Henpecked husbands in the White House

Everyone has been talking about Obama’s bizarre behavior in ceding his press conference to Bill Clinton and just walking away.  What I haven’t seen commented upon yet, but what I find incredibly funny, is the henpeckedness of it all.  Both of these men are reputed to have wives with more testicular fortitude than they have themselves.  With that in mind, pay close attention to the wife dialog in the following video:

Obama:  Here’s what I’ll say which is that I’ve been keeping the First Lady waiting for about half an hour, so I’m going to take off.

Clinton:  I don’t want to make her mad.  Please go.

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  • http://rockportconservatives.blogspot.com/ Ruth H

    It would be fun to call this henpecked but I don’t see it as that.  I see it as Obama having a good excuse to leave. He doesn’t like press conferences and Clinton absolutely loves to talk.  It was a way for both men using the old saw of how bad wives are to achieve both their desires, Obama to leave, Clinton to talk, and talk, and talk. I do see it as a put down to wives in implying henpeckishness.

  • Spartacus

    Hope & Change finally admits to being Bait & Switch.

  • jj

    All of which is probably perfectly true, Ruth – but it doesn’t change that the two women involved are horrid people.  Noel Coward once said that some women should be struck regularly, like gongs.  Though my approach to women is not fundamentally the same as Noel Coward’s, I nonetheless understand what he meant, and could point to these two as candidates.  Bitter bitches, both of them.  They have been treated far better at the hands of the world then either deserves, indeed they have been exceptionally well treated and coddled by the world.  In exchange for which they both exhibit – at their core – an astonishing lack of grace, lack of humility, and expectation of preferment.  Neither of them has earned any of the preferment they receive and for which they are so ungrateful, and I am not at all surprised that the two men – both themselves worthless at their core, but adept manipulators of the system – are perfectly willing to spend the majority of their time away from them.
    Obama probably urged his personal harridan to be as far away from him as possible for his last birthday, so he could hoist a few, have a cigar, and get quietly blasted without having to listen to her – or look at her perpetually sour face.  Clinton tries to spend no more than a couple of hours a year with his, and, being somewhat earthier and a bit bolder and more human than President Robot, cheerfully takes advantage of the fact that he’s worked his life out to rarely be in the same country, so he can exercise what’s left of his incipient priapism at will.

  • http://rockportconservatives.blogspot.com/ Ruth H

    I definitely was not defending those women, just saying that men do make those remarks and they are disparaging to all women.  They were using the old ball and chain routine.

  • Tonestaple

    After watching the video elsewhere, I had exactly the same thought as Book:  how cowardly are these men that they are afraid to offend Michelle Obama.  But there’s also truth in what Ruth said:  if Obama wasn’t really afraid that he was going to have to contend with a pissed-off Michelle, then he was being his usual slimy self and blaming someone else for what he really wanted to do.

  • Mike Devx

    I see it as Clinton getting to do what he loves to do.  And Obama, strangely enough, glad to not have to continue to perform the public speaking duties, and happily fleeing.
    Community organizers ought to love being in the public spotlight.  But Obama failed at nearly all aspects of community organizing when in Chicago.  Look it up; look up all the actual *harm* he visited upon the poverty-stricken black Chicago residents he tried to represent.  He’s also a terrible public speaker without his teleprompter.
    He enjoys the community organizing aspect of his Presidency and nothing about it, though, and he enjoys it for one reason only: POWER.  Any duties not related directly to the raw exercise of power, he couldn’t give a damn about.  But for him it’s not just power; it’s power in his own service and advancement, and power in the advancement of his few key ideological beliefs:  Socialist redistribution; assaults on traditionalism; hatred of the American military and everything we love about America’s past.  Most importantly: The destruction of Obama’s enemies.  This is not the same thing at all as the “destruction of America’s enemies.”  As Obama has made perfectly clear, he has no foreign enemies; he has only domestic enemies, and they are conservatives and those non-RINO Republicans who oppose him.  THEY are the enemy.  To be pitchforked, stabbed, shot, bludgeoned and otherwise destroyed.  If not destroyed, cowed into complete submission, just as dhimmis are with Muslims, would have to suffice.
    As his friend Van Jones recently said, “There is nothing redemptive about America.”  Oh, really?  What other country has made as much progress in racial civil rights as America, over the last seventy years???  I’d love to see Van Jones emerge from his house of excrement and LIST all the ways in which America is not redemptive.  And see if the wretched Obama agrees with his list or not.

  • Libby

    Obama was taking advantage of the fact that his wife is a harridan, as in “Hey, what can I do? A man’s gotta do what his wife tells him to.” He was using Michelle as an out since he couldn’t dare admit that he himself wanted to leave. So he’s whipped and too wimpy to finish his own the spontaneous press conference. I’m sure Putin and others took notice of this.
    And Clinton agreeing with him, telling him he should go? Well, I can only imagine that he used the “Hillary would kill me if…” routine with his mistresses as an excuse for never leaving her for them. Again, using the harridan wife as an out. This is why these men stick with their wives – they look nicer in comparison, can claim to be saints for sticking with them, and can blame them when convenient. Not a pretty picture.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Libby, didn’t you just describe the relationship of the Leftist alliance with America?


    POTUS defers to the former president and takes off rather than answer too many questions and  the former president, couldn’t stop talking. I think he spoke for 20 min. to reporters.   It’s not like Obama took on a part time job at Macy’s for the holidays,  but it sure looks and sounds like it. The minute too many customers are in the store, he wants to take a coffee break.
    Obama  put forth a very controversial agenda and who did his heavy lifting, Nancy.
    Doesn’t want to answer questions  and Michele is the fall guy.
    TSA, immigation – Janet Napolitano takes the heat.
    I think he has surrounded himself with women so if anything goes awry he can blame them, just as he probably blamed his mother.

  • suek

    Here’s a good article.  It describes my thoughts about him to a tee…(tea?  T?…now where did _that_ expression come from!)
    Interesting observations.  I agree that their “fear” of their wives is bogus – it’s a sop to the NOW women…”See???  I’m _President_ but I’m just the nominal head – it’s really my wife who has all the power”.  And Bill’s affairs prove it.  If he were _really_ afraid of his wife…would he have _dared_ to have them?  in the same house his wife lived in???  I don’t believe it.
    And Sadie… I was reading just this AM about a serial killer – a particularly brutal one – in Massachusetts who only confessed after his mother died…he couldn’t destroy everything she believed in (meaning she believed he was innocent), and that’s why he didn’t confess before.  And of course, all the shows about murderers who kill women to get back at their mothers…you’d think there’s _some_ psychological basis for the plots!  So…I have a feeling you’re on to something…something about being abandoned by his mother.
    I still think he’s a puppet – out of control, though.  A  Pinocchio…


    suek …to a tee or ‘t’. No definitive answer, so pick the one that suits you to a T