Semper Fi!

Blackfive links to Lieutenant General John Kelly’s tribute to the Marines, a tribute made more moving if one knows that Gen. Kelly’s son had died in combat a mere four days before his father gave that speech.  General Kelly’s speech culminates with a moving description of the last seconds in the lives of Corporal Jonathan Yale and Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter who, without fear or hesitation, stood down a suicide bomb truck, saving 50 lives in the process.  We know precisely how they responded because, by happenstance, a video camera caught their last moments on earth. Each won the Navy Cross posthumously (although I think they could equally well have been candidates for the Medal of Honor).

On my “real” facebook, I put up a link to Gen. Kelly’s speech.  My facebook friends ignored it entirely.  Some, I’m sure, never saw it.  But some, the ones who comment routinely on my posts, were strangely silent.

My suspicion is that liberals don’t know what to do with this kind of story. It makes them uncomfortable, I think. For them, their whole relationship with the military is a bit like stealing: they refuse to pay emotionally for the military (meaning they deny it their support and admiration), but they still enjoy the benefits the military confers on America (namely, freedom).

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  • Ymarsakar

    But some, the ones who comment routinely on my posts, were strangely silent.
    It’s moral cowardice. Facts don’t actually convince Libs. What does convince them is power, conviction,  aggression (verbal or otherwise), and lack of vulnerabilities to the usual Leftist antics.
    If you look weak, they’ll all pounce on you like a gang kicking somebody on the street that’s fallen over. If you sound confident and if you have the power to back it up (a gun), most street hoods will leave you alone. The same is true of those allied with the Left. They get real quiet when the real deal faces them. Certainly they have the “strength” to talk about people behind their backs. But when confronted with true power, in their face, they wilt.
    What do you do when you spar people like this?
    We were sparring in the advanced class, and my instructor ALWAYS says to take it easy and go light. There’s this one guy that goes 100% full power every time. I’m pretty small, only 125-130 pounds, and he’s 180-200 pounds. I’m still not the best fighter either when it comes to sparring, still need a few more years to practice. Anyway I’m 16 he looked about 17-18, and we were sparring and my instructor told him to go light on me and take it easy. We start the round and he’s throwing huge kicks like he’s trying to break my legs complete 100% power, he had me in the corner and he was pounding on me while I was balled up trying to protect my face like you’re supposed to do in MT. I have huge bruises all over.

    Anyways after the round was over my instructor yelled at him to get in the ring, and my instructor went 100% power on him to teach him a lesson I guess and nailed him really hard and the guy threw up all over the ring, One of the other instructors, Keijro came to talk to me and explained that they don’t want people like that in their gym, and that he had an ego problem and wouldn’t go very far.

    Anyways what do you do when you spar people like that?

    Nameless Contributor:I’ve had this scenerio happen to me 3 times in the course of my training. What I did was injure them. I’m thinking back on it now and I guess I’m not proud I did it, but that’s how I handled the situation. I broke one guys ribs, the bottom two on his left side. I hyperextended one guy’s knee, a meniscus tear I believe if I remember what the diagnosis was when he returned to training. The last one I never heard exactly what the injury was. It was a solar plexus hit. He went down and didn’t get up, they took him to the hospital and he didn’t come back for a couple months. I didn’t ask him about it when he did come back.

    There’s bound to be plenty of people who read this who will disagree with what I did but it’s what I felt was appropriate at the time. There’s a good chance it’s what I would do in present day training if some one refused to respect the boundaries of training and control when I told them to ease up. There’s a difference between sparring and fighting. If some one insists on fighting me instead of sparring then I will fight them as I see fit.
    End Line
    The individuals that got sent to the hospital up above were in their early 20s, one had a black belt in TKD, but all didn’t realize who they were really dealing with. When they did, they started acting differently. Where they would have yelled out sharp remarks, now they stayed silent. These 3 didn’t know each other nor were they at the same training facility. So the news didn’t spread.
    The LibProgs are at their heart of hearts, insecure humans who strive to prosper by hitching their cart to a rising star. In that sense, power and social influence are the only things that matter in their world.