A small thing to do to counter an attack against Israel

Greg Gutfeld calls it “Students Against Hummus, Not Hamas,” which is a very funny description of something that’s not funny at all:  Anti-Israeli students at Princeton, offended that two Israeli companies are provided the hummus sold in school-run stores, are making a lot of noise about “expanding” the hummus selection.  The point, of course, is to defund Israeli companies.  The larger issue is “BDS,” which stands, not for Bush Derangement Syndrome, but for the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement that is trying to use economic forces to destroy Israel.

At Brain Droppings, Bill C has a suggestion for a small way that you can provide big support for the Israeli hummus companies.  Also, feel free, when you’re in a store selling Israeli-made goods, to buy those products.  I don’t recommend Israeli chocolate (call me a chocolate snob) but, really, you can’t go too far wrong buying other Israeli-made products.

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