantywear bombs. Shoe bombs. Bombs that aren’t bombs cause it was sold by the FBI. That’s the best you can hope for. Which is pretty pathetic for a so called free society.


    Thanks for a link.  I noticed that the subtitles left much out, but my German (‘Austrian’) is nowheres near good enough to follow the speech.  Do you have  a link to a transcript, preferable a translation?

  • Bookworm

    I don’t have that information,  I also found the German hard to follow, not only because I’m not at all fluent, despite growing up in a German speaking home, but because the guy had a heavy Austrian accent, very different from the hoch deutsch I grew up hearing.

  • Charles Martel

    Hoch Deutsch = German-sounding expectoration

    Platts Deutsch = German spoken by proud mother of a son who has just become a doctor

    Austrian = Language related to German, spoken in Europe, the 57th U.S. state and that former British colony that’s next door to New Zealand

  • Ymarsakar
    Compare that with the TSA stories.
    Get any ideas?

  • Mike Devx

    Ymar’s  YouTube link in #13…
    There’s something very off-putting about the tone of Michelle Obama’s speech.
    “Barack Obama will require you to work.”   Work how?  Work at a job?  Hell, no.  Work for social change.
    “Barack Obama will never let you go back to your old lives.”  Oh really?  How is he going to FORCE all of these people to toe whatever line she’s talking about?  He will NEVER let you go back to your old lives???  Isn’t that such a strange way to put it?  Think about it; what does that statement by Michelle even mean?
    She was right in that just electing a new face for the Presidency won’t change anything.  It requires a partnership between that president and the American People.  But she never phrased it as such.  A partnership, continuing, bonded, mutually respectful, etc.
    The Obama Administration simply thought that all of their supporters would become useful robots. “March here.  Go there.  Do this.  Do that.”  The Obamas never did engage and work with all of those enthusiastic supporters.  It would have been hard work to keep their  momentum going.  All the reports indicate that the Obamas never intended to roll up their sleeves and engage in the hard work of leading their movement.  They expected to simply imperiously wave their hand at their crowd, like Roman Imperators, commanding their Youthful Brigades to execute their commands.
    And then, of course, the massive bailouts, and taxes, and deficits, and shockingly high unemployment… their brigades deserted them.  Their imperious waves and commands were delivered to fewer and fewer acolytes.  And they’ve become embittered and angry – at their own, for “not being willing” to stay the course.
    It’s collapsing around them.  Day by day it continues to collapse.  35,000 new jobs last month?  Just before Christmas?  You need 150,000 new jobs each month just to break even.  Unemployment – even the LOW FAKE unemployment numbers, are at 9.8%.  What economic recovery?  Their policies – which are also the policies of Pelosi and Reid, and the other far-leftie-radical leaders in Congress – are blasting this country into ruin.  Sensible Democrats, whereever they may be? – had better rescue their party quickly!  I see no signs of it, though.  Good for us conservatives!  The job of saving this country is easier when the Democrats, trapped in the failed ideology they cannot even think of abandoning, dig the far-leftie hole deeper and deeper.  We don’t even have to give them shovels.  They’re doing it all on their own.

  • Ymarsakar

    Good for us conservatives!
    Only if you can convince people that Democrats are at fault. Otherwise they’ll be like Ozzie and say “Both Democrat and Republicans are at fault for vote fraud” then hurry up at and vote 100% Democrat at the polls.


    BW – The excellent pun was not lost on me – People who live in glass ……
    Mike Devx
    Couldn’t agree more. Michele’s choice of words in English are Arbeit macht frei in German.

  • suek

    Actually…every time I see that header, my mind does a mental thing on me… because, a very long time ago, there was a joke about a king who lived in a primitive area who had been given a splendid golden throne by someone who wanted to pass through his kingdom unharmed.  The story is that the king didn’t want to carry the heavy throne with him when the tribe went on their  annual seasonal trek, so had his tribesmen hide it in a special upper level of his grass hut, hoping it would remain undiscovered while they were gone.  Unfortunately for him, the area flooded and the grass hut was inundated, collapsed and the throne dropped to the ground, where it was discovered by a marauding tribe and stolen.
    And the moral of the story is:
    People who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.
    And absurd as it is – every time I see that header, that’s what my mind’s eye sees.

  • Ymarsakar

    People who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.

  • suek

    I _like_ them!  Now…how do you suppose they do a re-upholster job?  Somehow I don’t think upholster tacks would “cut” it…!  glue?  Scotch tape?  I can’t believe that they were made in the early 20th century and still look that good.  They _had_ to be redone.  But how?


    What! You don’t like the ‘royal‘ blue color – LOL.
    There’s a 800 telephone number, I think you should call and ask them and while you’re on the phone ask them if they can scotch guard the fabric you’ve chosen – tell them it’s floral chintz. I just couldn’t resist the humor and wouldn’t I love to see the face of the person, who answers the phone.
    I am remain glue-less as to how to re-upholster the chairs. But you certainly got me curious.

  • suek

    Actually, I _love_ the ROYAL BLUE color…but just don’t believe it’s the original upholstering.  Of course, I suppose the photos could have been taken years ago when the upholstery was not only blue but new…but in that case, you’re still stuck with early 20th century fabric.  Either way – they _have_ re-upholstered them, or they _need_ to re-upholster them.  And _how_ is the question!  Super glue, maybe??
    Scotch guarded floral chintz, eh.  Yeah…I’d like to have a video on that one myself!  Wonder if they have video cams…

  • Ymarsakar

    Why are women often more interested in the particular shade and depth of colors compared to men?
    I have my own theories on this matter, but it would be interesting to hear the input of others.

  • suek

    There _is_ no “why”…if what you say actually exists, then it just simply _is_.
    And I’m not sure it exists…after all…look at all those male homosexual clothes and interior designers.  I’ll guarantee you they’re more concerned about  shades and depth of colors than I – a female – am.  So…you might as well ask why are certain males more interested in the particular shade and depth of colors compared to other males?

  • Ymarsakar

    Homosexuals that intentionally rebel against their gender designation and adopt feminine styles still don’t answer the question of where the feminine focus on colors came from.
    I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve heard men speak about the different variations of a single color in the comment sections of various places.
    Nor are homosexual men naturally interested in fashion, either. Many have normal parameters for hobbies and what not, neither more nor less than other men.

  • suek

    >>Homosexuals that intentionally rebel against their gender designation>>
    Bad Ymar…BAD!!!
    >>Nor are homosexual men naturally interested in fashion, either.>>
    Heh.  If you say so.
    I am _not_ going to touch this one!!